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I loved this novel about suspense, and smuggling with a gothic twist The story was engaging, and fluid The characters were all fleshed out, and interesting The romance was clean, and still exciting The traitor was slimy and, totally evil, and made my skin crawl I just liked every part of it I love this author, and have read all her books The ending was perfect It showed how easily we can resort to weakness, and trouble That the best intentions to help everyone doesn t always work out, and you cannot take on the responsibility of everyone else s flaws The marshes, and bogs at night made for a spooky back drop I really liked the heroine, but she could not see the answer, and handle her situation until it was almost to late To be fair, the time she lived in limited her options, so it made sense that she try daily to handle things, against unbeatable odds It was a very good read I hope she will continue this series. I m really glad that Huber was willing to change her writing style from the Lady Darby series here I appreciate the lack of abrupt clothing descriptions I actually think that this story is probably her strongest of all the books she s written, maybe because it s a stand alone Beautiful landscape prose and amazing exploration of father daughter relationships even though at times it seemed telling than showing I just wish the love story was intense A nice love confession or proposal would ve been lovely to include, if nothing else. @Free E-pub ⚾ Secrets in the Mist ó In This Spellbinding Novel Of Romantic Suspense, Written In The Tradition Of Mary Stewart And Victoria Holt, The Bestselling Author Of As Death Draws Near Plunges Readers Into A World Of Secrets And Deception Hidden Amongst The MistEngland Since The Death Of Her Mother And Brother, Ella Winterton S Life Has Been Consumed By Keeping Her Drunkard Father Out Of Trouble And The Roof Of Their Crumbling Cottage Over Their Heads But Even Isolated Deep In The Norfolk Broads, Ella Has Never Been Afraid Of The Marshes Surrounding Her Home, Despite Their Being Riddled With Treacherous Bogs And Local Smugglers Until One Night A Man Masquerading As A Lantern Man A Frightening Figure Of Local Legend Waylays Her In The Marshes Near Her Home, And Her World Suddenly Begins To Spiral Out Of ControlElla Can Tell Her Friends And The Local Villagers Are All Hiding Something Terrible, Something They Refuse To Share, And She Can T Help But Wonder If It Has To Do With The Lantern Man And His Secret Activities In The Shadows Of The Seemingly Quiet Broads But When Ella S Father Is Caught With Smuggled Brandy By The Authorities And Levied A Crippling Fine, She Is Forced To Turn To The Stranger For Help, Despite Her Distrust And His Alarming Ability To Kiss Her SenselessNow She Must Unravel A Twisted Trail Of Deception And Secrets, And Uncover Once And For All Whether The Lantern Man Is Friend Or Foe Or Else Risk Being Dragged Down Into The Marshes, Like The Victims From The Myth, And Buried In A Watery Grave This was a wee bit disappointing it lacked that spine tingling sense of dread that the best Gothic romances engender I really like Huber s Lady Darby series, though, so I ll give her next gothic a chance Perhaps she will up the drama next time around. A beautifully written atmospheric gothic mystery romance Set in 1812 England rife with smugglers, villains and spies Huber brings this time period to life If you haven t read this yet you should give it a try It s just as good as the Lady Darby series but in a different way 4 1 2 3.5 stars I m a lover of historical mysteries and historical Gothics Anna Lee Huber supplies the former in her popular Lady Darby mystery series and now she has begun a Gothic Myths series of which this book is the first It s a good smugglers and spies Gothic tale told in first person POV, with an intrepid but not TSTL heroine and an enigmatic hero who is not as brooding and seemingly untrustworthy as the usual Gothic hero.In 1812 Norfolk heroine Ella Winterton is struggling to survive financially, her only family, after the death of her mother and brother, being her alcoholic father, who has taken to drinking away his sorrows and giving not a thought to his surviving daughter Ella is best friends with well off neighbor Kate Rockland and at one time believed that Kate s brother Robert was going to marry her but was heartbroken when he came back from a trip to London married to the very lovely but spoiled Olivia.Financial desperation and a sense that she does not want help from Robert, now widowed and looking her way again, lead Ella to get involved with some not quite on the up and up activity in the area through her contact with a Lantern Man who mysteriously shows up every time Ella is out in the marshes at night