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It reads like it was written by a 16 year old who had to come up with something quickly for their English homework So cliche and plays into so many stereotypes I really wanted to get on with this book and had expectations due to the other reviews on here but ended up very disappointed. DECLINED TO REVIEW Generally speaking, it s a pretty typical phenomenon that when we get interested in a nonfiction book because of the subject it s covering, most of us are willing to put up with pretty lousy actual writing in order to read about that subject, with me being no exception But man, I just reached my limit when it came to Nick Bilton s American Kingpin, which takes on an utterly fascinating subject it chronicles the rise and fall of dark web location Silk Road, one of the first ever sites to take advantage of the anonymous and untraceable BitCoin in order to let people openly buy illegal drugs , but then presents the journalistic story in the prose of a narrative fiction novel, doing that hackneyed trick of making up dialogue that the author couldn t possibly know actually took place in order to make the story feel real So in other words, instead of simply telling us that Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht was a libertarian, like any decent journalist should ve, Bilton decides to write out an entire made up debate between Ulbricht and his stoner roommates about libertarianism, despite Bilton not knowing whether such a discussion ever actually took place, or what actual words might or might not have been said during this hypothetical conversation that may or may not have ever happened Like I said, I ve read journalistic books like this before, and have generally stuck in there because the subject being covered was just too interesting not to, despite this being literally the hackiest, most eye rolling way humanly possible to tell a non fiction story The deal breaking problem here, though, is that Bilton is an unbearably, unreadably shitty fucking prose writer and I barely made it even 40 pages into this book before angrily throwing it in the trashcan and audibly cursing Bilton for taking such an interesting subject and turning it into such a heartbreakingly awful book I no longer publish reviews at my arts center s blog, or give scores here at Goodreads, to books I didn t finish but suffice to say that American Kingpin went way beyond me simply disliking it, and into the realm of becoming personally furious at the author, for his refusal to write a simple journalistic account of a subject I had been highly looking forward to learning about Unless you enjoy prose at the level of a 13 year old taking a junior high school Creative Writing 101 class, avoid this book at all costs. [Read Epub] ♎ American Kingpin: The Epic Hunt for the Criminal Mastermind Behind the Silk Road ♷ The Unbelievable True Story Of The Man Who Built A Billion Dollar Online Drug Empire From His Bedroom And Almost Got Away With It In , A Twenty Six Year Old Libertarian Programmer Named Ross Ulbricht Launched The Ultimate Free Market The Silk Road, A Clandestine Web Site Hosted On The Dark Web Where Anyone Could Trade Anything Drugs, Hacking Software, Forged Passports, Counterfeit Cash, Poisons Free Of The Government S Watchful Eye It Wasn T Long Before The Media Got Wind Of The New Web Site Where Anyone Not Just Teenagers And Weed Dealers But Terrorists And Black Hat Hackers Could Buy And Sell Contraband Detection Free Spurred By A Public Outcry, The Federal Government Launched An Epic Two Year Manhunt For The Site S Elusive Proprietor, With No Leads, No Witnesses, And No Clear Jurisdiction All The Investigators Knew Was That Whoever Was Running The Site Called Himself The Dread Pirate Roberts The Silk Road Quickly Ballooned Into Billion Enterprise, And Ross Embraced His New Role As Kingpin He Enlisted A Loyal Crew Of Allies In High And Low Places, All As Addicted To The Danger And Thrill Of Running An Illegal Marketplace As Their Customers Were To The Heroin They Sold Through His Network He Got Wind Of The Target On His Back And Took Drastic Steps To Protect Himself Including Ordering A Hit On A Former Employee As Ross Made Plans To Disappear Forever, The Feds Raced Against The Clock To Catch A Man They Weren T Sure Even Existed, Searching For A Needle In The Haystack Of The Global Internet Drawing On Exclusive Access To Key Players And Two Billion Digital Words And Images Ross Left Behind, Vanity Fair Correspondent And New York Times Bestselling Author Nick Bilton Offers A Tale Filled With Twists And Turns, Lucky Breaks And Unbelievable Close Calls It S A Story Of The Boy Next Door S Ambition Gone Criminal, Spurred On By The Clash Between The New World Of Libertarian Leaning, Anonymous, Decentralized Web Advocates And The Old World Of Government Control, Order, And The Rule Of Law Filled With Unforgettable Characters And Capped By An Astonishing Climax, American Kingpin Might Be Dismissed As Too Outrageous For Fiction But It S All Too Real This book that reads like a thriller is pure joy and information The author did a great job creating all the events based on primary documents and interviews with the people who took down The Silk Road.An adventure into the dark web, Tor, drugs, murders, an all you can buy from illegal bazaar Ross Ulbricht the mastermind behind this massive network of drugs and other activities is hunted down by an array of government services and agents His libertarian ideas that nothing should be controlled by the government gave him the seed to start this project that ravelled anything ever seen in our time This book is so well written than anyone who dislikes nonfiction would like it and anyone who loves a good chase and a good thriller would eat the whole thing out Ross is a kingpin a mobster of the 21st century 500. I have a confession to make..I had never heard of the black market website Silk Road until sometime last year When an interpretation of the site was featured on Mr Robot s second season, my friend sent me a message that said DPR with no other explanation When I mentioned that I didn t know what he was referring to, he sent me to this wonderful article that helped bring me up to speed And from then on, I was fascinated with this story