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Surprisingly violent. And the human astronauts are not nice at all. A story of bigotry and naked imperialism. This graphic novel is a very quick read I would recommend to kids ages 713 who like comics, adventure, or animals. It's an adventure tale about two pig astronauts. At first they have a Pinky and the Brain dynamic, but that meanness disappears when they are forced to work together when they crash land on the moon. It's a nice comic for kids that have read everything else I have on the shelf to recommend. I'm only giving in three stars since the story and characters are simple. This book is not bad, but it's also not great. DOWNLOAD ⚕ Pinky & Stinky ♺ Pinky WikipdiaPinky, Pour Les Filles Sexy, Les Chippies Et Les ModlesPinky Vous Apporte Assistance Lgal, Production Lancement De Carriere Vous Voulez Vos Lancer Dans L Rotique Ou Le X Pinky Peut Vous Assister Et Vous Accompagner Pour Votre Dbut De Carriere Simple Efficace Sans Engagement Ca Marche Comment Entapes Simples , Pinky Vous Listera Ses Conseils Et Vous Proposera Un Plan D Action Pour Votre Situation AucunTraduction Pinky Franais Dictionnaire Anglais Reverso Traduction Pinky Dans Le Dictionnaire Anglais Francais De Reverso, Voir Aussi Pink ,pin ,pinny ,pinkie , Conjugaison, Expressions Idiomatiques Pinky English French Dictionary WordReference Pinky Est Un Terme Alternatif Pour Pinkie Vous Le Trouverez Dans Une Ou Plusieurs Des Lignes Ci Dessous WordReference English French DictionaryUn Oubli Important PINKY Lorsque Vous Tes Enregistr E Sur Pinky, Vous Avez La Possibilit D Avoir De Nouveaux Pouvoirs Vous Pouvez Voter Pour Indiquer Que Vous Te Favorable L Entre D Une Nouvelle Fiche Sur La Carte, Faire Un Signalement, Demander A Tre Averti E De La Cration D Une Fiche Dans Un Certain Primtre Autour De Vous Et Devenir Propritaire De La Fiche, Si Vous Tes Le Responsable De Lapinky Traduction En Franais Exemples AnglaisHe Broke His Pinky On Somebody Il S Est Cass Le Petit Doigt Sur Quelqu Un I Broke My Pinky Once, He Laughed For Three Days Quand J Ai Cass Mon Petit Doigt, Il En A Rigol Pendant Trois Jours Pinky Chrome Web Store When You Log On If There Are Collectibles Awaiting You, Not Only Does Pinky Not Work, But It Makes The Collectible Invisible Doesn T Toggle On And Off, You Have To Clearing The Cash And Having To Log In And Out, In And Out Makes Ittrouble Than It S Worth Pinky Les Meilleurs Friandises Et Snacks Pour Votre Chien Pinky Propose Un Menu Vari Avec Des Sticks Mcher, Des Lamelles De Viande Et Des Petites Collations Base De Viande Les En Cas Mcher Contribuent La Sant Et La Protection Des Dents Et Les Savoureuses Collations Base De Viande Sont Une Rcompense Parfaite Pour Votre Chien I love James Kochalka's "American Elf" diary comics! His years and years of chronicling the minutiae of his daily life in (usually) four panels easily ranks as one of the greatest achievements in comics. It's an unqualified fivestar masterpiece! His other work? The Superfuckers series, the Glorkian Warrior books, his Johnny Boo stuff, and this book, "Pinky & Stinky?" Well, I think I've come to the conclusion that I'll always find James Kochalka's non"American Elf" work to be just shy of brilliance; they're reliably fresh, cute without being cloying, and impeccably illustrated, but lacking that extra little spark that would make them true classics.

Pinky and Stinky are adorable little piglets who happen to be astronauts, headed to Pluto on a dangerous mission, when their rocket crash lands on the Moon and they become entangled in a battle between mean NASA men and the inhabitants of the Moon. So, a totally "normal" James Kochalka scenario. I mean, obviously, Kochalka has one of the alltime great creative minds; his stuff is always so quirky and unique, with an undercurrent of menace and a sprinkling of sweetness. What impressed me about this book, thoughone of his earlier worksis how animated his lines look, sometimes verging on a cartoony combo of Moebius and the "Bone" series. It's definitely some of his most vibrant and detailed art.

Creative types are always bemoaning being typecast but I think, in the case of James Kochalka, that's not necessarily a bad thing. When I pick up one of his books, I know what to expect: fun characters bickering at one another, some truly bizarre obstacles, and a genuine gleefulness that leaves me smiling after the last page. "Pinky & Stinky" certainly did. A cute enough little story for kids. Some of the people are really mean to the piglets, kicking and throwing them which is a bit disturbing. Why are these grown men so threatened by piglets? I'm not sure. Astronauts are the villains in this story, not the heroes so that might be an issue for some kids. The art is simple and clear and the colouring felt basic. I really enjoyed this book. It was super cute and funny. I loved the interactions between pinky and sitnky because they have such distinct personalities. This book was a short little read but very actionpacked. I think this would be a great book for kids who have a very active minds and imaginations. The only thing I wish is that it had colored illustrations. adorable. would have been 5 stars if more resolution at the end, but it took about twenty minutes to read and was supper cute! This is a great graphic novel for beginner students. I might have actually given this two stars, but am shamed by Jan's five star review challenging those of us "who have not yet gone over to the Dark Side." Okay, maybe I must have been there, because this felt initially just typical Kochalkacute, and yet another of the hundreds of the children's books with the (cute) name Pinky in the title. But the two little piglet astronauts made me smile, there on Pluto, stranded, facing mooncreatures and jealous astronauts. The publisher's own description uses the word "cute" at least twice, Kochalka uses the word a few times in the text (the pigs know they are cuties…) and the book cover uses the word "adorable" so you see what they were going for here. But the reason for the third star is the edge that Kochalka manages to slip into the tone once in awhile, and the fourth.... Jan, I guess! I'll admit it, in spite of all I say above, I smiled quite a bit at the silliness. Jan (and the piggies) save the day! This is a quick read and there's nothing spectacularly amazing about it, but there is also no reason I can think of not to read it. It's funny, and very well done. The opening is great, the concept great, the art great. Kochalka has a unique cartoonish style that in seemingly simple strokes gets to the heart of the cuteness and the drama.

Drama: Two talking pigs, Pinky and Stinky, are on a special mission to Pluto and crash land on the moon.

The pigs are a classic comic duo, PInky's sort of no nonsense and grumpy and Stinky is silly, cheerful, adventurous.

There is an interesting relationship dynamic between the pigs and two different moon astronauts. One is a total jerk, the story's bad guy. The other is a nice, helpful dude. And yet they're part of the same astronaut squad, and they don't ever have a conflict with each other. Which is strange. I mean, in terms of narrative setup, it's a little off the beaten path, which is nice.

And I don't know that this is meant to be a series, but I hope it is! I'd be happy to go on another adventure with these pigs.

My only complaint: as far as I can tell, all dudes in this story but one princess. Kind of annoying.