Yes, you may wonder why she would be out there at night but she had compelling and legitimate reasons for her first outings Huber has written an interesting story with well developed characters You ll find yourself wondering along with Ella about who is trustworthy and who is not, who s a spy, who s a smuggler You ll sympathize with Ella in all she has to put up with in her dealings with a drunken father and feel indignation for all she has to go through in her struggles And you ll enjoy the adventures her desperation leads her into This story does not completely follow traditional and predictable Gothic guidelines and so there are a few surprises along the way.There are a few editing errors, such as discrete instead of discreet , had drank , I as object of preposition, and anachronistic language such as exploring one s options , but not enough that they take away from the pleasure of the read In addition, there is some interesting history here about smuggling, spies and the fens and waterways of East Anglia Since I ve had a fondness for Gothics since my teens and haven t outgrown it yet, I m hoping there will be several books in this new series. So many of my friends are fans of Anna Lee Huber s Lady Darby mystery series, which I ve not yet had a chance to read, so I jumped at the chance to review the first book in her brand new romantic suspense series centered around Gothic myths and folklore, Secrets in the Mist.On a dark, foggy night, the kind of night where most people wouldn t dare cross the marshes on foot, Ella Winterton ventures out to take much needed medicine to her sick friend, skeptical of her old housekeeper s tales of Lantern Men until she spots their floating lights in the mist and comes face to face with one Only he s no specter but a flesh and blood man, dark and menacing and delivering a warning to stay out of the marshes But that s hard for Ella to do, living on the edge of them as she does, and spending so much time traveling back and forth between her humble home and her friend Kate s home, Greenlaws Kate recovers from her illness, but it soon becomes apparent that she and her brother, Robert, with whom Ella has a complicated past, are keeping secrets, and Ella s refuge from her drunken father and dwindling prospects no longer seems so inviting After several run ins with the handsome Lantern Man and a lecherous revenue man who levies an exorbitant fine for her father s smuggled brandy, Ella has no choice but to take her family s future into her own hands But rather than turn to Robert for help, she forces the Lantern Man, aka Jack, to help her and stumbles onto an enterprise far dangerous than she d imagined Now, caught in a trap of her own making, Ella must decide how far she s willing to go to protect her father, her friends, and her very life, and whether Jack can be trusted or if he s leading her into danger for his own nefarious purposes Secrets in the Mist is a very well written and incredibly atmospheric romance Marshy estuaries, hidden waterways tucked among the tall reeds and grasses, a treacherous path between a run down cottage and a grand manor, a forlorn dock that becomes a clandestine meeting place, and ever present mist that can hide lovers in a romantic cocoon, hide smugglers from the eyes of the law, or hide things of a far darker nature from unsuspecting travelers It s also rich in historical detail In a note on the author s website, she reveals that many aspects of this story were inspired right from the pages of history Coastal England must have been a very interesting place to live during the war with France.While I really enjoyed the story, I did find sections of it to be slow moving and repetitive, and I thought the plot fairly predictable I had hoped the Lantern Men mystery would play out a bit longer so it could have been a tad spookier as it is, the cause of the marsh lights Ella sees is revealed early on, so the suspense of the unknown doesn t really reach its fullest potential, although a whole other type of danger presents itself However, I still couldn t put it down I had to keep reading to see if my assumptions were correct and to see how everything would come together in the end I particularly enjoyed the romance I really felt for Ella and her circumstances, and Jack is sexy and sweet under his gruff facade The romantic tension between them was very well done Secrets in the Mist stands out to me as something unique and memorable in historical romance It does stay pretty close to the classic Gothic romance formula, but it is set against a rich historical backdrop and incorporates many of the elements that make for a great read dimensional and intriguing characters, an evocative setting, action, suspense, betrayal, danger, and of course, true love I am very much looking forward to