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3.5 Stars Am I crazy, or are these books becoming steadily worse It s Staphani Hecht and Charlie Richards all over again We have a generic male shifter, a quirky but lovable human who s a motormouth and instant attraction lust love setup You could say it is pleasent read and I m being picky, but lately I ve read too much of this kind of stories I always adjust my expectations before reading, but still Come on I need a break. A fun read but felt like I was reading A great story, Daniel is the guy everyone knew in high school.The relationship is a thing that will make you smile and cry The very best kind A great story of love and life Plus that special something that evolves in to a perfect mate. Ok, I wonder if this author knows man over 30 years of age, they don t behave like Daniel, so immature that it was getting into my nerves He acted like a teen and it didn t make sense that a mature intelligent men like Bran, wants to be with such an idiot even if Dan is his mate. This is a spin off of another series which I had not read and it just kind makes reference to how Daniel and his friend Anthony came upon the shifters and now are hanging out with them Daniel s a smart mouth who doesn t get along with anyone it seems except Anthony but suddenly bear Bran shows up and Daniel knows what mates are and is in favour except he s got an abusive alcoholic dad he feels responsible for Daniel did not come across as 32 More like 19 or so I think I liked Rabbit the best A quick airplane read but it s one of those stories where things carry on from book to book. `DOWNLOAD KINDLE ☂ Daniel (Council Enforcers, #1) ☠ Sometimes Being Nosy Isn T Such A Bad ThingDaniel Knew Going To Look For Shifters With His Best Friend Anthony Wasn T A Good Idea, But He Never Expected It To End Like It Did Now He Has A New Job With Kameron Rhett, The Gillham Pack Alpha, And He Loves It He Enjoys Being Around Shifters, And Even Being Away From His House And His Alcoholic FatherBran Morris First Meeting As The Head Of The Council Enforcers Takes Him To Gillham Kameron Needs To Make A Decision About Coming Out To The Town, And Bran Is Supposed To Help With It He Never Expected To Meet His Mate, Not After Losing His Wife And Child Thirty Six Years BeforeDaniel And Bran Hit It Off Right Away, But When Daniel S Father Becomes A Problem, Daniel Doesn T Know What To Do Should He Live His Life And Be With His Mate, Or Should He Stick With His Father To Be Sure The Man Doesn T Hurt Himself What Would Happen To His Relationship With Bran If He Chooses His Father