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This book didn t spend nearly enough time talking about the author It completely missed the boat discussing issues of free speech I wanted discussion of sock puppets I needed to be titillated by sensual, eLectio non vanity publishing I wanted a better explanation, in the text, of the wants and needs and desires of Christian publishing and SUBmission.It let me down Made me feel like Zeke s insatiable unsatiable whoreThou hast played the whore also with the Assyrians, because thou wast unsatiable yea, thou hast played the harlot with them, and yet couldest not be satisfied. Ezekiel 16 28 In fact, speaking of old Zeke, Edna and her dirty desert diary made me feel like that Kardashian Kim and Kris of course part of Ezekiel whenthey Oholah and Oholibah committed whoredoms in Egypt they committed whoredoms in their youth there were their breasts pressed, and there they bruised the teats of their virginityEzekiel 23 3 In some cold river ways, it kinda reminded me of this early Christian mosaic and the Holy D of religious figures I refuse to follow eLectio s guidelines on quoting scripture I will ExCITE the OLD LETCHtestament how, when and where it tickles me In Hebrew Oholah means her tent , and Oholibah means my tent is in her I was hoping for OT subtext with Edna, especially since Edna Hebrew is a female given name originating from several languages In Hebrew, it means pleasure See I only wanted this book to give me pleasure But it WASN T pleasure in a desert It wasn t an oasis filled with lush trees, figs and honey It was no Ein Gedi It was only a mirage that left me drinking dust It was a harsh and arid text where pleasure wanders off alone to wither and die. Enjoyable and modern tween book with the feel of Judy Bloom, great to read with 12 15 year olds. Edna In The Desert certainly was a hit I was able to relate to the main character, not because I was like her, but because I have been graced with children like her in my life That whole chip on the shoulder smart aleck attitude grows tiresome very quickly but there is always a reason behind it and it is usually not what you d expect Once the layers of Edna are peeled away and her heart is revealed, you see a glistening of hope there She comes a long way in the book and I d like to read the rest of her story.My favorite character is Grandma Strong and rather stoic, she carries on, taking Edna for the summer She can usually see right through Edna, and does what s best for her without too much of a fuss Edna is used to being able to debate and manipulate people and situations to get what she wants She is stumped by Grandma.It is definitely something I would have enjoyed as a young teen because of the relationship Edna has with Johnny the crush on the older boy I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review I would recommend it. Thirteen year old Edna is out of control, and her wealthy, indulged parents are out of ideas for how to handle her As a last ditch effort to reform their daughter, Edna s parents drop her off at an isolated cabin in the desert with only her stoic grandmother and Vietnam veteran grandfather for company Furious, Edna pulls out all her most manipulative, most challenging behaviors, but this time they have no effect She is left with no choice but to survive the next two months with her grandparents, zero technology and a never ending chore list Her feelings about the desert change when she meets handsome seventeen year old Johnny Bishop When Edna stumbles onto the idea to throw a birthday party for grandpa, who hasn t spoken in years, what begins as a ploy to gain time with Johnny evolves into a deeper compassion and understanding for her grandparents and their difficult lives.Lederman creates a memorable cast of characters, each unique and fascinating As a parent, it s frightening to witness Edna s cool confidence and mastery at manipulation One wants to slap them all the way to parenting classes Edna s grandmother is probably the most complex and interesting character of the cast The narrative is peppered with truly insightful moments, though frequent ricochets from one character s deep point of view to another s sometimes interrupt the flow of the story The deepening of Edna s character and values and the closeness she develops with her grandparents make this a sweet, moving story. Maddy Ledernan contacted and sent me Edna in the Desert for review which does not in the slightest affect my honest review My Background So if anybody remembers how I was saying in my New Years Resolutions post that I had signed up for ever blog tour under the sun, and felt overwhelmed because of it Well, I had been very hesitant in accepting Maddy s request because I didn t want to overload myself, but I definitely made the right decision in doing so because this is one of the best books coming of age and relatable books I have ever read.Plot 8.75 10 As you may know, this is not my usual genre I m usually reading dystopians and if a book is contemporary, it deals with teen issues or a heart stopping romance This book does not fit into either category The thing in the synopsis that really grabbed my attention, was the fact that Edna was a technology obsessed teenager, and I admit that I am too Even if the book had taken the clich route where she goes from being an uber b h one moment, to a down to earth angel by the end, I would have at least gotten a kick out of how ridiculous she would sound Characters 10 10 The very first thought that crossed my mind about Edna was that she was a rich, technology obsessed, snarky and sarcastic Anne of Green Gables She was a 13 year old troublemaker at her Beverly Hills school, her phone in one hand, and her attitude in another At the same time Edna has an insurmountable amount of imagination and is a drama king that could challenge people from Sharpay from High School Musical.What steered Edna away from being the classic cookie cutter bad girl with piercings and crazy high lights was her age Edna was only 13, and pretty inexperienced with the real world and what reality is She fantasized about almost everything, she remembered scenes in play by play action, and she was a complete dreamer Edna was a complete, modern Anne of Green Gables She also made waaay to big of a deal about being left with her grandparents Although who could blame her I