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Kerry is a strong woman She has to be her boyfriend has broken up with her, her whole dorm hates her, thanks to the roommate from hell, and she s alone Until she runs into Nate, his beautiful body and his gorgeous blue eyes She feels things inside that she has never felt before As Volume 3 opens up, Kerry finds herself trying to figure out why Nate is trying to push her away She has broken her relationship with Carter into small little pieces that may never be able to be put back together and has damaged her relationship with Emily Someone is drugging nice college girls What else can she take on HM Ward drags the reader into her novels The characters are multi dimensional and real You can feel the electricity between Kerry and Nathan coming off the page while reading each line You can t help but feel emotional for each character Now, what does HM Ward have in store for us linking Nathan and the Ferros What did Peter bring him that caused Nathan to shut down Hopefully the wait for Volume 4 is much shorter I m not sure my heart can wait that long again. Amazing and awesome sequel of the secrets and lies romantic story written by the phenomenal H.M Ward I received an ARC for an honest review.Kerry is having a conversation with Nathan when in comes the sexy, Peter Ferro He has a copy of a letter for Nathan to read since he was a no show at a meeting Kerry finds out that Nathan s dad has recently passed away and after Nathan reads the letter, he abruptly leaves Peter tells Kerry he s going to need someone to talk to and tells her to go to his house Kerry doesn t even know his address and Peter supplies her with the address Kerry s relationship with Nathan feels like a boomerang one moment he needs and wants her and the next moment he rejects and sends her away.Read the highly recommended, must read, love story of Kerry and Nathan Can t wait for the next one in the series READ EPUB ♩ Secrets & Lies 3 (Secrets & Lies, #3) ♥ They Say The Best Way To Get Over A Broken Heart Is A Random Hook Up So My New BFF Is Dragging Me To A Bar All I Have To Do Is Wear A Slutty Dress, Choose A Dude, And Do The Deed, Right The Thing Is, This Isn T Me I M The Good Girl The One Who Has Sex For Love But, Since The Love Of My Life Is Shacked Up With Someone Else, I Guess It S Time To Move OnOne Night, One Time That S All I Ll Have A Clean SlateA Guy With A Sketch Pad, Sitting Alone, Catches My Eye I M A Sucker For The Artistic Type With Dark Hair And Bright Blue Eyes Soon We Re In His Hotel Room Doing Things I Ve Never Done His Smoldering Body, Perfectly Toned With Hot Skin And A Firm Touch, Has My Mind Reeling With The Things To Come We Re Both Naked And Glistening With Sweat, Breathless And Then He Darts, Right Before Doing The Deed, Abandoning Me In His Room He Doesn T Return A Week Later I See Him Again, And Realize That He Wasn T Just A Random Guy He S My Teacher My Heart Clenches At The Massive Mistake, And I Still Don T Grasp The Extent Of It I Should Have Run And Never Looked Back Genre NAType Serial, Of Series Ferro It s been a while since I spent any time with Kerry and Nathan Not to mention all the other great characters in their story True to HM Ward style we fall right back into step with them and sink in like an overstuffed comfy couch We left off finding out Nate was a professor and their one night stand wasn t likely to happen Enter Peter Ferro A sexy guy that makes us all weak in the knees But what is he doing here Kerry is spirally down the worst first week of college rabbit hole It s unbelievable how and what has gone wrong in her first week Lose a boyfriend, lose a one night stand, make friends, lose said friends, has the roommate from hell seriously, I think she s worse than Avery s roommate gets smacked with bacon I mean how much can a girl take Lots of great character development but the mystery remains Who is Nate, really What does Peter Ferro have to do with him And why does she keep driving that bus with a crazy raccoon in it Rabies BoringI don t understand the rave reviews for this series and author Peter Ferro s story was amazing but this one is so slow I m almost sleeping. Friendship is a very lose word and Kerry is about to find out the value hers is worth Can the lies get any bigger Will secrets become exposed Will Nathan use his instincts or go for what s dangling in front of him Secrets and Lies 3 has the angst and comedy in spades and Kerry s inner dialogue is pretty funny Will she be tossed a lifeline or sink into a misery that it too great to climb out of A Must ReadKerry really like Nat but he is her teacher , and she is a student,He could get fired and killed out of school. H.M Ward, mission accomplished I m already dying for the next juicy installment in this awesome series Secrets Lies 3 starts with a cameo from the infamous Peter Ferro, which will totally send your imagination on hyperdrive while trying to figure it out Seriously, so many unanswered questions I m dying to know what Ferro s connection to Nate is But wait, there s so much Kerry finds herself between a rock and a hard spot when old friends collide with new And as if that isn t enough for her to deal with, insert her boyfriend stealing mother, bitchy roommate armed with bacon and recovering from a night she can t remember with Josh Kerry tries so hard to persevere through all her struggles And it appears as if her friendship with Nate might just be the answer to her problems Until the moment that the risk outweighs the reward In true H.M Ward fashion, you ll need to insert a mega cliffhanger here while simultaneously picking your jaw up off the floor Love these characters I actually forgot how much I enjoy this series until I picked it up again It s like running into old friends and catching up in the best way I hope the next installment is coming soon Super quick read Things continue to seem horrible for Kerry Her friends are mad at her for modeling and the bullies sharpen their claws on her She s drawn to Nate yet he pushes her away The story is starting to heat up Loving this series. Always wanting what you can t and shouldn t have is the one thing you want the most The hot professor and his equally sexy student trying to fight the desire they have for each other Just when Kerry is trying to move forward from the past disaster of a relationship, she finds this sexy and desirable man Nathan made her feel alive again and start to feel things she didn t think she would feel again Only the bottom dropped out when she found out he was one of her professors Now both Nate and Kerry are in a battle of giving into their desires or staying completely away from each other On top of it, she hasn t told anyone about Nate Not even her best friend Beth.Beth and Kerry s adventures are laugh out loud I love reading scenes with the the two of them Between the bus they will drive around with a rabid raccoon to Beth making these orgasmic cookies brings out the humor we expect from Holly The struggle for Kerry comes spilling out to Beth She has to make a decision on what to do about Nate But will Nate make that decision for her when he tells her to come early before class Can she handle being alone with him again Time will tell and the book will leave you screaming wanting the next book in the series now