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Nice little twist, but I m not sure it was used to advantage Solid regency read though. .FREE PDF ☨ Elizabeth's Gift (Signet Regency Romance) ♟ Vision Of LoveMiss Elizabeth Wydner Knew Her Own Mind And What She Knew About Her Mind Was Remarkable For Elizabeth Had The Power To Read The Thoughts Of Others, No Matter How They Masked Them She Saw Into The Future As Well, Spotting Lurking Dangers And Hidden Snares Elizabeth Felt Herself Immune To Falsehood And Safe From Surprise Until She Met Nathan, Lord Hawksley Elizabeth Saw Love In The Handsome Hawksley S Future But For Whom She Saw Peril Emanating From This Masterful Man But Who Would Be His Victim And When This Lord, Who Thought Her But A Lightheaded Young Lady, Took Her In Hand To Teach Her The Ways Of The World, Elizabeth Found She Needed Far Than Her Searching Second Sight To Keep Out Of Harm S Way She Needed To Read His Lips When They Came Down On Hers And To Decipher The Message Of Her Heart