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3.5 Mr Wrong stars.This was a fun story Sort of a reluctant romance Brae just quit her job, and is presented with the opportunity to do a social experiment where she can win some much needed money just by going on vacation with some guy for six weeks Jude is focused on work That s about it Until his now ex best friend signs him up for a social experiment that he is by no means interested in.Brae and Jude have a spark from the start Even though they are reluctant to admit its there I really enjoyed their back and forth and the sexual tension between them There are fun side characters Fun happenings, and an interesting plot The only reason I took any stars away is because toward the end it just felt like a way too long epilogue And that s before the epilogue even started I enjoyed what was there, but it all could have been much shorter This story is a good read for anyone looking for a reluctant lovers in a dating social experiment type setting. Joanne Schwehm and A.M Madden have delivered an unforgettable hero in FINDING MR WRONG Jude Soren is RIGHT on the money He s the guy you dream about finding I loved his filthy mouth most of all 5 sexy stars 3.5 StarsOverall Opinion This was a pretty light, low angst, sexy read The whole premise was pretty fun and unique, so that made it enjoyable The h got on my nerves a little, but it wasn t so bad I would say it ruined the story for me I m just tough on my hs The ending felt a little too stretched out for me I know, I know I just can t be happy It does allow time in between their conflict and the HEA so there is that This seems like a book that the safety gang will love because it had no OW OM drama, no cheating, low angst, and a HEA ending Brief Summary of the Storyline This is Brae and Jude s story They meet when they both are signed up for a social experiment that consists of living with a stranger for 6 weeks in a paradise doing tasks and hoping to find love They both dislike each other right off the bat, and it takes some major adjustments to live together 24 7 They soon find out that there is to each other than what first impressions suggest, and they fall in love After some sexy times, and sweet moments on the island they have the real world to deal with and hit some rough patchesbut they do get a HEA ending.POV This alternated between Brae and Jude s POV.Overall Pace of Story Good until the end I thought it flowed well, and I never skimmed The end seemed a little too stretched out for me Instalove Didn t feel like it, but they were only together for a pretty short period of time.H rating 4.5 stars Jude He was a good example of a loveable a hole I really enjoyed his character, and I thought he put up with a lot from the h.h rating 3 stars Brae She was ok Her reaction to his betrayal was a little OTT IMO I wanted her to get over it sooner.Sadness level Low, no tissues neededPush Pull Yes view spoiler The h pushes away at one point, because she is hurt by the H s actions They both pursue the relationship at times, but the H was the main pursuer hide spoiler The book begins with a social dating experiment called Ignite Your Spark They leave a man and a woman on an island in a cabin for 6 weeks to see if their spark grows into loveAnd if they marry at the end of this six weeks, they also win the money given as a prize And when they get married, they cannot get divorced for a year or they will give the money backWelcome to Ignite Your Spark, sponsored by Flame Relationship Services We believe true love sometimes needs than that initial spark It s not just about striking the match, it s also about stoking the flames Via Ignite Your Spark, we bring two people together who are a perfect fit on paper Once that spark catches, we provide all the necessary tools to keep the embers of romance from flickering out before they can become a blazing fire Our heroine, Brae needs money urgently and that is her reason to join this experiment The hero, Jude, is already a very rich man and he never intended to join it It happens out of his control a friend s revenge prank on him And whatever their reasons are, I thought it was pretty stupid of them to agree to such a commitment The beginning of the book was great fun and I really had great time until they came to the island The period of choosing one man out of three with 5 questions without seeing them were really fun moments of the book But after they started to live in the small cabin on the island and sleep in the same bed, all the tension dropped as they caved in too soon I lost count of the times she clenched her you know what parts every time she saw him shirtless and I rolled my eyes when the never ending clenching changed her mind not to go into a real relationship with the guy and she