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2.5 stars Readable but pretty mediocre Not thrilling in the least The detective didn t much detect The psychologist didn t do much analysis The serial killer wasn t particularly scary or memorable Patterson is phoning it in. #FREE E-PUB â Murder Games ⚠ The Life Dr Dylan Reinhart Saves May Be His OwnDr Dylan Reinhart Wrote The Book On Criminal Behavior Literally He S A Renowned, Bestselling Ivy League Expert On The Subject When A Copy Of His Book Turns Up At A Gruesome Murder Scene Along With A Threatening Message From The Killer It Looks Like Someone Has Been Taking NotesElizabeth Needham Is The Headstrong And Brilliant NYPD Detective In Charge Of The Case Who Recruits Dylan To Help Investigate Another Souvenir Left At The Scene A Playing Card Another Murder, Another Card And Now Dylan Suspects That The Cards Aren T A Signature, They Re A Deadly Hint Pointing Directly Toward The Next Victim As Tabloid Headlines About The Killer Known As The Dealer Scream From Newstands, New York City Descends Into Panic With The Cops At A Loss, It S Up To Dylan To Hunt Down A Serial Killer Unlike Any The City Has Ever Seen Only Someone With Dylan S Expertise Can Hope To Go Inside The Mind Of A Criminal And Convince The Dealer To Lay Down His Cards But After Thinking Like A Criminal Could Dylan Become One A Heart Pounding Novel Of Suspense Shocking Than Any Tabloid True Crime Story, Murder Games Introduces The Next Unforgettable Character From The Imagination Of James Patterson, The World S Bestselling Author 3.5 Life can be messy and mystifying, all right But every once in a while you get a day that seems to make sense of it all Those are the days you remember most The days you cherish That has got to be one of the best quotes from a James Patterson co authored book I actually was very into this book It was a quick read that only took about four hours or so to read I loved the characters and story plot of Murder Games It was entertaining and did not stop unraveling this one until the chapter before the epilogue, even though you think it does a few chapters before I like to read these James Patterson books during the week when I have research work because they don t take as long and keep me entertained in my down time Pretty sure he is my most read author My quick and simple overall quick but fun and entertaining. This is the fifth James Patterson book that I have read so this year I tend to read about six to seven of his books for the last several years To be honest, I borrow them from the library because I don t find him good enough to buy and keep in my library He s mind candy simple, fast paced, detective and mystery oriented adventures that can be read in about two to three days and easily left behind Nice escapism, but nothing super memorable.Murder Games introduces new characters and a potential introduction to a new series It focuses on Dr Dylan Reinhart, an Ivy league professor and published expert on criminal behavior who becomes directly involved in a series of serial killings in New York when he is recruited by Elizabeth Needham, an aggressive NYPD detective in charge of the investigation.Like a typical Patterson mystery, the plot is fastmoving with a lot of running around New York city as Dylan and Elizabeth try to find and capture the killer who leaves clues using a deck of cards Layered into the mystery is Dylan s secret background and Elizabeth political connections to a mayor running scared in the middle of a re election campaign Although most of the plotline follow s Patterson s usual developments, there a couple of fresh twists that make the outcome a bit interesting than usual Earlier this year, I read one of the best books Patterson had written in a long time The Black Book Shortly afterwards, I read one of the worst books he s written The 16th Seduction That is my opinion This book was somewhere in between those two It is a good read Not classic, but a solid enjoyable ride for a summer day escape. 4 Stars Can you believe this was my first James Patterson book ever Honestly I think I was a little intimidated to read his books but my IRL book club picked this as our book so I dove right in We meet Dylan Reinhart who is a professor at Yale He teaches a class about abnormal behavior One day a woman, Elizabeth, rushes in and he mistakes her for a student Little does he know she s a NYPD detective and his most recent book has started a trail to catch The Dealer There s a single pattern that the serial killer uses to give hints of his next act a playing card from a deck of cards Each one symbolizes a nickname to the next victim The Dealer wants Dylan to find out who he is because serial killers want to get caught Creeeeepy.This book was really solid because I had no idea who the serial killer was until the revealed it and that is a sign of a good thriller mystery I loved this book first and foremost because of the short chapters Each one is no than 3 pages long and usually are shorter I think for thrillers especially this is a great feature The quicker you are turning the pages and finding out information the excited you get And there s nothing like being excited while reading a thriller, makes it an even fun experience I also enjoyed that there wasn t too much fluff at the end Sometimes endings to thrillers can have about 10 or so pages of how the characters got back to normal life but this was thrilling until the epilogue which was only 2 or so pages I personally loved this writing style.Trigger warnings this book is graphic at times and I even winced during a few chapters Patterson gets real graphic during some serial killer scenes so if you re squeamish about blood, needles, guns, etc just be warned this book has some of these triggers in there.I m super excited to chat with the ladies in book club about this If you ve never read a Patterson book this is a good one to start with it was a quick read I felt like the authors had one speed driving on a straight, flat desert road A little disappointing, especially coming from James Patterson I think it s time to slow down his speed of writing, focus on quality not quantity 4.25 starsAn author, Dr Dylan Reinhart, has a copy of his latest book show up at a murder scene From there he partners with a NYPD detective, Elizabeth Needham to figure out who this serial killer is Another clue is a playing card one is left at the scene of each murder and the murders go on and on As a journalist, a judge and a mayor get involved the murderer is dubbed The Dealer Typical Patterson well put together, great character development, moving story line A brilliant protagonist who is quick putting together the clues, with a couple of side kicks who have secrets of their own Easy read, enjoyable. Prolific author James Patterson and co author Howard Roughan really hit a home run with this one Intriguing story, interesting characters and, IMHO, an exceptionally satisfying ending So much did I enjoy the characters, in fact, that I d love to see psychology professor Dr Dylan Reinhart and NYPD Detective Elizabeth Needham turned into a series one that includes, I emphasize, Reinhart s delightful partner Tracy.The book reeled me in right from the start well, if I don t count the opening remarks by a serial killer dubbed The Dealer with the introduction of 34 year old Reinhart, who teaches a course on abnormal behavior and is the author of a book on what he calls persuasion theory Psychology is my own undergraduate degree, and just about any time I find a mystery thriller that focuses on that subject, I m hooked Sometimes that s a good thing and sometimes not, but in this case, I got to the end with a big smile on my face.Truth be told, Reinhart has a bit of an obnoxious streak, but he clearly knows his stuff and his sometimes off putting personality is nicely tempered by the aforementioned Tracy The plot begins as Needham interrupts one of Reinhart s classes, making the attention getting pronouncement that someone apparently wants to kill the professor Turns out that s her way of asking for help with a murder case in which the killer leaves a playing card Reinhart is skeptical, but when a second murder takes place and another playing card is left at the scene, he realizes as does she that a serial killer is on the loose.Reinhart and Needham develop something of a rapport, albeit grudgingly at first Their investigative efforts are interspersed with bits of humor as they come to respect one another and follow clues that extend to a pesky journalist and even the local mayor, who s in desperation mode while vying for reelection But is the deck stacked so far against them that the killer will end up with the winning hand Inquiring minds want to know at least mine sure did Now I do, and I m sorry to close the book on these characters Bring them back, please This is the first book in a long time that I couldn t put down What a great story I thoroughly enjoyed this one It was fast paced and to the point I m disappointed it s over.