When I found out that American Kingpin was yet to be released, I was so eager to read something by Nick Bilton, that I bought his other book, Hatching Twitter and loved it so much I immediately began worrying that this one wouldn t stack up And it didn t Not quite I really think I did myself a disservice in reading extensively about the Silk Road and DPR before embarking on this book as I knew all the twists and turns in this story ahead of time That is not to say that Nick Bilton doesn t deliver a fantastic, if a little overwhelming, narrative of events in this He does such a superb job of delivering facts, figures and tidbits of information that at times you might actually scratch your head and wonder how on earth he got his hands on this type of information Never fear he explains the entire research process at the end of the book which I found incredibly enlightening and mildly astonishing But what I enjoyed the most was that even though Ross Ulbricht was not talked to for this book, I feel like I know and understand the so called mastermind behind Silk Road for having read it His beliefs, trials and tribulations were woven together with such coherency that even though I knew how this story played out, I wanted him to triumph I wanted the ending of this story to be different Nick Bilton sure knows how to tell a story His attention to detail is incredible and even when explaining complex and overwhelming computer systems, coding and all sorts of other technological jargon, his writing style is so readable that you will zoom through the pages faster than you thought possible At first I wasn t sure about how short some of the chapters were, and the ends of some of them didn t leave me NEEDING to continue reading right away But with so much of the story to be set up, it s understandable why the story was written this way It s a fascinating story that I will likely read again, because it very subtly makes you question your beliefs, morals and integrity as it paints you a portrait of a small idea taken to the grandest of scales and turned awry as a result of its successes I guess the most important part of me reading this book is that even though the entire thing was a giant neon flashing sign of Ross s guilt with his association to the sales of drugs, guns and anything else illegal that the Silk Road wanted to dabble in At the end of the day I am not entirely convinced that Ross Ulbricht is DPR BecauseThere could be than one Dread Pirate Roberts, like the old tale in The Princess Bride4 StarsNick Bilton, I will read your shopping lists You are a unicorn. The Silk Road, after all, was just the platform no different from Facebook or Twitter or Ebay on which users communicated and exchanged ideas and currency So who was DPR to err on the side of anything but yes It wasn t as if twitter dictated what kind of opinions people could and could not write in the little box at the top of the screen If you wanted to spew brilliance or idiocy in 140 characters, then so be it It was your God given right to say what you wanted on the Internet, in the same way it was your God given right to buy or sell whatever you wanted and put it into your body if you chose It s interesting that i write this review the day after AlphaBay and Hansa , two Silk Road esque websites, were closed down It s like the mythical monster Hydra cut off one head, two shall grow back yes, i stole this from Captain America Whatever I wonder if Ross Ulbricht is sitting in his jail cell now smiling at this mornings news and the drug revolution he started.A few years ago one of my work colleagues says to me i see they closed The Silk Road down , to which my response was what are you talking about Although i briefly looked, i wasn t really interested, as back then i d rather spend my time looking at conspiracies such as Nibiru and other pointless shit Thankfully I ve grown out of all that and concentrate my time on the truth, as it makes for much interesting reading In 2016 i saw the documentary Deep Web , which looks at Silk Road, Tor and the darker side of the internet a fascinating film I m one of those people who will happily read about the seedy, dark, grim, dirty, tainted underworld side of the internet but would never take that step into downloading software like Tor To me it s a step too far My only concern with American Kingpin was if the author would be biased toward the American Authorities, making them out to be superheroes but this wasn t the case The author tells both sides of the story from a neutral standpoint and doesn t judge Ross Ulbricht for his choices He tells the story from the beginning to end and lets the reader decide if he s a Visionary or a Criminal I personally think his heart was in the right place He wanted to stop the endless war on drugs by legalising them, which in his mind would stop the violent drug deals, gang turf wars, smuggling and mass murder and maybe his philosophy was right but no current government is going to legalise hardcore drugs It s complete fantasy Whether they should or not is a different matter and frankly an issue i m not going to dwell on.Anyway, i m diverting from the review The book is awesome, easily the best thing i ve read this year The author tells the story without adding any filler so all we get is the action I would have liked on the trial as the author only give s it about twenty or so pages but that aside i can t fault it It s an important book that details an important event in our history Enjoy. A thrilling tale of the modern crime world that is so insane you couldn t make any of it up Following the steps of Ross Ulbricht, the mastermind behind The Silk Road, and the law enforcement agents out to stop him, you get an incredible insight into the cyber criminal world and how it s evolving You also get to see how law enforcement departments both help and hinder each other as well as how easy it is to blur the line between what is legal or not Good guys become bad guys and bad guys become human It s a very cool story that I still can t believe is non fiction I recommend this to anyone who enjoy thriller novels, those interested in modern crime, and anyone who s ever thought about their impact in the world. Ross s mother wrote the following A book called American Kingpin by Nick Bilton claims