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this is hands down one of the BEST romance books I ve ever read it s relevant and smart it s engrossing and romantic loved it everyone should read it 2 STARS I should have never read this damn book s the thing book lovers I don t know how most people will receive my review and I m sick of being reported for my thoughts and opinions Because of this, I will not post my review here because the whole thing ispretty messyInstead, I m going to leave the link to my review on my blog if you want to read it.https wp.me p7ZSCH 47x [Read Epub] ⚇ Grip ☯ This Is Not A Cliffhanger Resisting An Irresistible Force Wears You Down And Turns You Out I Know I Ve Been Doing It For Years I May Not Have A Musical Gift Of My Own, But I Ve Got A Nose For Talent And An Eye For The Extraordinary And Marlon James Grip To His Fans Is Nothing Short Of Extraordinary Years Ago, We Strung Together A Few Magical Nights, But I Keep Those Memories In A Locked Drawer And I Ve Thrown Away The Key All That S Left Is Friendship And Work He S On The Verge Of Unimaginable Fame, All His Dreams Poised To Come True I Manage His Career, But I Can T Seem To Manage My Heart It S Wild, Reckless, Disobedient And It Remembers All The Things I Want To ForgetMake Sure You Grab FLOW, The FREE Prequel First FLOW Is Chronicling The Week Of Magical Days And Nights That Will Haunt Grip Bristol For Years To Come GRIP Is The Full Length Conclusion Of Their Story My insomnia hates me I ve been up for 36 of the past 39 hours Sorry the review is so short, but my brain is barely functional Lol What can I say about this story to let you know how amazing it really is I am finding myself at a loss for words and if you know me, you know that doesn t happen often Grip is so much than a love story It is a love story, yes, but it focuses on so many other topics that make it even complex and compelling When I finished Flow, I already knew that I was probably going to love this book Intelligent, thought provoking, and fantastically written, Grip did not disappoint Eight years after the events in Flow, we see that Grip is set to release an album and that Bristol and Rhyson are managing his career Aside from their business relationship, Grip and Bristol are just friends, but that doesn t mean the fire between them has gone out The feelings they have for one another are as intense as they were all of those years ago In fact, they are probably stronger Bristol denies herself the man she loves, so she doesn t turn into her mother, and he hangs on to the idea that one day she will give him a chance even though it has been almost a decade since their first kiss Even if they can move beyond their past and decide to be together, they still have to worry about judgement from family, friends, fans, and the world Grip is a beautiful love story that deals the topics of race and social injustice It is breathtaking, passionate, and raw The focus on skin color and social issues are heavy in this book, and that is not something you come across every day in the romance genre I think coming from a family with plenty of interracial couples and mixed family members made me appreciate this book even The topics in Grip may not be ones that are easy to discuss, but they are ones that cannot be ignored either I think books like these are important, and I loved the way the author handled everything This is a book that at the very least will make people think As I said in my review for Flow, I recommend this story to all fans of the romance genre. The GRIP series is on all platforms for the first time And GRIP is FREE FULL SERIES FLOW GRIP STILL signed PAPERBACK GIVEAWAY here A Best of 2017 Stars WOW WOW WOWthis story blew me away Besides being a love story, it was a story that crossed race and social issues that are alive and well in this country It was emotional, it was heartbreaking, it was thought provoking, it was loving and it was HEALING Stories of interracial couples have stereotypes and stigmas but this author traverses the issues and displays them in a real, raw, captivating way While the story is not all about racial difference, the love story of Grip and Bristol is full of meaningful feelings from past and present that all intertwine into a magnificent book Grip is a sexy, talented musician who is black Bristol is his manager who happens to be white This story is deep and beautiful because this couple, Grip and Bristol, never saw color They saw each other for real When each spoke, they listened, truly listened to one another Their story spanned 8 years and they fell in love in year one but fate, timing, and fear kept these two from being a real couple Over the years, a true and beautiful friendship developed between Grip and Bristol yet there were underlying feelings of longing and sensual desires A plastic watch, a whistle and a bookso trivial yet so meaningful to each other While being together should have been an easy solution, Bristol had baggage that kept her from fully committing, only offering friendship Grip and Bristol s relationship was filled with beautiful imagery and poetic flow that captured a struggling journey of two people completely in love but at a crossroad One ready to jump and explode on the wind and the other fearful that she would fall and drown Bristol and Grip s family are ever present in their lives Their love and support isn t always positive and encouraging Each side coming at it from different angles, but both being honest and forthright with their opinions At times it made me uncomfortable but it did open my eyes and shed light on issues that I never really put too much emphasis on I applaud the author for writing a story with an honest integrity concerning such sensitive issues involving race, racism, the N word, loving within your own race and true love.In the end, Kennedy Ryan writes stories full of passion and conviction They are not simple, they are complex in emotion and rich in dialogue Flow, The Prequel to Grip, and Grip are two books that everyone should read They will make you think about issues, some that make you flinch, some that will make you sad and some that will leave a lasting impression I promise that you will GetGripped BeMoved and LoveLove advanced copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review 