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Stories of New York City s multitude of ethnic communities has always been fascinating for me, as they reflect the eternal struggle of the American immigrant There is the struggle to balance the adoption of a truly free society that allows you to forge your own, unique identity with the fears of losing the ancient cultures that largely define who we are This is the struggle of the affections of the homeland and the motherland Kevin Baker delves us deep into the Russian immigrant communities of Brighton Beach and Coney Island, and the world of mob crime that proves to be the fastest track for new Americans to make a living in an unforgiving new world The story follows the travails of Alik, a Russian immigrant who becomes an enforcer for one of the most notorious gangs in Brighton Beach As Alik gets deeper into the politics and maneuvering of gang life, he also seeks to kill the pains of his fractured past with drugs and the company of a volatile woman, also his lover, a strange woman named Marina Marina is also the keep of Alik s rival gang boss Alik simply wants to get away with Marina, a proposal that proves far complex than said, given Marina s child and Alik s loyalties The first half of Baker s story is riveting as a crime drama, giving hints of Alik s former life as a soldier in the Russian army The second half however spins off into the metaphysical and supernatural as Alik learns that his life, and the hurdles he faces, may not be unique, one time experiences The book commands attention because of its characters and rich environment Baker and artist Danijel Zezelj create one of the most beautiful depictions of New York that I have ever seen in a long time, filling the city with equal parts wonderment and grime The second half of the book however spins out of control, not knowing the proper balance between supernatural plotting and historical exposition Baker demonstrates his exhaustive research into Russian history, but his efforts to weave it into a cohesive story seems exceptionally forced In the end the story does not deliver the type of punch and satisfaction that the art and research achieved The result is an achingly beautiful and undeniably rich book that has a misguided and insufficient soul The real standout of this book however is the work of colorist Dave Stewart, who has done one of the finest coloring jobs that I ve ever seen in any graphic novel in the past decade Steweart s colors are the strongest storytelling elements in LUNA PARK, and they successfully transported me between time eras and metaphysical levels Stewart s work is alone worth the price of admission, and is a must for any graphic design art enthusiast The book is worth checking out at the library, but recommended for purchase only for fans of Baker, Zezelj or Stewart s previous works. This book kind of broke my brain, but not for the twist ending I m so proud of myself I picked up on the first subtle clue Parts of it were staggeringly beautiful, and of it was staggeringly heartbreaking I wish the art had a little definition, but that s just personal preference It s strong and evocative and suits the story well The story itself isn t what it seems at first and ultimately asks the question is humanity doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again Reason for Reading The Russian historical aspects and the publisher s summary had me intrigued.This is a very difficult book to give a summary as nothing is as it seems but let me tell you what appears to be happening as the book starts Alik Strelnikov is a Russian immigrant who made a deal back in Russia which got him his freedom in America This freedom lead him to working for a second fiddle Russian mob group in Coney Island as an enforcer Here he lives an existence with his girlfriend in an apartment drinking, listening to old Russian records and shooting heroin to forget what he has become But he is plagued with dreams, nightmares actually, the same ones over and over, which show him in various situations in different uniforms and he is always afraid These nightmares will take us back in history to pre revolutionary Russia, to WWI, to the Chechen Wars and back to 1910s New York.This is an awesome, gripping story The reader has no idea of what is really going on for some time My mind contemplated these dreams as possible flashbacks to past lives, psychic visions of the past, a tortured man turning his real problems into symbolic messages and finally a simpler consideration, the raving dreams of a madman Why he keeps having the dreams is