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King of the Unblessed is a well written fantasy romance that both pleased and annoyed me I enjoyed the main character of Merrick, the misunderstood King of the Unblessed, and his conflict with this brother and the Demon King Lucian The sprights and fairies and gnomes were fun So were the goblins Lady Julianna completely annoyed me thoughout the story She is described as near perfection, yet she consistenly lies to her brothers and her new lover Her choices are crap, and she has no clue about life I was glad when the story ended I hope the next book in th series redeems this mess. This was the most enchanting story I loved how it was like an adult faery story I could just picture the goblins and other creatures as they were described They were so funny They reminded me of the ones in the children s book Where The Wild Things Are The king of the Unblessed was so hot He was so misunderstood This is a tale of good verses evil and how true love overcomes all in the end I hope we get a tell of Juliana s brothers in the future If you like audiobooks, this narrator really brings the characters to life He does the creatures voices so well And gives Merrick a deep sexy voice. Download Pdf ♷ Realm Immortal 1: King of the Unblessed ☪ Immortality Has A Way Of Changing Fate Merrick, Dark Elfin King Of Valdis, Had Once Been Heir To All That Was Good Happiness And Pleasure His Domain Now, Trapped As The Ruler Of Mischief, King Of Necessary Evil, He Stands On A Precipice Of Choice On One Side, His Estranged Brother, Now Ruler Of What Should Have Been Merrick S And, On The Other, King Lucien Of The Damned Both Would Sway Him Damnation Is Winning Lady Juliana Of Bellemare Is From A Human Family, Protected By The Blessed, Coveted By The Damned Betrothed To An Old Friend Of Her Father S, Juliana Is Resigned To Living Out Her Days Close To Her Childhood Home, Longing For An Adventure, Never Dreaming She D Get What She Wished For When Her Fiance Is Murdered And The Children Of Bellemare Are Stolen, Juliana Is Sent On A Quest In A Strange Realm Where Appearances Are Deceiving Merrick Brings Adventure And Passion Than Any Woman Could Want Can She Withstand The Temptations Of The Unblessed King The Spell She Weaves Over Him Is Than He Can Resist And, Desperate To Be The One To Rule Her, Merrick Offers Her A Choice Either Come With Him Until He Tires Of Heror Die the heroine makes me grind my teeth in feelings are still torn..and I m almost halfway through. Review forthcoming on King of the UnblessedSeries Realm Immortal 1 Author Michelle M PillowFrom Review CopyGenre Fantasy, RomanceRelease Date 1st March 2009Challenges N ALinks Goodreads Merrick is the King of the Unblessed, the necessary evil such as mischief and tricks, but he s been distracted by the beautiful Lady Juliana Juliana is due to be married, but her heart yearns for freedom and adventure Merrick siezes his chance and tricks her into an adventure, not quite knowing the games that will play with his heart King Ean of the Blessed knows that he may have to fight his brother, particularly when King Lucien of the Damned starts playing them off against one anotherKing of the Unblessed weaves together a world that is rich both in setting and in mythology There are several different mythological creatures that are introduced in this book, and I thought that in some cases it was really refreshing to see different takes on these creatures such as Dark Eleves, I ve never read them like they were in this book.The setting for most of the book King Merrick s castle was rich and described with interesting details that didn t feel like they were detracting from the rest of the story The same was true of both Merrick and Juliana s clothing, which often shifted to suit their emotions and situations Not only did this make for a good setting, but it added another level to the magic in the book as well.The relationship between Merrick and Juliana was certainly complicated to say the least They were honest with their attraction for one another, but slow to come to terms with the idea that maybe there was something else between them That made their romance itself quite slow burning, even if the physical aspects of their relationship happened quite quickly.The side characters in King of the Unblessed also got a fair bit of page time Most notable was probably the interactions between Mia and Lucian which have me intrigued to say the least and between Hugh and Tiana, which was partly a set up for book 2 but also made me laugh at several points.King of the Unblessed was a great read, with romance elements woven into the fantasy Well worth a read. I m sure this has been said many times, but I ll say it as well King of the Unblessed highly reminded me of the Labyrinth Absolutely nothing wrong with that It s an amazing story and movie, and loved that the Labyrinth might have been the inspiration behind King of the Unblessed.I loved the Prologue as it introduced King Merrick Poor guy just needs some love I was very curious about him and wanted to know about him immediately However, by the second encounter with Juliana the heroine of this story he was a bit off Then I realized what he was doing as the story progressed and it made sense even if I didn t agree with his decisions Would have solved things so much easier if people would just communicate Speaking of which Juliana Annoying Her internal dialogue as she tried to reason with herself with why she did something, or why she believed this or that was irritating She seemed like she should have been smarter than that, but she was na ve to the point of dumb Not to mention how she was pretty much in insta love with Merrick despite all he s done Merrick, in no way, shows any redeeming qualities when he presents himself to Juliana He s not a nice guy When we re reading from his point of view, we can see and understand what he s trying to do, that he really isn t as bad as he s made out to be, but Juliana doesn t see or get that from him He does everything from hurting her and tricking her, and yet, she loves him Annnnnd then she responds to Nicholas right after doing the dirty with Merrick That was also off putting Whether she believed she did it or not, for being so innocent