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There s never a dull moment with Eric and the Olafson gang.This is an earlier book in the Eric Olafson series, apparently coming right before the Eric Olafson Captain Black Velvet book I reviewed earlier This is another delightful romp through space again mostly in and on the edges of Freespace Could use better editing though.In the beginning, Eric and his friends are still Midshipmen in the Union Navy, although they are nearing graduation They are in a competition for something called the Reagan Trophy when suddenly Eric s battlesuit malfunctions When he wakes up sometime later, he finds he has been kidnapped He spends about the next third of the book escaping from that situation Every time he escapes from one danger, he and in some cases, those helping him, encounter a new threat.Eric finally returns to a Union base at the edge of Freespace only to have it violently attacked by pirates while he is waiting to be reunited with his friends and receive his orders for his next assignment When they finally arrive after the pirates are driven away, Eric and his friends are sent to an understaffed new base as a temporary assignment Here they have little to do except extending their training for a while until the base commander turns out to be a traitor Once the cadets have taken care of him and his pirate co conspirators, the commanders of the fleet show up, declare them graduated, and give them their own spaceship on a temporary basis, of course It is the same Tigershark Silver Streak they are using to impersonate a pirate ship in Captain Black Velvet They are given the mission of impersonating pirates and immediately set out on further adventures.I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of this book. This is great sci fi with wonderful world building, fascinating characters and plenty of action My Rating 4.75.Eric Olafson is a creative midshipman who has always longed to become a Starship captain in the Union fleet that protects the numerous allies against unfriendly threats Right now Eric is hoping to pass graduation in a few weeks if he can stay out of trouble and live that long It seems that trouble follows Eric or he finds it Fortunately, he has an unusual group of classmates who are usually nearby to help him face trouble with their remarkable skills As one of the Admirals explains to Eric midway through the book You and your friends are not the average cadets and midshipman Har Hi is an extreme fighter that s what he loves Wetmouth is a science whiz Krabbel is an arachnoid spider who loves hugging and is handy to have around Narth is a from a planet of psi mind readers who used to keep to themselves But he has developed a bond with Eric and is determined to stay by his side and learn and share all the feelings humans have Cirruit is a cyberunit who adds his own techno skills and subtle humor to the group He is longing for the upgrade that will allow him to experience things like taste and other senses The friends repeat, on than one occasion, how important their friendship is and how their lives are enriched by knowing each other They fear being separated when given their new assignments.The first third of the book focuses on Eric as he is kidnapped and forced to escape and survive on a hostile planet Eric has to dodge hostiles until he is aided by Mother Superior, a leader of a society of women who are shape shifters, extreme courtesans and sometimes spies Eric is the first male allowed to enter their community, learn many of their secrets and train under the master teaching of the leader.Eventually Eric is reconnected with his ship and warmly welcomed by his companions After a short RR they are sent on special assignment on a distant station base It appears that nothing is going on and that prior accidents have been due to extreme boredom But we know how appearances can be wrong Once again, the action picks up as Eric and friends attempt to stop pirates from accessing supplies on the base.The pattern of the story runs with fast paced action and a short RR before the Olafson team faces another unexpected assignment I love the team and how they contribute their talents to face the enemies Now you might question why the titles says Space Pirate what does that mean It s creative and lots of fun with a few horrorific situations The world building is wonderful with a great variety of characters and surprises all along the way There are some social points made by the author through the story and I also appreciated that the story has minimal rough language.This is apparently part of a series and alludes to prior adventures This one works as a stand alone but makes me interested in reading the back stories to discover about Eric s meeting and becoming friends with these many alien creatures I strongly recommend this to readers who enjoy science fiction with detailed world building, creative characters and lots of action.I received an ARC from Inkitt for an honest review.About the Author @FREE EBOOK ⚡ Eric Olafson Þ It S The Year And The Milky Way Galaxy Is Teeming With Life And Exotic Species The Majority Of The Known Civilisations Have Formed A Multi Cultural Mega Organization Called The United Stars Of Galaxies This Union Is Protected By The Brave Men And Women Of The United Stars Space Fleet Against External ThreatsEric Olafson, Born And Raised Under Harsh Conditions Of The Traditional And Inward Looking Society Of Nilfeheim, Left His Planet To Fulfil His Dreams Of Becoming A Starship CaptainWhen Eric Gets Kidnaped By An Unknown Organization And Brought To Sin, He Slowly Starts To Discover His Central Role In An Ancient Conflict Of Cosmic