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FREE DOWNLOAD ð Eric Olafson õ The Year Is Old Terran Time The Milky Way Galaxy Is Teeming With Life And Sentient Species Earth Is Now Known As Terra And Part Of The United Stars Of The Galaxies There Are Now Distinctive Member Civilizations Calling Themselves Members Of The Union The United Stars Space Fleet Protects This Mega Civilization Against External ThreatsEric Olafson, Born On A Cold World Called Nilfeheim Raised Under Harsh Conditions Of A Very Traditional Inward Looking Society Of Neo Vikings Left His Planet To Fulfill His Dream To Become A Starship Captain He Managed To Get Accepted Into The Fleet Academy And Reach The Third And Senior Year, Along His Way He Made Many Friends And Also Powerful EnemiesEric Has A Very Clear Sense Of Honor And Hates Unfair Situations Even Though He Doesn T Like To Admit It, He Carries The Same Short Temper Of His Father And Is Often Than Not Ready To Face A Challenge With His Fists Or Weapons This And A Secret Desire He Tries So Hard To Suppress, Get Him In Trouble Than The Average Guy He Is Still Oblivious To The Fact That He Is Destined To Play A Central Role In An Ancient Conflict Of Cosmic Proportions There s never a dull moment with Eric and the Olafson gang.This is an earlier book in the Eric Olafson series, apparently coming right before the Eric Olafson Captain Black Velvet book I reviewed earlier This is another delightful romp through space again mostly in and on the edges of Freespace Could use better editing though.In the beginning, Eric and his friends are still Midshipmen in the Union Navy, although they are nearing graduation They are in a competition for something called the Reagan Trophy when suddenly Eric s battlesuit malfunctions When he wakes up sometime later, he finds he has been kidnapped He spends about the next third of the book escaping from that situation Every time he escapes from one danger, he and in some cases, those helping him, encounter a new threat.Eric finally returns to a Union base at the edge of Freespace only to have it violently attacked by pirates while he is waiting to be reunited with his friends and receive his orders for his next assignment When they finally arrive after the pirates are driven away, Eric and his friends are sent to an understaffed new base as a temporary assignment Here they have little to do except extending their training for a while until the base commander turns out to be a traitor Once the cadets have taken care of him and his pirate co conspirators, the commanders of the fleet show up, declare them graduated, and give them their own spaceship on a temporary basis, of course It is the same Tigershark Silver Streak they are using to impersonate a pirate ship in Captain Black Velvet They are given the mission of impersonating pirates and immediately set out on further adventures.I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of this book. The premise of this sounded fantastic, and the early reviews were all overwhelmingly positive, but I honestly couldn t get beyond the first few chapters Something about the style of writing clashed with my brain I suspect it was meant to sound quirky and odd, but it just came across as unpolished and awkward Try as I might, and I even skimmed a few chapters deeper into the story, I just couldn t find my way into the text Like I said, it has some good reviews, and it was an Inkitt Story Peek winner, so don t let my experience discourage you, but I just couldn t finish this. I really, really wanted to like this To understand why, let me share with you the following quote from the original cover blurbEric Olafson, struggling with a secret desire to be female, leaves the traditional and inward looking society of Nilfeheim to fulfil his dreams of becoming a Starship captain A transgender starship captain That sounds pretty awesome, am I right Sadly, for some reason, the publisher has removed all reference to that fact from the current cover blurb, which is a shame as I would not have read it otherwise.Although I did not realize it at the time, Eric Olafson, Space Pirate was originally self published by Vanessa Ravencroft about 6 years ago According to the FictionPress website, it is actually the 9th book in her Galactic Chronicles and the 5th book in her Olafson Saga, which explains some of my confusion with things it felt as if we are already expected to know, but which adds a whole other element of confusion regarding the writing I did finish this it took me a while , and I did have some fun with it, but I did not find it to be particularly well written or well edited Not to be overly critical but I would expect a little refinement in style over 9 books, and I do hope a professional editor gets their hands on it before finished copies hit the shelves I am sorry, but this was sometimes painful to read.As a Young Adult B grade homage to the days of pulp science fiction, this was an alright story, even if I suspect it may not have been intended as such The story is light on detail, with dialogue that borders between juvenile and cheesy, and names that are even worse Moistpromise and Wetmouth immediately come to mind As for Eric, he is an awkward character, a man with a feminine side named Freya who never actually comes across as either transvestite or transsexual Gender fluid, perhaps, but the question of gender is never explored deeply enough to give it meaning I wanted to love him, and wanted his struggle to mean , but it felt like a plot device than a genuine expression of the transgender experience which is a shame, because I have see YA novels tackle the issue beautifully.As reviewed by Sally at Bending the Bookshelf When I received my copy of this book, I was wondering if I would be at a supreme disadvantage because this book subtitles itself as Galactic Chronicles Book IX.I had no problems whatsoever following the story.This story begins in a unique and for me, far differently from any previous science fiction or fantasy book I have read Yet even though there was a momentary off putting because of the unusual nature of this story s beginning, the plot unfolds into an extremely complex character who is obviously struggling to understand his place in his world.It is the world in which Olafson exists that is extremely astounding The complexity of the universe which the main character Eric lives is an intricately constructed, meticulously detailed existence Even though I had no experience with this book s series, Ravencroft s skills as the creator of both Eric and his existence is demonstrated admirably.The story begins after a prologue which grants the reader a context on which to hand this story in media res While many writers exercise this tool to speed up the introduction of characters and situation, Ravencroft uses this tool with phenomenal expertise The main character is placed in an unenviable situation yet conducts himself in an admittedly melodramatic bravado yet the reader actually likes it Space Pirate moves rapidly through an odyssey which at first seems to be a continual illustration of moving from the fry pan into the fire Too many authors either rush this, and in the process creating a very flat story with no tension and pacing, or they unnecessarily elongate this process and emotionally exhaust the reader Yet somehow Ravencroft walks the very fine line necessary that holds the reader s leash taught yet doesn t allow them to choke themselves in frustration The story is not, however, without flaws The main character discovers there exists some internal emotional and psychological struggles, which in themselves are incredibly substantial, yet they are concluded too easily True, this is a work of fiction Within the pages of this story the reader gladly suspends disbelief willingly so Still, there is a limit to which disbelief can be deferred.While Ravencroft demonstrates incredible skill as a writer in knowing what the reader can countenance and what the limits of their attention and their imaginations are, I believe she committed a critical faux pas Far too often the temptation to design a reality which usurps the reality in which we all live, ends up causing the reader s cessation of disbelief to unceremoniously disintegrate.Even though I found the resolution of the main character s struggle somewhat objectionable, I do not believe most readers would find it so While I believe the conditions of the plot to be so far outside of a realistic expectation as to approach fantasy, I do not desire to disparage the talents of the writer or the grandeur of this story.Eric Olafson Space Pirate is a complex, fast moving story with incredible detail of the surroundings both Eric s universe and the characters who are his friends While there exists a short period about two thirds the way through the book where the pacing becomes lethargic, this story rapidly improves and by its end, the reader finds no reason to taste anything unsavory.Great read Be sure to allow time to consume it While it s a good book, it is certainly not a short one