to be the unbelievable true story of my son, Ross Ulbricht After reading an online adaptation, I agree It s unbelievable.Just the headline and subhead demonstrate the hyperbole, sensationalism and inaccuracy of this coverage It calls the case a murder mystery, yet no murders occurred.The Silk Road was not a billion dollar enterprise The government says the site s total revenue was a fraction of that 183,961,921, 82% less.Ross is not dangerous All his convictions were non violent He has no record of hurting anyone No victims came forward at trial to claim that Ross had harmed them in any way Rather, he is widely known as peaceful and compassionate Read what 100 people who actually know him have to say.And that s just the headline Other points Bilton portrays Ross as having arranged murder for hire, yet this was never proven and Ross was not charged with this at trial.Note There is a 3 year old, unprosecuted indictment in Maryland based on the word of ex DEA agent Carl Mark Force Force is now in prison for corruption along with ex NSA Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges As computer experts, these two agents had unfettered access to the site and the ability to act as DPR, change evidence, steal money and.Bilton conflates Dread Pirate Roberts and Ross Yet, as Ross appeal states on page six, the government did not produce a single witness to authenticate a connection between Ross and any of the communications attributable to DPR.Note The question of multiple DPRs was touched on and blocked at trial, yet recent evidence shows that someone using the DPR account logged into the Silk Road seven weeks after Ross was arrested Who was that In addition, evidence of tampering of the Silk Road forum database has been discovered None of this is mentioned.Ross is not a computer programmer or coder and never was.Bilton extensively quotes Ross journal Yet, as technical experts know, digital evidence is vulnerable to planting, deleting, altering Incriminating content could have easily been planted when Ross was arrested he was on an open source network , or at other times before or after There are many issues with the laptop investigation, among them the laptop crashed during investigation and one agent testified that he didn t follow the guidelines when investigating it.Ross is not violent He is not a murderer He is a danger to no one and should not be locked away, especially for life I think Nick Bilton knows this, as he emailed me the following I ve spent a hundred hours talking to people who knew Ross over the years, and what I find truly remarkable is that there hasn t been a single person who disliked him People have told me he was kind, thoughtful, compassionate, and how he was helpful and caring to everyone, especially to those in society that most people judge and ignore Nick BiltonYet, presumably for money, Bilton has used unproven allegations to produce a book that smears a man who is fighting for his life.Ross cannot defend himself or his reputation against this media onslaught He is helpless to stop the feeding frenzy, sensationalizing, fictionalizing and profiting from his life He s just trying to survive yet another day in a cage, trusting that the appellate court cares about the truth than the media does. Ross Ulbricht, born in Texas in 1984, is a libertarian and one of his staple beliefs is that people should be able to put into their bodies whatever they wish, including any type of drug they choose To this end, he believes that the sale of drugs should be decriminalised So it s probably not that surprising that this highly educated individual bachelor s degree in physics and masters degree in materials science and engineering would be attracted to the idea of building an online site to provide a service supplying drugs to anyone willing to stump up the appropriate cost This he did, with the site being situated on the darknet and accessible via a browser called Tor Payments were to be made using the cryptocurrency bitcoin, as with due care transactions could thereby be conducted with relative anonymity The drug suppliers who utilised this site it was similar in set up to eBay or simply sent the product to customers via the standard mail system, with Ulbricht collecting a commission on all sales.This book tells the story of Ulbricht s adventure as he progresses from Texas Boy Scout to becoming, effectively, the largest online supplier of drugs in the world and in the process a multi millionaire There s a great deal of research behind this real life tale, the detail of which is documented at the end of the book The story is told, however, in narrative form and it therefore has the flow and feel of a fictional tale I liked this way of taking in events as it kept the suspense element alive, even though it was ever evident that Ulbricht would not escape eventual capture The site given the name Silk Road was launched in 2011 and initially, because individual purchases tended to be for small amounts of the chosen drug, delivery was relatively problem free Even when packages were considered suspicious and intercepted, the fact that they contained such a small amount of the drug sometimes as little as a single tablet ensured that authorities weren t inclined to launch an investigation to track down the supplier they were after bigger fish Eventually that would change as federal agencies learnt about the aggregate volumes being shipped via this supply route For me there were two key points of interest 1 I enjoyed the story of Ross how he developed this idea and, using admirable entrepreneurial drive, built a massive money spinning business We re introduced some really interesting characters and get a feel for how ruthless he s forced to become to avoid capture and to protect his site from hackers and other undesirables.2 The parallel effort of various agencies to track down the operators of the site and the drug traffickers who used the site to sell their wares is, at times, a Keystone Kops tale of mistakes, clashing egos, inter agency rivalries and crooked agents If it wasn t true it d be hilarious Of course they got their man in the end, but it was anything but a smooth operation.It s a fascinating story on a number of levels certainly one to catch if the subject matter in any way floats your boat.