5 STARSGRIP is a love story with a prequel called FLOW and a follow up book entitled, STILL..It s a bravely written, intelligent story that has completely grabbed my heart, made me feel and attacked my sensibilities in the best possible way This is the Kennedy Ryan affect Her writing is beyond brilliant in the manner that it resonates, the way that it makes me think deeply The key themes of Grip are ones not often tackled in the romance trope, of course, primarily it s a love story with all the facets of a developed and engaging swoon fess engaging beautiful protagonists, a dynamic supporting cast and a plot with light and shade in an eloquent and lyrical prose In addition, the exploration of sensitive complex issues concerning race take this multifaceted Contemporary Romance to a whole higher level of breath taking and powerful brilliance Kennedy Ryan shows unapologetically and honestly the inequality and injustice of our times in a non judgemental measured manner raising the profile positively Grip is the hero at the heart of the story, a sexy hip hop poet, a wordsmith who I have utterly fallen in love with He has a crazy good aura that springs vividly from the page oozing personality and a vibe that I totally bought into I wanted to read his thoughts, hear his words, listen to his music and see him interact with Bristol his co star whose personality equally shone through the narrative, her strength, her mind and her words Her honest thought process and dialogue at certain pivotal moments in both FLOW the Grip Prequel and GRIP enhanced my understanding of the relevant to our times social issue making me feel like my own understanding developed with hers.The sexual tension that ignites between the protagonists creates an inferno as they dance their way through a working relationship, a friendship of sorts and a palpable need for each other that has been repressed since an incident in FLOW There are so many elements that I could wax lyrical about not least the imagery created by this author as she peels away the layers of her narrative showing me the action, thought and feeling of her characters creating a world in which I became totally invested I laughed, I shed a tear and my heart ached for Grip and Bristol as their authentic dialogue, their motivation and lyrical prose completely hooked me into their romance and made me root for them as a couple I felt the angst and the power of the richly vivid narrative that surrounds this glorious story and no matter how much I write, no matter the words I use I cannot even begin to do this wonderful story the justice it deserves I cannot recommend highly enough to my romance reading friends.SINCE WRITINGTHIS REVIEW THE AUTHOR WROTE STILL STILL IS PROBABLY ONE OF MY FAVOURITE STORIES EVER YES, I LOVE IT THAT MUCH, SHOUTY CAPITALS AND ALL My review thoughts for FLOW have shared the joy of this story from the early stages read her amazing review here Beta read Graphics created by me with stock photos I purchased from deposit photos 5 starsI fell for her before the beat droppedFirst things first, before you read Grip you need to read the book Flow, which is FREE So go and download that first I ll wait You re done now Okay keep reading then.This is the story of Bristol and Grip, two people who met and fell for each other years ago Now Grip is one of the top rising musicians in the world and Bristol is his manager, but they aren t together Grip wants to be with Bristol, and she wants to be with him, but she still holds back for reasons she keeps to herself But Grip may be done waiting, and Bristol needs to figure herself outHe s dictating my heartbeat, governing my pulse, holding my next breath cupped in his handsI loved this story Kennedy Ryan is a new favorite author of mine and I cannot wait to read the next book Still Grip is an angsty and emotional rollercoaster ride or should I say ferris wheel ride with ups and downs, twists and turns I didn t see coming I loved both of the characters equally, Grip with his determination and Bristol with her inner struggle I loved that both characters knew themselves well, that they are driven and kind people.I cannot say enough good things about this book This needs to be put on your tbr, or bumped up ASAP You don t want to miss out on this beautiful storyIf I break your heart, I break mineFollow me on Facebook Blog Instagram Twitter 5 million stars Review at Of Pens and Pages.Review for Flow Flow and Grip completely blew me away It s been days since I finished this beautiful, beautiful story, and I haven t been able to pick up a book and enjoy it I m still reeling in my seat at how beautifully written was this book This lyrical prose is brutally honest, and everything was painted so vividly and real it was inevitable I fell in love with it Definitely a top read this year I m 100% sure Bristol and Grip s story will stay in my brain and heart for a long time.Eight years has passed since Grip and Bristol first met, and a lot of things have changed Bristol flew back to Los Angeles after she finished her business degree to manage her twin brother Rhyson s musical career His career booms, and they start Prodigy, their record label, together In Prodigy, Bristol manages talents including Grip, who s as passionate to his music as ever Things didn t end well with them in Flow, but Grip is still hoping to win her heart Bristol is doing everything in her power to resist Grip, but eight years is a long time A girl could only take so much until she gives in.This book is full of complex characters who are likable and relatable We have Grip who is loyal, hardworking, and passionate He puts 101% effort into everything he does, including wooing Bristol, and gah I love him for it We also have Bristol who is just as loyal, hardworking, and passionate as Grip She gives so much to her loved ones even though she barely got enough from them She persisted to be where she is, and will fight for the most important things in her life.Both MCs have made decisions that I didn t agree with, but as you can see, my five stars stay I don t condone their actions, and I would have done things differently, but I could see where they were coming from.The narrative is just I have no words It reminds me of Olympic skaters gliding effortlessly across the ice You watch them skate