not so important but the recurring themes that they carry are With the ultimate one of betrayal being the most affecting on him Then the book takes an extreme magical or psychedelic turn and one can possibly start to put things together until near the very end when the author hits us with a very subtle reveal we hardly notice it until the final page with it s shocking end I actually stared at the last page for some seconds before the reveal sank in A fabulous end The writing and the art combine to make a surreal, strange, semi conscious type of plot This is not going to be a book for everyone Not for the type who like their plots to begin at A and end at Z The plot is incongruous and where it is going the reader cannot grasp until a certain point 2 3s of the way through This is not a bad thing though I found the book utterly captivating to read It s one of those few books that stand out alone as an I ve never read anything quite like it before book The art is fascinatingly done mostly in a palette of terracottas, greys and purplish blues that turn into lavenders at lighthearted scenes not that there are many of those If you ve ever seen old Communist posters or postage stamps from the era, the art reminds me of that style at times Otherwise it matches the mood of the story perfectly. Do you like the idea of a decrepit Coney Island as a cheap metaphor for the insincerity of the Statue of Liberty How about as a symbol for the modern decline of the American empire But you don t feel like taking the train all the way to the edge of Brooklyn Do you think Russians are interesting, but don t feel like familiarizing yourself with Russian history or literature by reading books without pictures Fear not, our intrepid author gives, according to his ability, a panorama of Russian stereotypes throughout the ages With a limited palette, Luna Park paints a picture of despotic thugs, well read junkies, and shamanic whores These caricatures run around, interact, and, because they have the ghosts of Ivan Grozny, Great Bronze Equestrian Peter, and ol Uncle Joe running around in their DNA, they can t help themselves from causing a bloody goddamn mess The end result is a comic book that is long and boring enough to be marketed as a graphic novel All that s lacking is a foreword by Anne Appelbaum to make this an ideal stocking stuffer for Russophobes too refined for Yakov Smirnoff, and not yet ready for Robert Conquest. A kind of surreal trip through current Russian historya man out of time and place must deal with issues that will destroy him if he ignores his past but his past may be the very thing that has put him in the cross hairs of fate. 090411 this is what great graphic work can do that no other medium does intense, horrific, visuals no hard working through text, the darkness is literal no quickly passing scenes as in film you can look, you can build the horror, you can never escape the narrative is gripping, the artwork is beautiful, the layers of images like the best film, immediate and overwhelming as images in robbe grillet great work Two words Mind fuck Kevin Bakerin Luna Park Vertigo, 2009 alkaa kiinnostavasti melko perinteisen rikostarinana, jossa el m ss n ep onnistuneet pikkutekij t yritt v t murtautua ulos keh st n paremman tulevaisuuden toivossa, mutta jossakin vaiheessa tarina alkaa saada aika erikoisia k nteit , enk ainakaan min osannut ehk puutteellisen kielitaitonikin takia sanoa onko kyseess huumetrippi, painajainen, aikamatka vai mik Henkil kohtaisesti olen suoraviivaisempien tarinoiden yst v , vaan oli t ss albumissa kuitenkin omat ansionsa Kuvituksesta pidin my s.Syyst tai toisesta tulin ajatelleeksi Sinuhe egyptil ist albumia lukiessani Lohdutonta ja pessimistist on meno ainakin Neuvostoliitossa ja Ven j ll , mik n ei muutu ja ihminen on ihmiselle susi, vuosikymmenest toiseen. a great losers tale `READ DOWNLOAD ☟ Luna Park ☂ Alik Strelnikov Vive Na Sombra De Coney Island, Um Mundo De Passeios Silenciosos E Parques De Divers Es Enferrujados, Que Ridicularizam Os Seus Sonhos De Se Tornar Um Her I H Dez Anos, Trocou Uma Exist Ncia Brutal No Ex Rcito Russo Pela Promessa De Se Tornar Um Executor Da M F Ia De Brooklyn, Mas As Suas Noites S O Atormentadas Por Pesadelos Em Que As Atrocidades A Que Assistiu Na Chech Nia Se Misturam Com Vis Es Alternativas Do Passado, Que Terminam Sempre Da Mesma Forma Tr GicaNa Sua Estreia Na BD, O Popular Escritor Kevin Baker, Alia Se Ao Ilustrador Croata Danijel Zezelj, Para Criar Uma Novela Gr F Ica Perturbadora, Que Marca O Regresso De Baker A Coney Island, Cen Rio Da Sua Aclamada Trilogia Dreamland