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This year, the new Halloween picture book you should take home to mummy is I Want to Be in a Scary Story, by Sean Taylor Presented as a conversation between Little Monster and the narrator, it s a book that insists upon dramatic reading I want to be in a SCARY story, Little Monster announces with his big purple head and yellow eyes A funny story might be fun, the narrator advises Not for me, it won t be Little Monster insists.And so the story begins, as requested, in a dark and scary forest But almost immediately Little Monster requests modifications.Gosh, does it have to be a whole scary forest Couldn t it just be a spooky house A witch, really How about a ghost instead Honestly, it s a hoot, and Jean Jullien s big brush illustrations are as cute as a basket of werewolf cubs Long before school forces them to learn a bunch of dead literary terms, you ll be teaching your little fiends about tone, dramatic irony and narrative structure But don t mention any of that on Halloween Nothing drives a stake through the heart of a great book like turning it into a lesson Just read it and howl together To read the rest of this review, go to The Washington Post https www.washingtonpost.com entert [[ Ebook ]] ↛ I Want to Be in a Scary Story ⇨ Monster May Think He Wants To Be In A Scary Story, But Then Again A Hilarious Return By The Team That Brought Us Hoot Owl, Master Of Disguise Our Author Would Like To Write A Funny Story, But His Main Character Monster Has A Different Idea He Wants To Be The Star Of A Chilling, Petrifying, Utterly Terrifying SCARY Story But Scary Stories Well, They Can Be Very Scary Especially For Their Characters Particularlywhen They Involve Dark Forests And Creepy Witches And Spooky Houses Oh Yikes And Crikes, This Is Definitely Not The Scary Story Monster Had In Mind Maybe He Wants To Be In A Funny Story After All Some big, bold, bright illustrations and lovely storytelling You can t help but love the cheeky, naive Little Monster An excellent book for reading to a class. I like the way the font is different colours to show when the monster is talking purple as the little monster is purple and when the narrator is talking I also like that some of the words are in capitals for emphasis Lovely pictures The cutest, innocent, gappy mouthed monster Would be a good book to read around Halloween as could then create there own monsters I liked the comical value of this book and I could see it going down a treat in KS1 in particular The indecisive, light hearted plot is pulled off well The unconventional narrator character dialogue was one that I feel would be appreciated by KS1 As books go it kind of reminded me of The three pigs by David Wiesner where the characters take the plot into their own hands just a little less trippy. The character in this book wants to be in a scary story There is lots of dialogue between the young character who wants to be in a scary story and the person who is writing the story The young character also controls what happens in the story by voicing their opinion of what they want to do and has elements of the forth wall This technique is not used very often in books and it is a great book The book also has fantastic illustrations which are very appealing and colourful. This picture book breaks the fourth wall in that by the end of the story the character of the monster seems to control the story towards the end, almost in a dialogue with the reader It is a fun story particularly for KS1 children This could also help children understand the use and purpose of speech and speech bubbles in writing as well as the use of exclamations and postmodern strategies which they could use in their own writing and storytelling. A cute, small purple monster wants to be in a scary story Our narrator tries to talk him into being in a funny story That doesn t work.Guess what Our cute, small purple monster keeps getting scared in this scary story, until he figures out if he does the scaring maybe he won t be scared It s not really a Halloween book, but it will surely work for an October storytime. I can see this one being pretty popular in an October story time Not incredibly groundbreaking but fun Very fun.