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Anytime Toni Anderson comes out with a new book, my anticipation hits the stratosphere Her books are so engaging, so provocative and clever, they are a delight for readers who like to have not only their emotions, but their intellect challenged Cold Secrets meets all those criteria.Toni is exceptionally thorough with her plot planning and research Her almost casual introduction of the various law enforcement branches, their area of responsibility, and the different methods of operation, is amazingly subtle and yet informative, without giving you the feeling of reading a textbook She ensures you have all the information required to tie up the case, along with the heroes of the story.In Cold Secrets, I would suggest the suspense plot far outmeasures the romantic plot, although the two are intricately entwined The tension building in both plots greatly enhance the other s arc, making the conclusion satisfying.The romance between Lucas and Ashley is of an almost insta love variety, but is made quite believable by the almost instant high octane of suspense I would have loved to have seen a little of the people behind the professionals in the case of the two heroes, for my own personal curiosity The cultural differences, the interracial perceptions and the contrasting upbringing adds an interesting flavor to their relationship.There is so much background, such important context that makes each of these heroes who they are in and to the story, it s almost enough to fill a book just with that This clearly isn t a story you can casually flip through, it is one where you need to keep your wits about you, because each turn of the page holds pertinent information and new intriguing twists and turns.Cold Secrets is tight, potent and stirring fiction, in which Ms Anderson highlights a very real and current issue. Currently free at a good time to try this authorThis is one of the best RS series I read The books are consistently entertaining and well written I wasn t too crazy about the instalust and we can t be together because we work together trope in the beginning but that fortunately passed quickly and we got into the meat of the story The child sex trade plotline was definitely unpleasant, but well done Ashley also had a pretty painful secret past that added also added tension to the plot.Great FBI romantic suspense series. ARC ReviewFBI Agent Ashley Chen has a secret and it s a big one This secret is why she leads a solitary life and keeps her colleagues at arms length Her latest assignment takes her to Boston to assist in the investigation of a sex slavery human trafficking ring This puts everything Ashley is protecting on the line Further complicating the matter is this hard to resist agent, Lucas Randall Lucas is a straight arrow who has to make some tough decisions during the course of this case that makes him uncomfortable One of his biggest puzzles is Agent Chen He knows she is hiding something, but at the same time, he cannot help his attraction Is she a part of the problem or a part of the solution If there ever was a knight in shining armor, it would be Lucas Randall You may remember him from A Cold Dark Place He is an FBI agent out of North Carolina He is the quintessential agent Handsome, well built with an All American quality, he attracts women, but he is no player He is in Boston following up on a lead for his case when he is roped into an undercover operation He is part of a sting to take down a sex slavery ring Things get ugly pretty quickly and he saves one of the captives, but other law enforcement lives are lost He is determined to find not only the perpetrators, but the leaders of this illegal international trade.The chemistry between the two main characters is sizzling The author always manages to take two seemingly incompatible personalities and make them combust Although the attraction is immediate, true feelings do not come easily to Ashley s heavily guarded heart The kiss had been a rare act of whimsy on her part, a way of satisfying her curiosity A way of exorcising her interest in the man and putting out the flames that had started to burn between them Reality never lived up to fantasy Disappointment was comforting in its familiarity.Both Lucas and Ashley have to fight for this relationship Ashley s secrets threatened to derail whatever is developing between the two of them and her reasons for keeping distance are valid But this is a romance, so, of course, we have a happy ending One of the things I like most about this series is the struggle the protagonists go through to do the right thing Situations getting a little murky, especially when they are chasing evil villains Nothing is ever fully cut and dry and sometimes compromises are made Even Lucas, who has the best of intentions, does not escape unscathed Like in real life, answers are not always easy, and it the struggle to reconcile competing values is what makes the characters truly human.I also give kudos to the author for diversifying her leading characters in the last two books The hero in her last book, Darsh Singh, is an Indian from Great Britain and Ashley is an inter racial American born of part Chinese descent Toni Anderson acknowledges the challenges faced by an Asian American woman in law enforcement There are small, subtle details included that highlight her unique experiences For example, it is not always clear what part of a person s culture and experiences influence a decision That ingrained need for parental approval never left no matter how old she got She didn t know if it was because she was an Asian American female or because she was an insecure orphan Whatever it was, it sucked. It adds an additional layer that is relevant and wholly appreciated.This romantic suspense rolls out in a very clever manner The plot is as twisty and turny as San Francisco s Lombard Street There is plenty of tension and excitement Even though it is early in the year, I already know that Cold Secrets is on my top books for the year Yes, it is that good.Originally posted at Scandalicious Book Reviews. The seventh book in the Cold Secrets series by Toni Anderson FBI Agent Lucas Randall goes undercover to find an eight year old kidnapped girl that leads him to a brothel, only to have everything go wrong, costing the lives of many when a bomb explodes and barely escapes with his own Ashley Chen is a computer expert for the FBI but many distrust her due to her Asian blood Asians were involved in the sex trafficking Ashley does have secrets, though.Another great read by Ms Anderson Due to an injury I cannot write a long review. It has been a while since the last Cold Justice book, but I m glad this one came just as the year began It s best to say right out that I ve always admired Toni Anderson s writing Her stories are always credible, well plotted, well written and so realistic as they deal with issues that we face today thrown in with a very hot dose of romance and steamy times I ve or less liked her protagonists as well some of them clearly than others in the Cold Justice series, but Cold Secrets is special because I ve wait so long