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4.5 There are things in heaven and earth starsThere are things in heaven and earth than are dreamt in your philosophy Hamlet. David March is sex on legs It s rebellion. Beth Caplan is a survivor It s forbidden.Having her life sabotaged by her own mind is not an easy battle After one ill fated night, Beth Caplan was left in pieces. Now, three years later, she s ready to live To experience what feels to be young But she s not alone David March has made his mission to protect her And nothing stands in his way to make sure she s safe Not even his own desire to make her his But as the past comes back and new dangers try to break her all over again, Beth and David struggle to define which feelings are going to win The loyalty to her brother and his best friend or the love for each otherShe thinks she s awkward But it s the world that s awkward She s fucking perfectDavid, David, David My David What can I say I LOVE him with a love so deep He tried to mask his possessiveness with protection, but it was impossible Even when he wasn t conscious of it, he loved her So to see him struggle with his feelings for Beth made my heart squeeze so bad I wanted to punch him in the face and kiss him at the same time.With David, the danger has only ever been to my heart and innocence, and I can t remember a time when I wouldn t have willingly given him bothWith David, Bea was starting to come alive, she was starting to hope, daring to dream again In love, in life, in everything My Bea. She was so vulnerable, yet unbreakable And yes, I did love her too Judge me all you want, but I did fall in love with these twoDavid utterly consumes me, kiss by kissWord by word. I was totally consumed by this book Danielle Pearl s writing was deliciously addictive I was immediately absorbed in her story Her characters I was desperate to stay in the book for as long as I could That s why I had so much trouble with the ending And not because it was a bad one, but because I felt like it was not enough I wanted MORE There were details I wanted to know Moments I wanted to live with them Sighs I just wanted.With In Pieces, Danielle brings awareness to problems faced by today s youth, intertwining them into Dave Bea s journey in a way that allowed me to just fall into the pages of the story and know that I was in for a good time Dave Bea s story is a beautiful one with a twist I didn t see comingOne I m dying to know about. It s a story shaped by loss and survival, family and forgiveness, and of course an epic loveIf I could survive on only this for the rest of my life give up all other forms of sustenance and exist on a diet of just you I would And any man who wouldn t isn t a fucking man at allMOTHERFUKCER I LOVE HIM You can find me here FB PAGE INSTAGRAM 2.5 Stars Genre Contemporary RomancePOV Dual perspectiveHero David March, 21 Y OHeroine Beth Caplan, 19 Y OSecondary Characters Non that are developedFavorite character NobodyPlot twists A half hearted attempt, that you can predict from the beginning Am I gonna read by this author Probably not.Am I gonna recommend this book series meh Am I gonna read this again in the future Nop [Ebook] ♹ In Pieces (Something More, #4) ☸ An Best Book Of The Month Three Years Ago She Was Left In Pieces Most College Freshmen Love The Newfound Freedom Of Living On Campus, But None Of Them Craves It Like Beth Caplan One Ill Fated Night When She Was Fifteen Left Her Locked In A Posh Prison Of Private Tutors It S For The Best, Everyone Said, And Maybe It Was But After Years Of Hard Work And Healing, The One Person Who Never Thought Of Her As Broken Could Be The One To Break Her All Over Again And Beth Can T Seem To Stay Away Now Any Than She Could All Those Years Ago As Soon As David March Learned His Best Friend S Little Sister Was Enrolling At His School, He Promised To Look After Her, And Promised Himself He D Keep A Safe Distance But The Sweet Little Girl He D Grown Up With Has Transformed Into A Gorgeous Young Woman, And She S Attracting Attention From People She Shouldn T Like The Ex Who Nearly Destroyed Her And A Strange New Student With A Disturbing Habit Of Showing Up Wherever Beth Goes But For David, The Most Troubling Discovery Is Realizing That He Doesn T Just Want Beth To Be Safe He Wants Her To Be His ARC provided via publisher thru Net galley Danielle Pearl has such a way when she writes her young coming of age romances She has a gift to bring the angst and with her new book, In Pieces, she also adds a bit of suspense This is one one of those seemingly forbidden romances with the older brother s best friend but there is so much than the typical crush come true Beth Caplan had her heart crushed when her high school love left her with a simple note With promises broken she barley survived Her second chance to find happiness and to live is waiting at college She is doing her best to open up and just be Under the watchful eye of her personal guardian, David March, she feels safe yet held down If only he could see she s not just his best friend s little sister.They say that real life happens in college Well, for Beth the ride is just about to start She finds her way one step at a time proving to herself and to an older David that she is she just didn t know that he