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This book makes me hate books.I guess people back then liked books where all kinds of extraneous details were shoved in for no good reason This book should have been 20 pages long. Yuck There were a lot of good elements here, in the setting and the backstory, but once I knew Olivia would be sacrificed to endless Duty, I felt like it was pointless And that happened pretty early in the book The ending was weak, and the moral was dissatisfying and murky Even the vocabulary was so limited, repetitive, and predictable It seemed like a nondescript 1925 melodrama, and nothing that history can t easily leave behind. #E-PUB · Early Autumn: A Story of a Lady Ï Toamn Timpurie Nf I Eaz Existen A Cenu Ie, Nc Tu At De Conven Ii Rigide A Unei Familii Din Massachusetts I Ncerc Rile Dramatice Ale Personajului Principal, Olivia Pentland, De A Se Elibera De Aceast Ambian N Bu Itoare De I Citadela Tradi Iei Este Supus Unui Atac Sistematic At T Din Interior C T I Din Exterior, For A Ei Se Dovede Te Mai Puternic , Eroina Fiind N Cele Din Urm Silit S Accepte Existen A M Rginit I Morala Puritan A Familiei Pentland Jacob picked this up from the library to read for himself, but I commandeered it for the weekend It took me a while to get into It was written in the late 1920s, which was a slightly verbose time in literature, and it lacked the sharp and powerful imagery of Fitzgerald But I was soon sucked in It s funny the whole thing seemed very British New England ish When I was halfway through the novel, I realized that there had only been two events that seemed to have any effect on the plot at all But as I continued reading, and happened, and further, nothing happening is central to the theme of the novel The book is about what happens when traditions become important than people, when a family name Pentland means than life itself It s also about what people are like when they don t have to work for anything when everything is given to them I think the book has its flaws, although I still think it was fantastic The flaw s are discussed below in the spoiler bit The dialogue was absolutely sparkling I kept thinking that someone ought to make a movie of this book, if someone hasn t already It would lend itself brilliantly to film The author, who for the most part, tells the story somewhat clinically from the 3rd person, also has moments of shiny wit The third Pentland had been the greatest evangelist of his time, a man who went through New England holding high the torch, exhorting rude village audiences by the coarsest of language to such a pitch of excitement that old women died of apoplexy and young women gave birth to premature children This would also be a great vehicle for discussing symbolism At times I felt it was a bit heavy handed, but I think that s only because I was looking for it There s a dash of Dickens esque naming too the family name Pentland seems to literally mean a land of imprisonment a place where one is permanently pent up I d recommend this book if you were looking for something literary enough to give your English major heart a turn and simple enough to not be too challenging Also, my writing style tends to mirror that of whatever I ve been reading Remember when I said that literature in the 1920s was verbose Look how long this review is SPOILER ALERT I feel slightly as if Nora had stayed with Torvald after all A Doll s House Part of me is satisfied that Olivia has found peace in the end, but it s a peace which I m not sure is genuine It almost has the same feeling as the peace one might have from finally loving Big Brother I m still processing it, but it wasn t quite the cathartic ending I was aching for I feel a little ill at ease, having just put the book down Like the orchestra was building to one final crescendo ing note, and then just went silent I m not sure if that s what the author is intending I ll keep processing. Beautiful, kind Olivia Penfield lives a stifling existence with a soulless husband and his puritanical New England family Unable to stand a life with no joy or even diversion, she starts an affair although it s pretty tame by today s standards with a wealthy up and coming politician and they fall passionately in love Will Olivia leave the lies and oppression of her miserable in laws, or will a sense of duty compel her to stay Early Autumn is only an OK book The plot meanders along until reaching a very predictable ending, and unlike other novels that tread this familiar ground Edith Wharton s brilliant Age of Innocence comes to mind the writing is often plodding and old fashioned Also, for some reason, many descriptions and ideas are repeated numerous times, which slows down the action.That said, there are some great passages and some of the characters, especially Olivia s conflicted father in law are wonderfully well drawn. Louis Bromfield won the Pulitzer Prize for Early Autumn in 1927 The book is about a wealthy family in New England with a double life It chronicles the struggle as in many families between the family which the world sees and the one which remains hidden The story telling is great and is filled with secrets, infighting, deception and a keen focus on maintaining the family name at all cost This book surprised me and I enjoyed it very much I give it 5 stars. Normally I am not a fan of early 20th century novels because they are very melodramatic, full of pathos and not very relatable This was not the case here The writing was lean and pleasant, the plot, while dated, was not exactly cliche I found myself invested in the lives of the Pentlands in a way that doesn t happen often Good book. De ce e cu neputin a sa fii sincer in lumea asta, cand viata e atat de scurta nf i area lucrurilor ar fi schimbat , dac am fi sinceri, nu e asa I don t think I had ever heard of this book or this author before I started my Pulitzer challenge, and I wonder why It is my favorite Pulitzer winner to date The writing and the story flowed effortlessly for me and I felt that in Olivia the author created a character who felt very real and timeless I highlighted many passages and could relate to many of Olivia s thoughts and emotions despite the nearly 90 years which have elapsed since the writing of this book I found it to be a truly brilliant work of literature. I found this book on my quest for a classic written by an author who lived in Ohio After doing a bit of research, I came across Louis Bromfield I learned he was born in Mansfield, Ohio, and that he wrote several books including this one a Pulitzer Prize winner I m happy to say that I found a gem in ways than one the book was fantastic and the author was quite enjoyable I will definitely read Bromfield So this book struck me as something that transcends its time He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1927 for this book, and it was easy for me to see how this book was the winner Bromfield focuses his story on a rich, Puritan New England family, the Pentlands We get a glimpse into the Puritan world and the families daily lives.I think what set this apart for me was the exploration of gender roles in relation to Puritan society view spoiler The reader is thrust into the struggle of Olivia who was in an unhappy marriage contrasted with the freedom of Sabine after the end of marriage she didn t want to end It was fascinating to me as Bromfield explored their emotional feelings as these two very different women who each face their own challenges I appreciated seeing Olivia displayed as the strong character whom was relied upon by the patriarch hide spoiler