Proportions I have to admit, I had an extremely hard time getting into Eric Olafson, Space Pirate It was clear from the start of the book that I was entering an already well established world and storyline in the very middle I was immediately overwhelmed by a tirade of different characters by name and possibly their species without much description and foreign objects with names that seemed like they were spelled by typing with my nose Because of this, I found the beginning of the story extremely hard to grasp I felt like I was standing outside of an inside joke in a way While I m a big fan of series, I think it s helpful or even important, especially when there is time between the publications of books or if a book within the series can be read as a standalone, that there be a bit of an introduction or reintroduction to the story There was a brief prologue to Eric Olafson s past, but not much when it came to the immediate danger he found himself in from page one.While I m a big fan of series, I think it s helpful or even important, especially when there is time between the publications of books or if a book within the series can be read as a standalone, that there be a bit of an introduction or reintroduction to the story There was a brief prologue to Eric Olafson s past, but not much when it came to the immediate danger he found himself in from page one.It was very hard to conjure any attachment to the many characters in this book The transitions between characters were somewhat sloppy and I found myself have to read the same paragraph over and over to make sure I knew exactly who or what was being talked about It was also difficult to picture many of these characters, even after finding out who or what they were sort of like being told a story by a friend who constantly uses the name of someone you ve never met, but only know through second hand tellings Really, what I needed was a illustrated roster so I knew who everyone was.The most difficult thing for me while reading was the constant naming of places, organizations, objects and other things not normally found in my every day Tucsonan life that I just couldn t figure out I was unsure about a lot of the things there were mentioned since they just weren t described at all, but this could also just stem from the fact that I haven t read anything previous to this book where I m sure the answer to all of my issues lies However, even with my lack of knowledge, my mind slowly pieced together this science fiction world, even if I didn t fully understand it It was clear to me that there was a complexity this world.What I did find interesting was Eric s alter ego of Freya, his ultra feminine side that can apparently out strut me in high heels I had a hard time deciphering if this was a true attempt at a transgender character or merely added for shock value To me, Eric s Freya came off as or a persona or character, maybe trying to toe the lines of androgyny or gender fluidity, than resulting from any real internal struggle other than a need to be different I would have loved to have seen this developed All of this being said, the action of this book with fast paced and interesting, definitely leaving no dull moment when danger is near Eric also proves himself to be a headstrong character with lofty, ambitious goals Also, as a fan of Norse mythology, I enjoyed the references made that acted as a moving device throughout the plot. I received a free copy of this book from Inkitt Press in exchange for an honest review.Eric Olafson is about to graduate from space academy when he is abducted and almost killed What follows is a sci fi space adventure where Olafson has to don a number of different disguises, battle slave traders, man his own crew and just try and keep himself alive.This book was pitched to me as a stand alone novel but it s actually the fifth book in the Eric Olafson series Despite this, I did find myself almost able to keep up with everything though tehre were definite things mentioned such as past events and characters that the reader was evidently suppose to already know about and I didn t I have to be honest here, and it s a shame I feel this way because this book was kindly sent to me for review This book is not good It s badly edited and even badly written The book, in my opinion, needs several rounds of editing before it s even fit to be read by a wider audience and while I expect some mistakes in proof copies I m not even sure if the copy I have is a proof as it doesn t state on it but this was jam packed full of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors that had me cringing But not even all the editing in the world could fix what is, in the end, a badly written story most sentence structure was off, the conversations didn t seem realistic and neither did a lot of character reaction However, DESPITE ALL THE BAD, kept reading this book until the end and that says something This is a book I would normally DNF after a few chapters given the state of the writing and the than a little confusing world and I probably would have DNF d if it was a Kindle book but there was something about the story that kept my interest peaked and I wasn t ready to let go of it yet So I read it all Even though the writing in this book is terrible, I think the bones of the story are actually full of potential It just needs a lot,a lot , of work.Eric Olafson is one of these characters I hate and love at the same time He s brave, loyal and kind and I have to love that but he s one these characters that always has something happen to them but always miracuously gets out of it and is the best at everything while doing it And that gets a bit boring