and believing that it s a sin if you re not married, she didn t push Nicholas away Also, her utter lack of trust in Merrick, accusing him at every turn and not speaking plainly again, communication was frustrating.Enough about her.Mia Oh how I wished there was about Mia and Lucian That woman has it bad, and I just want something to happen that will make Lucian pause He cares for her You can see it despite what he does Doesn t make what he does right, but oh, she needs to bring him to his knees I hope they have in the book to come or their own as well.Overall, I enjoyed the book I would recommend and would love to read the next in the series My only complaint was that this had too many POV s from several characters But it was a very entertaining read with beautiful world building. I don t read many romance novels any, and I m not particularly interested in the paranormal romance genre but I somehow found myself caught up in this story about a medieval noblewoman who, on the eve of her marriage to an older man she s known all her life, has her wish for adventure granted by an elven king who has become obsessed with her.The unblessed stand between the blessed and the damned They are not evil, but are aligned with the necessary and natural forces of darkness, winter, breakdown, and chaos The politics of the Otherworld and the balance of power between the three realms of blessed, unblessed, and damned shapes the plot and provides a level of complication beyond the romantic storyline.While reading the story, it was easy to suspect that the author is a fan of the movie Labyrinth, for many of the motifs seem drawn directly from that story a heroine who likes to lose herself in stories, not dreaming that she is being observed by the characters she thinks are fantasy, an enigmatic king who steals her away in act that could be seen as wicked but is equally mixed with passionate obsession, a quest with a time limit, unexpected fairy goblin helpers, even yes a labyrinth.But I don t want to suggest that this is a rip off of Labyrinth I found the resonances fun, but the story itself felt fresh to me King of the Unblessed does suffer from the too frequent romantic novel plot device of the heroine constantly misunderstanding the hero who can t bring himself to be fully honest about his feelings, but the strong points outweighed that annoyance.I m actually looking forward to reading the next book in the series. This was strange I guess that s all I can say about this book I wasn t really connected to any of the characters, they lacked depth and any sort of development I was also confused about the settings at times and characters just pop up out of nowhere, it was weird The story also was only so so I often find that those kind of books suffer an overload of paranormal fantasy figures and get lost in so much diversity that the story and the characters are not well rounded and understandable Less is would have applied to this story.Another minus point was the heroine Juliana often isn t likeable at all and acts ridiculously stupid Then instead of learning from past mistakes she only victimizes herself I was disappointed with this book even though it had so much potential it didn t live up to it. Lady Juliana of Bellemare has always been hungry to experience new things and exciting adventures but knows that will never happen Her older brother Hugh has decided to marry her off to their neighbour Lord Eadward of Tyrshire and the only thing she d experience would be the life with a man thirty years older than she and be stuck in the same place for the rest of her life On a whim she calls out to her imaginary knight of her dreams to rescue her and take her on an adventure, yes, she even promises him her soul in exchange What she doesn t know is that Merrick, dark elfin King of Valdis, the ruler of all what is unblessed watched her through his water mirror for quite some time and of course jumps at the opportunity to get Juliana under his control He tricks her to come into the Otherworld under the impression he has kidnapped some children of the castle but it was only glamour he used, he had no interest in the children There she should find the King of the Unblessed and ask him a question Now not happy any with her foolish wish Juliana reluctantly ventures into the realm of the OtherworldI had this book and the following in this series at my TBR pile for quite some time and now I could kick myself because I didn t start reading it much earlier This is an enchanting fairytale for adults A fairytale which had me it s grasp and didn t let me go till I was through Merrick is a dark hero, the King of the Unblessed isn t necessary evil but the balance between King Ean of Tegwen, the King of the Blessed and King Lucien of the Demons It s not only about Juliana s journey to the Otherworld but the journey of her brothers who came to rescue her too When they unexpected meet, Hugh is suspicious of her relationship with Merrick and suspicious he should be The King seduces Juliana by every trick in the book till the poor girl doesn t know any if what she feels is real or another trick Sometimes Juliana acts foolish and doesn t question the things she learns although she should know better after having spent some time in this strange world And her brothers had their own challenges to master, especially Hugh, who was held off by the Faery Queen Tania who had her own reasons to chain him to his bed There were many interesting sub characters like Lord Kalen of the Berserks, Mia, the unfortunate lover of the Demon King Lucien and of course there was a betrayer to enforce war between the blessed and unblessed kingdoms.This is a book with just the right mixture of adventure, love and some hot sex scenes which are an addition to the already intriguing plot These scenes are just the cherry on the cake not too much and not too few I m really looking forward to read the next books in the series Realm Immortal Faery Queen and Realm Immortal Stone Queen Website of the author DNF 36%I really wanted to like this one I loved the premise and was intrigued at the comparisons to Labyrinth Alas, Merrick is no Jareth He s of a petulant emo man child I just didn t find the main characters compelling or their interactions sexy cue Jareth sadface