and perform complicated spins and jumps, and it looks easy and just effortless. That s how it felt reading this book Mix the poetry and romance with the hard truth, and you have Grip It s longer than some of the books I ve read, but time breezed by I went on page after page without stopping once.I am in love with the lyrics of the two songs poems in this book, Bruise and Top of the World I keep going back to these two songs and reading them over and over again They re both poignant stories of Grip, his feelings for Bristol, and what he s been through when he was a child.The world could learn from Bristol and Grip and how they talk about the issues in life It was my favorite part about them They could have different beliefs or perceptions, but they would listen when the other speaks Really listen. They re open to new ideas, criticism, and admitting their ignorance and doing something about it It would be wonderful if we could be like them Grip is so much than a love story between Grip and Bristol It shows the love of a mother to a son, a brother to a sister, a friend to a friend It s a dialogue of prejudices and the injustices people of color experience in their day to day life A story of families, race, and gender Grip is a full length contemporary romance told in alternating POVs It is sweet, wonderful, and eye opening The story is full of love, sexual tension, an intense slow burn, and talks about the relevant social issues in the modern age Recommended to readers age 18 and above due to strong language and explicit sexual content A bit of warning since I know some are particular about this the MCs engage in sexual encounters with other people when they weren t togetherARC received in exchange for an honest reviewBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram 5 STARSMy heart broke loose on the wind Poetic, inspiring, brilliant, and SO ROMANTIC, it s no wonder Grip will be sitting on my favorites list of 2017 I absolutely loved this book Bristol and Grip met eight years ago and connected right away Everything came together in the one week they spent together read the prequel, Flow and you ll see , then it all fell apart Their entire relationship changed It s been complicated ever since Grip is now Bristol s client, she s his manager He s also her brother s best friend Even though it seems impossible for them to be together, they are always a part of each others lives Bristol and Grip both fell for each other the moment they met, but Bristol is terrified to be with Grip that way She s terrified to love anyone that muchI want you so much it scares me, I say in a rush before my fear stops me The way I feel about you terrifies meBristol does everything she does to push Grip away, but Grip won t let her Their relationship isn t easy But their love can never be doubted, even through it all The love that Bristol and Grip shared was truly inspiring They loved each other so deep, so hard, it was powerful I love reading romance books where I can fell that love and connection so deeplyHe hasn t met a love like mine My love is Pandora s Box Grip snapped my hinges and pried me open He let this love out My love has a wild streak Good luck trying to tame it This story was so much than a romance It was a story of friendship, of family, and it had deeper, complex themes I loved that Bristol and Grip s story wasn t the most conventional love story It made it that much intriguing Grip was a poet He had such a way with words He s such a beautiful man Bristol is stubborn, stressed you out a bit, is vulnerable, but also has so much strength I loved them both Grip is one of those books that gripped me from the start and never let go Kennedy Ryan s writing is truly brilliant I listened to the audio book and the narration was fantastic This book is so stunning, so memorable, and all around amazing I loved the way it ended, but I want so much I can t wait to read Still and I m so glad the wait isn t too long I want to spend the rest of my life feeling this way, like I m only half alive when she isn t here There s nowhere she could go I wouldn t chase her I haven t read all of Kennedy Ryan s books, but I have read many, and I ve got to say that both FLOW and GRIP were her BEST works to date My review of FLOW the prequel novella I LOVED GRIP Lordy, Lordy, I loved that manGrip was everything you could possibly want in a hero kind, considerate, patient, understanding, sympathetic, intelligent, talented, passionate, protective, possessive, loyal and loving Not to mention handsome and sexy as hell He was also Black Born and raised in Compton, his musical gift took him out of the hood and gave his life purpose.Bristol was his best friend s twin sister Eight years ago a connection sparked between them and within a week they were in love Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding and a devastating homecoming, they were over before they could even begin For 8 years Grip has been chasing Bristol and sharing his feelings while for 8 years Bristol has been continuously shutting him down Bristol s fear of love ended up causing A LOT of angst and drama and she was constantly breaking both of their hearts One heartrending decision has her questioning whether it is better to continue living in fear or to finally put her trust in Grip.Although I m mixed race and acknowledge my fantastic mixed heritage, I identify as a Black woman and I feel that the author broached the many instances of racism within this story with compassion and understanding She didn t make light of it or treat it as atheirproblem She called it out as anourproblem and I loved her so much for that Many times I forgot that this was even a story about an interracial couple and I think that s just one reason why this story was so successful Yeah, it covered quite a few hot button issues and I m sure it will spark a debate amongst its readers It might even open the eyes of what Bristol and Grip called the privileged , but at its core it was a story about love, romantic and otherwise, regardless of the color of one s skin.My one and only complaint was that I wanted I wasn t ready to say goodbye to Grip AT ALL , despite their happy for now ending Release DateMarch 2, 2017 GenreContemporary Romance POVDual 1st person Steam3.5 out of 5 Book TypeMust be read after FLOW GRIP Prequel