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The story of an Irish family’s struggle during the potato famine in 1846. The father was raising his twp daughters and his son alone. He felt it was best to send his daughters to America, hoping for a better life for them. I don't want to give any spoilers. It is a great story of what the time was like in not just Ireland, but the newly settled America. I enjoyed the history in it. I look forward to read more of her books. (((Epub))) ⇔ Hungry For Life ⇳ This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN: BDWZGQ

When Another Potato Crop Fails And Starvation Hits Ireland In , Joseph McLaughlin Knows They All Face Certain Deathunless He Divides His Family And Sends His Two Daughters To America 5 Stars!!! Give us more. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

I was apprehensive about reading this book only because of the subject matter. The Irish Potato Famine was such a tragedy with so many lives lost
or broken. But the reviews for Hungry for Life by Viv Young were very laudatory and glowing so I gave it a try. I was pleased to find that the initial reviewers were right on the moneyit was an excellent story, crafted with imagination and written with compassion, yet it ended on a hopeful note. I wanted more,, yet the story really left no questions unanswered.

Ms Young is to be commended for such s wonderful, wellwritten book. I do look forward to reading her next one
(P.S. And NO. annoying typos!