for Lucas Randall s book and this good guy didn t disappoint I loved his compassion, his need to always do the right thing even as he struggled with his growing feelings for Ashley Chen and her deception and most of all, just how forthright and directly about what he really wanted Ashley however, was a little harder to like, even though there is a lot to admire about her strong, determined, headstrong yet these very qualities did eventually lead to unforeseen consequences where others were affected negatively because of her actions Yet the biggest surprise I ve had so far, is the consistent but never unwelcome involvement of Alex Parker, the shadowy figure who really spearheaded this series He remains one of the most standout romantic heroes that I ve ever read, and I can only say that I ve than enjoyed how he keeps popping up even though he s on the periphery of all the FBI action Anderson s deft handling of gangs and cultural knowledge of the Asian community definitely came through here and I was fascinated to not just go through the twists and turns of the suspense, but also her nuanced representation of this group of people which didn t fall into any stereotypical depictions at all Even her villains are as memorable as her heroes heroines, multifaceted and smart enough to present a challenge Overall, Cold Secrets is a very satisfying read, but that s probably because I loved every moment with Lucas and Alex in it. I am not a fan of books with human trafficking and sexual slavery I don t like them not al all I go out of my way to avoid them So, why did I not only read this book but spend my hard earned money I really love Toni Anderson She writes a well researched, intelligent Romantic Suspense with smart, hot characters and this one does not disappoint This is a great book, but is was tough to like Ashley in the beginning.Lucas Randall is an FBI Agent in Boston following a lead for a case when he is sent undercover to rescue an 8 year old from a sex trafficking ring He had no idea what a disaster that op would become This isn t your ordinary ring that would fold its tent and sneak off to reopen in another location These baddies firmly believe in the scorched earth method and plan to leave no loose thread alive Finding these monsters is high priority for Lucas and the FBI.When computer expert Ashley Chen is sent to Boston to assist in the investigation of the trafficking ring, she views this as a way to make an impact and further her career She has unbelievable cyber skills and knows there is no where the Baddies can hid on the web where she can t find them When she meets Lucas the attraction is instant, hot and mutual No problem, right Wrong Ashley carries around some big secrets that, if they come to light, will be the end of her FBI career and maybe her life too. 3 stars is the best I can to Good and bad storyline..I loved the beginning of this book It was thoroughly exciting from Lucas entering the brothel to the explosion that killed so many Though I didn t feel the least bit sorry that the madam was killed, but I was glad he saved the two young girls Also, I just finished a book about two pedophiles just before this one then opened this to see it was the same kind of story, only a little worse This one is about human trafficking involving kids AND about the bad guy, Yu Chang who s 73, who was so excited because the niece who had faked her own death is still alive and he wants to screw her so badly YUCK And the computer nerd who works for the bad guy was repeatedly raping the 13 year old girl who had been held in captivity for 2 years, after her mother gave her to them to pay off a gambling debt Again, YUCK This was working on being good story for a while but I was beginning to think it was a little too much for me I just wanted to get off the kids and screwing the niece and onto something else When I finished this book I was so glad it was over, and even though I ve read 12 or 14 of Ms Anderson s books this would not be one of my favorites of hers It was just too, too much about child rape, child sex slaves, child abuse you were beat over the head with it constantly.Plus, at 92% Lucas was sooo in love with Ashley but he was still arguing with himself about whether or not he really trusted her Really And there was soooo much prejudice going on around Ashley it was utterly ridiculous Jeez, how long have American men been marrying Asian women without any problem whatsoever You d have thought Ashley had just came over from China and been flagged as a spy instead of her being an FBI agent for the past several years The remarks about and to Ashley made the book less enjoyable.The bad guys, Yu Chang, Andrew, Brandon and Rabbit were some of the most evil men I ve ever read about so Ms Anderson did do a good job with the evil doers Who all got what they deserved at the end.There were a couple of explicit sex scenes in this and the F bomb was used 64 times.As to the narration Eric Dove is awesome With voices and emotions. Loved this 7th book in Toni Anderson s Cold Justice series This book definitely started off with a bang No lead up, no playing around The author dumps us right into the middle of the plot and doesn t hold back any punches.COLD SECRETS was an intense, suspenseful romantic story Lucas and Ashley were FBI agents on a task force to take down a human trafficking ring in Boston In the midst of their investigation, they can t fight the undeniable attraction that sparks between them I enjoyed the many elements that were explored to detail everything about the investigation I even liked the fact that Ashley was so blunt when it came to racism, prejudice and racial profiling she was half American and half Chinese I m not sure if everything that happened would be entirely accurate, but it was definitely entertaining There was never a dull moment and this book read like a true TV crime drama, which was awesome because that is my favorite genre to watch Release DateJanuary 31, 2017 GenreRomantic Suspense POVMultiple 3rd person Steam2 out of 5 Book TypeStandalone Book 7 of the Cold Justice series ^Free Book ☙ Cold Secrets ☉ An FBI Agent Risks Her Heart And Closely Guarded Secrets In This Pulse Pounding Romantic Thriller From New York Times Bestselling Author Toni AndersonComputer Expert Ashley Chen Joined The FBI To Fight Against Evil In The World Evil She Experienced Firsthand She Has Mad Skills And Deadly Secrets, And Once She Starts Working With Straight Shooting FBI Agent, Lucas Randall, She Also Has Big Trouble After Years Of Pushing People Away, She S Finally Falling For Someone The Feeling Is Entirely Mutual, But As Ashley Intensifies Her Online Pursuit Of An International Trafficking Ring, Her Traumatic Past Collides With Her Present And Suddenly Lucas Can T Tell Which Side She S On As The Case Escalates Into A High Stakes Game Of Cat And Mouse, It Turns Out Ashley Isn T The Only One With Something To Hide If Neither Can Trust The Other With Their Secrets, How Can They Trust Each Other With Their Hearts Finalist In The Book Buyer S Best Contest For Romantic Suspense And Mystery With Romantic Elements This Edition Features A Brand New Cover