after a while There was also a lot of mentions of Eric s dual sexuality He seems to struggle a bit in the book and keeps mentioning this female side that comes to the forefront when, in several points during the book, he has to disguise himself in a female body I m not sure if this was a play on transgender issues, or gender fluidity and while I like that it was touched on, I don t think it was developed enough and just left me feeling a bit confused about the whole thing There was also something a bit misogynistic said at one point in the book I think by a female character that had me feeling all sorts of wrongSadly, ninety nine percent of all women can t separate their emotion from their rational thoughts and that s why women still struggle for equality in terms of perception even in the 51st CenturyWhat At the end of the day, unfortunately this is a book I cannot recommend to anyone The only reason this is a two star instead of a one star is the fact that I actually wanted to finish the book rather than just DNF ing it. If I could give this book 10 stars, I would This is a 5 star book in my opinion and anybody who loves a good Sci Fi, would love this book There are many factors that make this a 5 star book in my standards First, the author starts you out at the Forward, giving you background and up to date information on the book Since it is the ninth book in the Galactic Chronicles and fifth in the Olafson Saga, you are coming in right smack in the middle of a series This filled me in so much, that when I started the first chapter, I did not feel like I was out in left field and not knowing what was going on This right here earned a star from me Being that I haven t read the rest of the series, it was nice to have some background This also sucked me into the book and I was hooked Second point that earned the 5 stars is the Prologue This explained that the person telling the story was the author and these were accounts that really happened in his life I had to stop and remind myself that this was fictional and not real At the end of the Prologue, I was so deep into this book, that I read until my eyes went blurry Third point that earned this book 5 stars, is the storyline Fabulous If you take Star Track, War of the Worlds, Star Wars and a little of Space Balls mixed in, then this just about gives you an idea of what this book is like It doesn t exactly live up to it s name Yes it is all about Eric Olafson and his adventures and yes it is kissed with space pirate, but it is so much You will see what I mean when you read it.And that brings me to my fourth point that earned this book 5 stars The history that Eric learned along the way It was so fascinating and I loved every word of it Mother Superior told the history of each planet as they landed It was a history class that was way fun then in High School I found that each planet, some how over the thousands of years, all connected together Fascinating I think that was my favorite part of the book.Now this brings me to my fifth reason I would give this book 5 stars The characters are amazing Never would I have thought that all these aliens being brought together would work You are talking about humans, robots, spiders, giants and so many But the author did phenomenal job with that Eric s secret was handled with love and care, not something you expect in a pirate story How his friends became so close to him and respected him to no end and how they all knew his secret before he had the guts to say anything and stood by him when he did Each character was so different in it s own species way, but added so much to the story Eric and his main friends blew me out of the water and made me wish people here in real life would do the same as his friends, maybe there would be less bullying Now you know my reasons for giving this book 5 stars It lived up to many standards, that it deserves at least 10 stars Vanessa Ravencroft is a new author to me and I m so honored to be asked to give an honest review I enjoyed the story way than I thought I would Vanessa is a very talented author She sucked me in and held me there to the end, which the Epilogue prepares you for the next book in the series She wrote this as a series, but this book could ve been a stand alone book Now I have to get the next book to see what happens and you will want to also. I received a free copy of this book from a representative of Inkkit in exchange for an honest review, and I ll be honest I agreed to it simply because the synopsis was so far out there that I had to know just how bad the book was For comparison, here is the original synopsis I received when the offer was made It s the year 5021 and the Milky Way Galaxy is teeming with life and exotic species The majority of the known civilisations have formed a multi cultural mega organization called the United Stars of Galaxies This Union is protected by the brave men and women of the United Stars Space fleet against external threats.Eric Olafson, struggling with a secret desire to be female, leaves the traditional and inward looking society of Nilfeheim to fulfil his dreams of becoming a Starship captain.When Eric gets kidnaped by an unknown organization and brought to Sin4, he slowly starts to discover his central role in an ancient conflict of cosmic proportions. I will say that I was not disappointed I have been wracking my brain for months now trying to figure out how on Earth this made it past editors to be published, let alone how it managed to become one part in an apparently large series of books.I ve genuinely never seen writing this poor actually get published before Now don t get me wrong, 50 Shades of Grey had issues and it s one