already knows this With her past coming back into her present, a new dangerous flirtation consuming her, and the fear of a potential stalker she is just about to prove to all that she is ready to hold her own.I loved the cautious progression and the tension with the characters Beth and David were long time friends and they had a natural comfort zone that had an air of want Beth deserved goodness and David had never wanted longer than one night It was a true push and pull of emotions while the chaos of college life was occurring If you are a fan of the slow burn and the passionate take what s always been yoursIn Pieces of a perfect story for you Available now Kindle PaperbackBeth Caplan sees college as her chance to start over, to make something of herself beyond what her family sees her as She s than the depressed little kid that they picture her as, she left that behind three years ago, but no one else has College is supposed to be a time of learning, growing, and having fun, but her brother s best friend is making that nearly impossible Not only is he her first, and oldest, crush, but he takes overprotective just a step too far David fought for Beth once and he lost, her older brother shutting him down, now he will do anything in his power to make sure she gets what she deserves, the best He doesn t believe it s himself, but he doesn t believe it s anyone else either As he stands in her way of making new male friends and continuously finds ways to protect her from anything negative he discovers that his feelings definitely aren t that of an older brother He s willing to risk his friendship with his best friend for her, because he wants than her safety, he wants herI half lie Because it s than that, and I suspect she knows Brother s best friend trope Check.New adult that actually features relatable situations Check.A romance that s sweet and swoon worthy Check Danielle Pearl creates a world around Beth and David, their relationship changing as they come of age in a fun college atmosphere I immediately pictured the characters as students at my old University, the fraternity events brought back memories, and the rush of emotions Beth and David felt as they navigated the power of feelings was so accurate to how my own once were Everything in college is heightened and Pearl captured that perfectly with her charactersBut Beth is still Beth She s still Cap s little sister, even if the time I spend with her away from him, the easier it is to forget why she s off limits Told from the alternating POV s of Beth and David, In Pieces follows the pair as they fight their feelings for one another, discover what it really means to be an adult, and face situations that are all to real Pearl writes about unique family dynamics, providing us complete backgrounds on both characters without really dragging the story too far into the past Though they ve known each other forever and harbored crushes just as long, In Pieces really is about the two getting to know one another without any outside influence They go to classes and parties, they work out, they bicker, and mostly they fight the lust they share for one another, the chemistry burning even brighter when they find themselves sharing a living spaceAnd it s than that It s always been than that Beth is justdifferent More I have such a massive love for childhood crushes turned something , they just get to me, so it s a given that In Pieces hit it out of the park for me The story is definitely focused on Beth and David s adventure into romance, however there is a lot going on in the novel as well I love that Pearl addressed some seriously real life events in the novel they are brief, but could be triggering , but at times the downs that the characters experienced seemed to weigh down the novel My heart ached for Beth, she d been through so much as a youth and her first year at college seemed bogged down by drama and angst Though the events are significant to her growth, I felt overwhelmed and almost distracted from the overall plot of the novelShe doesn t resist She should resist Because I m not sure I can In Pieces features well developed characters, an intriguing story line, and the kind of forbidden romance that gives the feeling of those falling in love butterflies I loved taking a break from my life and living in Beth and David s for a little while Readers of sweet romance will love this angst y duo as they discover that letting their hearts guide them just might be the right solution to all their problems ARC provided in exchange for an honest review I m so freaking proud of this book, you guys It was not only chosen by s editorial team as one of the Best Books of October , but also as one of the Best Romances of 2017 If you like brother s best friend or friends to lovers romances, this one is definitely for you But don t get me wrong, In Pieces is an entirely unique, poignant story about survival, family, loss, and, of course, an EPIC love I hope you all enjoy reading about Beth and David as much as I loved writing their story Happy reading xoxo US UK Play ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewA meticulous heartfelt romance that showcased Danielle Pearl s ability to create a story that packed an emotional punch that was poignant, beautiful, and endearing In Pieces