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Normally if you said try this book it s set in X date I d immediately be uninterested I like future and present set fantasy or murder fiction However being a huge fan of nicola when I was asked to read this as part of the ARC group I thought hey why not So what did I find As this review title suggests I ve really been missing out Nicola can lay her writing hand to anything she imagines Her use of language is realistic and sympathetic to the era I will even be recommending this book to my other half The plot is gripping and the romance aspect is done really well I sometimes feel romance can overshadow other aspects of a story so you don t really care what happens You just asking will they won t they This was not the case in this story Incredibly well written In a word, AwesomeIt s so much fun to read novels set in our end of the world, even though Auckland is NZ and I live in Australia Nationally, we are first cousins First off, it s well written and edited Secondly, it s a great mystery I first thought I knew the killer, then thought the person must be a red herring, but I never guessed the real killer Secondly, the world of Victorian Auckland is well realised Even the little detail of Anna continually ruining her gloves with blood In our world, we say, Why bother with them but in her world, to go outside without her gloves on marked her as NOY A LADY Thirdly, the characters are terrific We get two POV, Anna s and Andrew s Neither of them are perfect but very human, very attractive and the love between them is palpable But And this But will retain the tension between them for quite some time I suspect Panting for the second volume. #READ EBOOK ¹ Fearless (Scarlet Suffragette, #1) å Nicola Claire S Captivating New Gothic Romance Series Introduces A Dark And Sinister Early Settler New Zealand At The End Of The Nineteenth Century Brightened By A Fearless And Talented Heroine And A Loyal And Secretive Police Inspector Free Spirit Brilliant A Liability Doctor Anna Cassidy Has Been Trained By The Best The Former Chief Surgeon For The Auckland Police Force She Knows How To Dissect A Body She Knows How To Treat Any Ailment And She Knows How To Find A Cause Of Death But Society Is Not Ready For A Female SurgeonFighting For What She Believes In Has Been Ingrained In Anna Since She Was A Young Child But The Battles She Faces Now Are Not All Based On Equality A Murderer Stalks Her Fellow Suffragettes And The Police Inspector In Charge Of The Case Could Be Anna S Downfall Experienced Dedicated Something To Hide Inspector Andrew Kelly Holds Duty And Honour In The Highest Regard His Role As A Detective Proves Just That He Never Stops Until Justice Is Served Love Is Something He Has Forsaken, For Reasons He D Rather You Didn T KnowBut Anna Is Not A Woman A Man Can IgnoreFighting His Instincts With Cold Determination Is Something Kelly Has Become Accustomed To But A Murderer Is Loose In His Adopted City, Bringing Memories To The Fore Of A Killer Who Walked In The Shadows Of Whitechapel, And Shining Light On A Dark Past The Inspector Is Trying Hard To ForgetA Gritty, Twisted, And Authentic Victorian Romantic Suspense, Sure To Rip You Apart Just Like Old Jack FREE on today 11 13 2017 Disappointed in that ending and I guess the ending and romance is going to span the trilogy. I m not a historical romance reader When Nicola announced she was writing an historical romance, I knew I d read it and the writing would be spot on, but I never expected to love it Fearless is the catalyst that opened my book world up to a whole new genre This is elements of true history, with the author s brand of love mixed in The idea is intriguing because we not only get the love story we can t live without, but we also get a peek into a time lightyears away from what we know, but that has shaped our present in both significant and insignificant ways.Summary Doctor Anna Cassidy was trained by the best the former Chief Surgeon for the Auckland Police, and her father She knows her way around the human body, whether it be diagnosing, treating, dissecting, or finding cause of death Unfortunately, the time period isn t conducive to a brilliant female surgeon or a woman so free spirited Anna has the almost impossible task of showing society that she can be just as successful, if not than, a man Anna is a strong woman with strong beliefs, and she s no stranger to fighting for what she believes in, but society s idea of equality isn t the only obstacle she must face A vicious murderer is hunting amongst her fellow suffragettes, and the inspector in charge of the investigation could be Anna s largest obstacle and her downfall Inspector Andrew Kelly is a man that believes in justice His sense of duty and honour ensure that he doesn t quit until he finds it With a murderer hunting in his adopted city, the search for truth and justice is even pronounced Despite his complete faith and support in Anna s work and knowledge, Kelly fights to exclude her from the ongoing investigation, but Anna is hardly a woman you can ignore Both professionally and personally, if the intense physical attraction is anything to go by Kelly and Anna are bound by a devious killer, showing hints of the killing style utilized by The Ripper himself, and intent on exposing secrets and a past the good Inspector would rather forget and Anna may not be ready for Can the duo unveil a killer, and do it before mental, physical, or emotional damage is inflicted I loved this book I d even go so far as to say it s a top read of 2015 From the very start, it was a whole new world, and a huge learning experience Words, speech, appearance, behavior, laws, everything was new, yet old at the same time Nicola did an utterly fantastic job interweaving elements of history with her patented brand of love, mystery, and danger It s so appealing, I know I ll continue to think about