of the most poorly written books I ve read to date from a publisher But this book has actually managed to take the 1st place prize and run off with it And I know line editing is quite possibly the worst job on the planet regardless of whether it s the author editing their own work or a paid editor doing it But honestly, the bare minimum that I expect from a book is that I can actually read it With this book, though Sentences, paragraphs, grammar, you name it and there is a significant problem with it one so large and glaring that the book is almost unintelligible On one hand, this is the author s problem as it showcases their lack of skill in writing And I do mean a lack of skill it took a while to actually find the information, but I did confirm that the issue with the writing likely isn t a language barrier issue The author, Vanessa, is from the United States at least according to her Twitter While that doesn t guarantee that English is her first language, her publicly available Fiction Press account provides significant evidence that she is no stranger to it As such, the only thing I can think of would be simply that she does not have the skill level to write well or effectively On the other hand, however, the fact that this made it past editing in this sort of a state without having been polished for basic literacy on even a structural level speaks to Inkitt s editors themselves None of those words are terribly positive, either both ends of the traditional spectrum author and editor publisher have failed massively, and this book is the result.Story wise, there really isn t much to say The foundation of the book is pretty much a weird rip off of Nordic Everything Except what they ripped off, they got horribly wrong in every way imaginable I may have found it enjoyable if it was actually intelligible, but in general it s incredibly unimaginative and was a rather boring read to boot outside of getting a good laugh at the absurdity of it and the horrible quality, there is really nothing special or interesting about it.I do want to note, though, that I can t say whether or not the finished product being released soon is better than the version I received I hope that it has I pray that it has But with the quality that I received originally, I doubt it in all honesty, I feel like it would take a miracle to make this book worth actually publishing and that miracle would probably include a different editing team and a different author entirely. First of all I have to say that I was contacted and given a copy of the book in return I was to give an honest review All the opinions in this review are mine and I am going to try and avoid any sort of spoilers that I can and still try to give a good quality review.Admittedly jumping in to this book was kind of like being thrown right into the deep end of a pool and barely being able to swim because this book is part of a larger series, and I mean a large series Without reading any of the other books I was pretty much drowning right away, all the characters flooded me and I was tying to keep them separate and it was beyond a struggle I hadn t read any of the other instalments so everything was overwhelming and hard to process as I was reading and trying to establish a clear image.I struggled and continue to struggle with identifying and analysing how I feel towards all of the characters involved in the plot I mean Eric is our main character and he wants nothing than to fulfil his dream of becoming a starship captain He end sup kidnapped and then basically from there on out I m pretty much rolling down a hill it was that hard to keep track of everything that was happening As much as I really wanted to connect with Eric and the other characters, I feel as though that my lack of knowledge on them due to not reading any of the other books really effected that and the only link between me and them was the fact they were in the story, I was nowhere near feeling any emotion or connection between myself and them I will hopefully be able to put time aside in the future to read the series from the start in hopes of gripping the larger picture and establishing some sort of understanding and connection with the book and characters.For what I understood and managed to keep a hold on, I loved The action really pleased me and the level of detail was really awesome At points the amount of detail was annoying but for the most part its use really helped to get me immersed At points the level of detail did end up actually pushing me from the book and I found myself unable to read the book for a few hours just because the detail felt overpowering, like the author had tried so hard to immerse the readers and create a believable setting that it just ended up being too much and became overwhelming, almost so detailed and needing to be gripping that you could tell it was a work of fiction, I m trying to say that at points the level of detail it had stopped it being immersive, so detailed it was obviously nowhere near real.I must keep it clear that this book is great for those who love Sci.fi action and have time to read all of the other books or have a great ability to follow stories that are really sort of in the middle of a series without reading the others I can 100% see why people who have read the book and series love it and love Vanessa, I can 100% see why Inkitt published this book I just really wished I had caught wind of the series a long time ago so I could have followed it all the way and gotten a real addiction to it However it wasn t meant to be and I was drowning the moment I begun reading but I loved what I read for the most part and I wish Vanessa continued luck with the