completely took me by surprised in a good way The New Adult genre is either a hit or miss with me especially since I find college themed romance pretty much standard But in this book, Pearl treated her readers to a story that was than romance It was a story of healing, starting anew, and friendship College is every person s defining moment It is where you discover the type of person you are It molds and shapes who you are as an individual College can also be a fresh start and for Beth Caplan, it was her escape Her moment to start over and leave her past mistakes behind her But what Beth didn t expect was her older brother s best friend, David March to be constantly hovering over her.David has always been attracted to Beth and wants to protect and keep her safe While others may see David s action as a bit too overprotective, I found it to be sweet and thoughtful As much as David wants Beth, he still doesn t want to cross the line As Beth and David navigate the blurred lines of their friendship, feelings begins to emerge Will David finally be able to be honest with his feelings for Beth In Pieces was indeed a very slow burn romance that worked for the storyline of David and Beth I loved that Danielle Pearl didn t rush anything and allowed readers to understand and feel for her characters as they go on this journey of self discovery So if you are looking for a story that had all the romantic elements and still carry a strong meaningful storyline then this book is definitely for you Danielle Pearl Really awesome story that pulls you in from the start I enjoyed the journey from beginning to end. When it comes down to childhood crushes, and hearts being broken, used and ready to fixed, this love story is the one that you can definitely say it is a MUST to readThis book is part of a series that I have not gotten the chance to start reading, but because I read this one first my plans have changed as I plan on reading the previous and the future books in the series The novel first starts with intuitions of a broken heart from the main female character, Beth We get a better insight as to what happened and what she did The choices she makes are the ones that have led her to the place that we get to read and be introduced to the main male character, David A character that has stolen my heart in so many ways due to his present and his past, one that incorporates Beth and her emotional issues that she slowly learns to conquer throughout the story I want to make this a quick review but I want to make sure my followers know that this story has so much meaning than a girl with a broken heart who is looking for someone to help her fix it This story has the background meanings of suicide attempts, and compassionate love that conquers the soul of individuals that are just meant to be with each other Many don t believe in love being conquered by destiny However, this story proves you wrong as it has meanings of many that draw you to the page and to the story plot Danielle Peal has writtenWith David, the danger has only ever been to my heart and innocence, and I can t remember a time when I wouldn t have willingly given him bothBoth characters, Beth and David are in the obstacles of being in forbidden territories To me, I find Beth and David superior characters that are one of a kind Individuals that need each other than just the physical means to battle the stages that life has at stake The fact that David is possessive of Beth is just another factor that makes me swoon over him and his english major, tattoo, soccer loving mind He is a means to an end of my resolving issue of going against broody, tattooed male characters David has broken that barrier for sure and I am hoping that Danielle Pearl writes characters such as him and BethPaperback copy kindly provided by FOREVER ROMANCE, in exchange for an honest reviewFollow Me On Blog Instagram Facebook Twitter NOW LIVE US UKEnter giveaway HERE.For Beth Caplan college is her way to move on from the being the girl that needs her older brother to protect her She wants to branch out and prove to herself that she s a better person now and doesn t need a protector Even though she s away from her protective brother, she s now in close proximity with his best friend, David but his feelings aren t at all like an older brothers and his instincts are screaming at him to not only make her safe, to make her his.Give me a brothers best friend trope and I will like it But give me my favorite trope written by Danielle Pearl with her amazing story telling ability and I will love it I was amazed with how these characters came to life on the pages and sucked me right in Beth was trying to put herself back together after a big heartbreak and David was the best person to help her do that He had a lot of guilt on his mind and his own issues that he was dealing with but it made him work harder to be there for Beth They were truly a great couple and I will be re reading them many times in the future Now that I ve gotten to learn some about Sammy, Beth s brother, it makes me want to go back and read the original Something More series Which is saying a lot since that s set in High school and I usually avoid those, but I just can t get enough of this author ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.