the story, the characters, the possibilities, long after I shelve it for reread I loved Anna Nicola does not skimp on heroines, and Anna is one of the best She was indeed fearless I connected with her strength, courage, determination, and loyalty Her smarts and talent were a huge draw, and her passion for her profession and cause, pure and inspiring I found my mind working furiously along with hers, piecing together clues, information, and the scientific aspects, feeling as though a colleague Inspector Kelly was smart, dedicated, experienced, strong, and a complete mystery His passion for his profession was just as palpable as Anna s, and he took people s safety seriously You could truly see his support and belief in Anna, but also his struggle to stay within the confines of society at that time The mystery clouding his past was sometimes frustrating, not being in the know, but looking back, it was written just how it needed to be Still, I m very curious The romance Anna and Andrew had a sizzling connection that ebbed and flowed perfectly with their situation It could be tense and taut with expectation and excitement when the longing became too much or sweetly comfortable and intimate when they were focused on the case Nicola gives good romance, so despite the very large obstacles in front of our H h, I have faith everything will work out eventually crossing my fingers Overall, this was a fantastic read that I will definitely be passing along to all of my reading friends The integration of history was flawless It has sparked a minor need for mini history lessons, and Wikipedia has been bombarded Lol The Suffragette movement was eye opening for me Of course I ve studied it, seen the results of our ancestor s hard work, but it is so easy to forget, with the many freedoms we have today, how little input women were given then, and I m thankful for all that we have today I loved the descriptive wording It s miraculous when you can fall into a book and specific scene just from a few words I could almost swear I was right alongside Anna at the docks This was like CSI Criminal Minds, late 1800 s style I loved it Being in the medical profession and having a love of forensic nursing, I found the murder mystery and the investigation fascinating for this time period The differences between then and now really are light years apart Evidence collecting, processing and analysis of a scene were barely in its infancy, and yet they made progress The whole book was one I didn t want to put down, and yet tried to stretch out just so it wouldn t end I cannot wait for book two and three, and to find out what happens to our Scarlet Suffragette 3 I liked this book way better than I thought I was going to It had spunk and likeable characters and just enough tension between Anna and Kelly that it kept you interested without drowning in it I ve already ordered the next book The year is 1891 The place is Auckland City, New Zealand Hell is Auckland City on a protest rally day Anna Cassidy and her cousin Wilhelmina are part of the Suffragette movement and are protesting for women s right to vote when chaos breaks out When Wilhelmina faints, and is almost strangled to death by the sandwich board she is wearing, Anna pulls out her switchblade and quickly frees her friend before she is choked to death This scene takes place on the first pages of FEARLESS and tells the reader quite a bit about not only the current political climate, but also about Anna Women in 1891 did not normally carry switchblades, nor were they known for their quick thinking in a crisis Women of that time period were likely to swoon and faint than to face adversity head on Anna Cassidy is obviously not a typical woman of the 1890s This book however is not just a story about the Suffragettes, it is also a suspense thriller with a good dash of gothic romance mixed in Nicola Claire has the exceptional talent of bringing her fictional characters to life and of making them seem real to her readers Little things are added throughout the book that add realism such as Anna s habit 0f chewing her bottom lip nervously a habit her father had tried unsuccessfully to wean her of In fact, I love Anna s character She is a strong perhaps even willful woman who will not compromise her beliefs even when it is to her detriment She is in her middle twenties which was considered an extremely old age for a woman to remain unmarried in 1891 In fact, she is perilously close to being labeled a spinster There is mention of Jack The Ripper in this book and I was worried that this was going to become a major portion of the plot and I am very happy to say that it did not I enjoyed the who done it aspect of this book and was pleasantly surprised at the ending The eBook that I received had just over ten editing proofreading errors in it which means that based on my own made up rules, that I have to reduce the number of stars I give as a rating for this book With that in mind, I give FEARLESS a rating of 4 out of 5 stars There are two books scheduled to be released soon in the Scarlet Suffragette series and I am looking forward to reading of Anna s adventures To see the full review or to read my other reviews visit my blog at Oh, this was so much fun to write And not just write, but research and live, throwing myself into early settler New Zealand, immersing myself in a time and place that forms part of my very own history.The Scarlet Suffragette series is not your average historical romance, this one s gritty and sinister, twisted and a little dark I like to say it s Whitechapel meets early settler New Zealand, Jack The Ripper mixed up with Suffragettes It s the type of historical romance I ve always wanted to read, but could never find And hopefully the type of historical romance you might love For information about Scarlet Suffragette and my other Romance Series, please visit my website Hero is married Present tense.