couldn t help throwing herself at him.Also, many chapters were about them doing the chores Flame Relationship Services asked them to do for the day like doing sand castles while handcuffed to each other or going kayaking etc Maybe doing such dumb stuff in an environment like that would be fun but reading these activities for pages and pages on top of their daily routine of getting up cooking breakfast lovemaking sleeping snoring really made me sick with boredom Yes, she snores every night and he mentions about it in every chapter or so Everything goes as you predict, there are no surprises, it is unbelievably predictable.At the beginning of the book, I predicted that they would eventually fall in love during this experiment They did sooner than I expected, though.I predicted that they would have a fight over something and fall apart for some time They did.What I didn t predict was the extra 50 pages I had to read after they solved their problems and came together for good Pages and pages of happy end That, my friends, was something I didn t predict at all It was a torture for me.Think of 50 pages of this kind of stuff Them going to a dinner with friends to announce that they are together for realHim going to meet her family and asking her father s permission to marry his daughterSpending 4 days in the parents farm, milking cows and chatting with parents Two families meeting at the engagement party, eating, dancing etcWedding preparationsThe weddingOh, the wedding Even their wedding wows are 3 pages or something, for God s sake.I love a happy end but they were already happy for the 90% of the book already, we really didn t need a 16th love making scene or so many details about the days up to their wedding That is what I call a dragging happy end 2 points for the first 5 6 chapters only Safety Of course very safe, no cheating in their paradise No safety triggers at all 2.75 starsI like my heroines immune to the perfection of a male body, or at least who could better hide their sexual desire and attraction to the hero.With this one I wanted to reach in the book and wipe drool off her chin.Apart from that it was ok I guess.Thanks heaven the heroine wasn t a virgin, no OW OM view spoiler except his detailed flashbacks about his ex gf such as how he sucked on her ample boobs and how good her red lipstick looked all over his c k it was almost at the end of the book during their separation but no action with OW hide spoiler Job interviews make Brae Daniels feel sick She has been to several ones since she quit her job, that she has lost count already In no time, her savings will all be gone and the last thing she wants to happen is to sleep on the gutters of New York City Being at this difficult moment of her life, she might just grab any opportunity that will give her money, even if it means she has to be on an experimental dating show for a month and half, with a total stranger.Brae has her eyes on the cash prize Everything seems so easy, and she thought she has prepared herself enough, then the most beautiful man with the ugliest answers to her questions happened Choosing the most despicable candidate is a part of her plan In that way, she won t fall in love with the guy and just focus on the money But what if Mr Wrong is actually her Mr Right Jude Soren has it all Money, looks, and women going crazy about him His business is his baby, and nothing else matters in his life than the market and his clients.He s living the ultimate bachelor life, until his pain in the ass friend thought of playing a prank on him and signs him up as a candidate on Ignite Your Sparks His name gets called and the spotlight s on him So what does he do He plays along and tried to make his answers the nastiest so he doesn t get chosen Simple, right Well, that s what he thought, too.Jude and Brae know what they want to happen before they start this game the girl gets the money, the guy gets his freedom Six weeks could be a short time, but not if you re in an island spending all your day with a stranger Feelings could change, stories are shared, hearts get broken, and intentions are forgotten.THE HEROSo my dear friends, our hero is a hot Swede who likes to annoy the hell out of our heroine Yep, you read it right He s a jerk, but he has some redeeming qualities that will make you swoon nonstop Now, look here This model s the authors muse for Jude Soren a naughty businessman who loves to talk dirty to his woman Isn t he delicious Yes, right I know I want to share all of the naughty stuff Jude says and does, but I choose not to, because I want you to discover them yourselves One thing I can assure you though, never read them in public and please ready your cold shower because this man knows how to bring heat If I m being honest, it s TOO MUCH Sexiness aside