series Its a 3.5 out of 5 and I hope that my opinion and view does in no way deter you from embarking on the journey through the series. I really, really wanted to like this To understand why, let me share with you the following quote from the original cover blurbEric Olafson, struggling with a secret desire to be female, leaves the traditional and inward looking society of Nilfeheim to fulfil his dreams of becoming a Starship captain A transgender starship captain That sounds pretty awesome, am I right Sadly, for some reason, the publisher has removed all reference to that fact from the current cover blurb, which is a shame as I would not have read it otherwise.Although I did not realize it at the time, Eric Olafson, Space Pirate was originally self published by Vanessa Ravencroft about 6 years ago According to the FictionPress website, it is actually the 9th book in her Galactic Chronicles and the 5th book in her Olafson Saga, which explains some of my confusion with things it felt as if we are already expected to know, but which adds a whole other element of confusion regarding the writing I did finish this it took me a while , and I did have some fun with it, but I did not find it to be particularly well written or well edited Not to be overly critical but I would expect a little refinement in style over 9 books, and I do hope a professional editor gets their hands on it before finished copies hit the shelves I am sorry, but this was sometimes painful to read.As a Young Adult B grade homage to the days of pulp science fiction, this was an alright story, even if I suspect it may not have been intended as such The story is light on detail, with dialogue that borders between juvenile and cheesy, and names that are even worse Moistpromise and Wetmouth immediately come to mind As for Eric, he is an awkward character, a man with a feminine side named Freya who never actually comes across as either transvestite or transsexual Gender fluid, perhaps, but the question of gender is never explored deeply enough to give it meaning I wanted to love him, and wanted his struggle to mean , but it felt like a plot device than a genuine expression of the transgender experience which is a shame, because I have see YA novels tackle the issue beautifully.As reviewed by Sally at Bending the Bookshelf When I received my copy of this book, I was wondering if I would be at a supreme disadvantage because this book subtitles itself as Galactic Chronicles Book IX.I had no problems whatsoever following the story.This story begins in a unique and for me, far differently from any previous science fiction or fantasy book I have read Yet even though there was a momentary off putting because of the unusual nature of this story s beginning, the plot unfolds into an extremely complex character who is obviously struggling to understand his place in his world.It is the world in which Olafson exists that is extremely astounding The complexity of the universe which the main character Eric lives is an intricately constructed, meticulously detailed existence Even though I had no experience with this book s series, Ravencroft s skills as the creator of both Eric and his existence is demonstrated admirably.The story begins after a prologue which grants the reader a context on which to hand this story in media res While many writers exercise this tool to speed up the introduction of characters and situation, Ravencroft uses this tool with phenomenal expertise The main character is placed in an unenviable situation yet conducts himself in an admittedly melodramatic bravado yet the reader actually likes it Space Pirate moves rapidly through an odyssey which at first seems to be a continual illustration of moving from the fry pan into the fire Too many authors either rush this, and in the process creating a very flat story with no tension and pacing, or they unnecessarily elongate this process and emotionally exhaust the reader Yet somehow Ravencroft walks the very fine line necessary that holds the reader s leash taught yet doesn t allow them to choke themselves in frustration The story is not, however, without flaws The main character discovers there exists some internal emotional and psychological struggles, which in themselves are incredibly substantial, yet they are concluded too easily True, this is a work of fiction Within the pages of this story the reader gladly suspends disbelief willingly so Still, there is a limit to which disbelief can be deferred.While Ravencroft demonstrates incredible skill as a writer in knowing what the reader can countenance and what the limits of their attention and their imaginations are, I believe she committed a critical faux pas Far too often the temptation to design a reality which usurps the reality in which we all live, ends up causing the reader s cessation of disbelief to unceremoniously disintegrate.Even though I found the resolution of the main character s struggle somewhat objectionable, I do not believe most readers would find it so While I believe the conditions of the plot to be so far outside of a realistic expectation as to approach fantasy, I do not desire to disparage the talents of the writer or the grandeur of this story.Eric Olafson Space Pirate is a complex, fast moving story with incredible detail of the surroundings both Eric s universe and the characters who are his friends While there exists a short period about two thirds the way through the book where the pacing becomes lethargic, this story rapidly improves and by its end, the reader finds no reason to taste anything unsavory.Great read Be sure to allow time to consume it While it s a good book, it is certainly not a short one