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{Download Kindle} à Hard Climate (Men of London Book 8) õ Eco Warrior Mango Manning Must Shake The Demons Of His Past To Win Back London Nightclub Owner Ryan Bishop, Who Is Suddenly Facing Issues Of His Own WITH BOTH HANDS Brawny, Beautiful, Complicated And Sexy As Hell, Eco Warrior Mango Manning Is Everything Performer And London Nightclub Owner Ryan Bishop Wants In A Life Partner But Mango Has Been Loving And Leaving Ryan For The Past Two Years, And Ryan S Had Enough That S Why He S Moving On Ryan S The Monogamous Type Which Means Now He Ll Be Alone At The Worst Possible Time Mango Manning Knows He S Screwed Up And Has Commitment Issues That S Why He S Been So On And Off With Ryan These Past Two Years He D Thought He Found A Safe Haven, A Place To Hide From The Losses Of His Past, But There Are Other Demons You Just Can T Escape Like Ryan S Health If Mango Is To Put Things Right, He Must Man Up And Discover A Way Back Into Club Delish And The Heart Of Its Owner Only Then Can They Look To The Future Together, Come What May True Happiness Will Slip Through Their Fingersunless They Both Grab On And Hold Tight 3.5 stars 4.5 I ve read four of the eight books in this series, and Hard Climate might be my favourite I don t typically go for established couple stories, but this one has a twist Mango a nickname that has nothing to do with the fruit and Ryan have been together for two years, but Mango can t seem to commit Ryan is a convenient fuck buddy and the man Mango calls when his work as an environmental activist lands him in jail time and again Mango traipses around the world fighting for his causes and barely bothers to call Birthdays, holidays they re not on Mango s agenda Ryan is a gay nightclub owner and part time drag queen He s all sass and spark, very much the yin to Mango s gruff, outdoorsy yang But Ryan s had enough The next time Mango needs his help, Ryan grudgingly follows through, then promptly kicks Mango to the curb Mango is utterly terrified of losing Ryan As soon as he realizes Ryan is serious about ending the relationship, he panics I loved both of these MCs and the incredible chemistry between them Mango is scared of being someone s everything, but when Ryan has a health scare, Mango is all there, the perfect, supportive partner The men s passion transcends the sexual, and I enjoyed watching their relationship move to the next level This book has all my favorite things friendship, romance, hot sex two words Tenga Eggs look em up , HEA, and a cabin in Norway What Cabins in Norway are essential It s low on drama save for Ryan s diva tissy fits, which are adorable than anything else and high on steam, with a generous dose of healing comfort for good measure P.S This book can be read as a standalone, although I recommend reading Cross to Bare, Lenny and Brook s story, first Lenny is Ryan s best friend and fairly present in this story. Hard an adjective word, meaning solid, firm, and rigid not easily broken, bent, or pierced GULP Let me explain why, I think the writer of this story chose the title and no I have not stalked the Author and already asked Hopefully she will seek me out and tell me I was right, if not, well thats okay because this is the way I see it, the way I feel So back to Hard, LOL I know, I know, I just can t help myself Anyways the meaning Solid, firm is really the obvious thing that springs to mind, okay Jesus, I will spell it out for you It s the male member, you guys know I can t use words of profanity or certain sexual words in my reviews, it will get removed Hard also means not easily broken, well this was certainly true for Ryan Unfortunately I can t make any other comment on that because it would give a huge spoiler out, so go read hehe Climate, another interesting word to use for a book title It s a noun word Yep, I have been reading the English dictionary today just for you guys The meaning could be the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period, but nope that definitely doesn t feel right after reading this story, so I investigated further And this seems like it, another aspect of life.The title fits the story perfectly, you re probably thinking, I didn t need to know all that codswallop above, well thats the great thing about reviewing, I can say what I like, HA Honestly, I feel like I ve turned into Mango Who s Mango So pleased you asked I will now get back to the story If you are a fan of The Men of London Series , you would have heard about Ryan and Mango previously Ryan was Laverne Debussy Smith AKA Lenny s ex bed buddy Mango is the guy that Ryan has always loved but can t get him to stay in the same zip code long enough to have a relationship with him Capisce You following so far So now that Lenny is settled with Brook Ryan is also ready to take the next step and have a meaningful relationship Nope, Mango is not the settling down type or is he Who knows what s around the corner, the possibilities for Mango are endless, even jail is a strong candidate I have laughed so hard while reading this story This is one of my favourite quotes, Would you please stop trying to drive my nuts through my stomach and calm down and listen to me HAHA Leading up to this part is hilarious and full of profanity, hence why I chose to share this part No story is complete without a little heartache, maybe not everyone cries while reading tragic events, but I sure do I think because I was so involved in this story it made me cry harder I was so sadden by what occurred I just kept thinking, please be okay, please be okay Honestly if I thought for one minute the Author wasn t going to give me a HEA, I would have screamed the house down Oh yeah, I need my happy ever after without it, I can t sleep, I have the book hangover from hell Readers you know exactly what I am talking about I have to say this is another exceptional story to add to The Men of London I really don t know what I will do when this series is over It s a truly amazing gift to be able to not only write a book, but to grasp the hearts of readers that keep wanting Susan Mac Nicol without a doubt you have been blessed with the Midas touch Thank you for another heart warming and sexy read Please never stop writing The Men of London PS I still have full rights to Clay and Tate, just saying Smily face inserted here ARC RECEIVED FOR HONEST REVIEW WOW I ve loved every single book in this series so far, and this is just as good as the rest In this we meet Ryan Mango who are hard to describe at first Mango, at first taste was bitter on my taste buds I did NOT like him at all for how he used Ryan Yet, after persevering, i found his taste sweetened and he definitely made my taste buds tingle My heart broke for Ryan in this at what he goes through, not just because of Mango, but other contributing factors too Mango knows he needs to take drastic action when he s told by Ryan that they are no , a decision which as hard as it was for Ryan to make, it had to be done The activist in Mango realises he s going to have to do EVERYTHING in his power to stop the break up happening Yet, when the self confessed commitment phobe does take action, it seems as though fate has other plans for them.Yet again Susan has put EVERY emotion available into this book It had laughs aplenty from recurring characters as well as the tears of sadness at back stories and the plot I love how this was written and as much as i did hate Mango at the start he gained my love and sympathy eventually, especially when dealing with a really big curve ball thrown at him and Ryan by life Absolutely LOVED IT