now, Jude is easy to love even though he starts as a full fledged a hole I fell in love with his honesty and his humor He protects his woman, takes care of her but also personifies the flaws most men usually have He s sometimes confused to why Brae is mad at him, and I think that s too realistic Men tend to be insensitive at times, and Jude showed readers that even a perfect hero like him could be an idiot once in a while THE HEROINEBrae Daniels is a sweet and sassy heroine She s very determined and she always focuses on what she wants Being stuck in a very unusual situation with a stranger is something she s not very willing to do but once you discover why she would go that far for money, I m sure she ll touch your heart.I love my heroines bold but also soft at times Even though Jude set on off the wrong foot, Brae didn t hesitate to open up to him and give him a chance She felt love and she never dared stop it She has her flaws too, if you want to know that. She s sometimes insecure and has her moments but I assure you that the authors made her quirks amusing and not annoying THE STORY Enemies to lovers trope is one of people s favorite reads How can we not love it I mean they have banters, angry sex, make up sex and redeeming of bad boy heroes And those things I mentioned above, Finding Mr Wrong has them all ALL Also, A.M Madden and Joanne Schwehm s latest work is a well balanced read It s fun, really light but extremely sexy Oh, and before you go sayingOkay, I ll read this because it s light and it won t give me a book hangover , I have to stop you right there because I m telling you now, Jude Soren will make your next book boyfriends second best The lines that come out of his beautiful mouth are just too difficult to top.Lastly, the chemistry of the characters screams HOT Their banters even made the chapters sexier I have to stop sharing things now because I might spoil the hot scenes here and you don t want that, right Let s save the juicy stuff Collaborations could be tricky When writing together, authors should come up with an idea on how to make their story s flow very spontaneous and they have to be consistent with their characters attributes It just makes me happy that some authors found their writing soulmates and gifted us with their brilliant talents I already adore a few author collaborations, and I think I have a found a new ones to fangirl over To A.M Madden and Joanne Schwehm, thank you ladies for writing this book that made me smile, swoon and blush the entire time I was reading it Jude Soren will always have a special place in my heart, because he s charming and sometimes annoying But seriously, a huge part of it is because he loves bacon and knows some sexy ways of burning it LOL These two authors have an awesome knack for creating a deliciously sexy romance Like any true life romance there is drama, tension, lust, misunderstandings but most of all an opportunity to find The One Jude s ability to test Brea s patience limit had me cringing but laughing because even though Brea was quiet she her feistiness came out when needed I appreciated their ability to coexist with each other without killing one another But along with that how the were able to truly get to know one another There is plenty of sexiness that had me imagining Jude talking and doing those things to melet sigh.Be prepared for a panty melting read that will give you the sexy feels and have you wanting to fingers your own Jude Kara, 4.5 Sexylicious Stars 4 Wrong is so, so right StarsWas this my favorite book of all time This cover This synopsis MY GOD GIVE ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME ^Pdf ⇱ Finding Mr. Wrong ✔ From USA Today Bestselling Author AM Madden Joanne Schwehm Comes A Uniquely Fresh And Sexy STANDALONE Named A Book Excellence Finalist Here S A Tip Never Trust A Jackass In Preppy Clothing The Phrase Trust Me Should Have Been My First Clue To Hightail It Out The Door, But Hindsight Is Always So There I Was, On A Stage With Two Other Men, Being Asked Ridiculous Questions By A Woman I Couldn T See, But Whose Voice Made My Pants Tighten And Not Around My Ankles Before I Knew What Was Happening, I D Signed Up For Six Weeks In Paradise, Isolated On An Island For Forty Two Days With A Complete Stranger And When I Finally Laid Eyes On The Sexy Brunette Who Belonged To That Voice, A Part Of Me Thought This Wouldn T Be So BadI Ve Always Been A Levelheaded Guy I Am A Successful, Smart, And Shrewd Businessman But That Was When I Was Listening To The Head Above My Shoulders Once The Blood Traveled South, I Always Ran Into Trouble She Called Me Mr Wrong, And That Was Fine With Me Lesson Learned Lust Always Trumps Logic Finding Mr Wrong Is A Contemporary Romance Stand Alone Novel Meant For Readers Who Are Due To Mature Content