the next book in the series and will be adding Anna Lee Huber s other series to my reading listThis review was originally posted to Romantic Historical Reviews. This book starts off slowly and a bit clunky, but readers who persevere will be rewarded This tale of a young woman trying to hold things together for her household in the face of financial ruin and her father s illness leads into a deliciously spooky tale The stark isolation of the marshes and legends of creepy doings at night give this tale of romance and smugglers a gothic touch This adds some extra spark to the romance, and the danger of smugglers and treason kept me turning pages once the story started running smoothly I m hoping Huber gives readers another gothic tale soon 4.5 stars I have been craving a Gothic romantic suspense novel for a while, I just haven t been able to find something contemporary than Victoria Holt Now don t get me wrong, I love Victoria Holt but I just wanted something a little up to date.I downloaded a sample of this one months ago but just never got around to starting it So on a whim I decided to just read the sample and see how it was I was completely hooked from the first couple of chapters Foggy marshes, a chance encounter on a misty night, a handsome stranger masquerading as someone else, spies, and a damsel in distress This book had it all I found myself wondering why in the world I didn t start this one sooner I haven t read anything by Anna Lee Huber, but I ve had her book series, Lady Darby Mysteries, on my radar for years, but for some reason I just never have gotten around to reading it.The description of this book caught my eye, especially since it s marketed to fans of Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart.I can never resist a Gothic romantic suspense novel While I am perfectly happy to rave about this book, it wasn t without some flaws I think the biggest thing for me was I was wanting romance Yes there are a few stolen kisses and it s strongly implied that Lantern Man and Ella care for each other but in the end, I was slightly less convinced of Lantern Man s feelings There wasn t the dramatic profession of love and affection that I was expecting in this book I kind of expected romantic gestures or declarations since this book was from a contemporary author but for some reason this book fell short in that aspect.That s not to say that there wasn t any romance, I was just looking for of a profession of love from Lantern Man and perhaps from Ella in return That said, I didn t feel entirely jilted or robbed from the romance, I loved the clandestine meetings and whole secret identity parts Not to mention the misty fens and smuggling totally hooked me and made me want to keep reading and reading and reading.At times I was a little annoyed by how blind Ella was to her situation but on the whole she was a likable heroine that readers could sympathize with I didn t care for Kate, for someone who Ella professed to be her best friend and she was closer to than a sister, I never felt like their relationship was to that degree Kate had few appearances and when she did appear she never came off as likable or like she had Ella s best interests at heart I simply never liked her.While this book had some flaws, I still gave it 4.5 stars It grabbed my attention and I simply LOVE Gothic romantic suspense novels and I was thrilled to have something a little modern than some of the classic Victoria Holt or Mary Stewart books I ve read in the past Huber s story telling was charming and yet haunty which works so well with Gothic novels I actually woke up in the middle of the night and simply couldn t get the characters or the plot out of my mind so I had to start reading it again I loved this one and I am thrilled to see that she has books in this series coming out..sadly not until 2018 which really makes me mad because I want the next book like NOW I am also going to be moving up her Lady Darby series in my TBR list See my full review here May be I just choose to read about a hearbrained heroine so soon after the Duke of Desire, but that s how it wasHere the writing is poetic, with a lot of descriptions of the moors maybe to live up to the title LOL and the action was slow and almost languid But, if you re ready for this and it doesn t bother you, the story is actually interesting It involves the life in a small town where everybody knows what the neighbours are doing and there s a rigid distinction between the classes I suppose that was normal for the period at lelast, while reading the book I got that feeling and appreciated it The love story is very mild There re no sex scenes, but it was somewhat tender and nice.I don t know what the author will write about in the second book of the series, but I m curious enough to want to read it