probably would have acted the same way without internet, or cell phone service She is the total, modern, stereotypical twenty first century teenager package.Besides Edna, I enjoyed her Grandfather Zeke a lot He was a bit mysterious of a character, and somewhat of a wild card in my opinion He was a war veteran that suffered and is still suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder So to the rest of the world, he is basically a vegetable that needs assistance on everything, including getting dressed But the thing is that I don t see him that way A little bit of his past was revealed, and the valiant young man he used to be, but not nearly enough to know him as a character If I were to compare him to someone, I would compare him to Metias in Legend Metias was only alive for the first three chapters, but he is such a prominent instigator in the story nonetheless Zeke on the other hand only speaks two words in the book, and spends the rest of the time on a wooden porch looking out onto the same desert every day, yet that is why I love both of them They are crucial in their respective stories, and Legend and Edna in the Desert would not be the same without Zeke, or Metias.I loved Mary, Edna s grandmother as well She reminded me a lot of Marilla Cuthbert in Anne of Green Gables, because on the outside, they seemed rather gruff, but once you got to know them, they had hearts bigger and greater than anyone else in their stories Edna wasn t used to her Grandmother s ways, and her grandmother wasn t used to hers Edna seemed too dramatic, and airhead y is that a word to her grandmother in the beginning, and all of her spirit was too much for her grandmother to handle, or so we were given the impression Both Marilla and Mary were not used to young children and their strange ways , but realize that they were lonely, and that Anne and Edna were just what they needed in their lives.Romance 6 10 Even though Edna in the Desert had a strong focus on young love, I was not the biggest fan of the romance, and don t think I will be holding up a sign saying TEAM JOHNNY or JODNA any time soon Some might think this was because of the large age gap four years between the two, but I believe that love knows no boundaries What I didn t particularly like was the way that Johnny handled his relationship with Edna If you were a 17 year old that has inexplicable feelings for a 13 year old, you are bound to feel conflicted, and make the wrong decision as how to handle it I think this is just personal preference for me that I didn t like the way he dealed with things I m not saying that the couple should have done the clich running into each other s arms then being picked up and spun thing, but I would have liked it done differently.Cover 4 10 While I loved pretty much everything else in the entire book, the one thing I did not like was cover I know the saying is Don t judge a book by its cover , but at the same time, while we try to refrain from doing so, there s always a little part in us that makes the final decision when we re standing in the library or bookstore, trying to decide whether we add the book to our already too high pile of books The cover, in my opinion, looked unprofessional The background of desert shrubbery and an ombre blue sky with a glass bottle and a pink, paper flower did not cut it for me When I finally understood the significance of the pink flower in the bottle, I liked the cover a little , but I was already past the three fourths mark Someone could skim through the first few pages and find out what the cover meant.Title 8 10 I think the title couldn t have been better, except for if it was something really psychological and sounded like a quote by John Green Edna in the Desert pretty much sums up the story in it s entirety and is very simple and to the point for this story, which I think was a good decision.Writing Style 9 10 The only thing that could have been better about the writing style of Edna in the Desert is if it had been written in first person I would have loved to get up close and personal with Edna in her head, and really found out how she perceived everything because this was her story of self discovery and transformation Nevertheless, within the first 20 pages, Maddy had me laughing out loud and telling my friends about various paragraphs and how funny they were What Edna dreamed about was utterly ridiculous, but that s how Anne of Green Gables foolish notions were also shown, and their wild imagination is what made these characters them.Feels 8.75 10 Most if not all my feels were directed at one of two things Number one, Edna and how much I loved her as a character Number two, how I thought Johnny was a manipulative jerk All I can say is that this book will arouse a case of the feels for sure.Ending 8 10 My feelings about the ending are a bit conflicting On one hand, I think it was very good, wrapped up the story nicely, but left little threads dangling for a sequel, but one the other, I thought that the conclusions Edna came to weren t strong enough and we didn t have enough evidence Edna, as expected in an extremely clich contemporary like this book could have been, comes the resolution that she is going to be a better, different person after her experience in the desert While she did seem better and different on the last 20 pages, I feel there were gaps in her character development, and questions left unanswered.Quotes 10 10 Where do I even begin for quotes They aren t on the level of John Green, but they are hilarious and witty is that even a twenty first century term , and couldn t have been written better to express Edna s extreme emotions and thought process Her wide set eyes always turned heads, but her personality, left as it was, was going to spoil everything Jill constantly wondered what she was doing wrong Rebellious implies that I m rebelling against something when I m clearly ill You either have a serious lack of sensitivity, or you re sadistic, or just stupid Jill was a respected etiquette blogger and highly sought after public speaker in what Edna considered to be certain uptight circles of privileged ladies whose main concern was how best to please themselves next Their second concern was purging their collective guilt about the first one by gathering for self improvement courses, which was where Jill s lifestyle brand, Shimmer, came in It was a landline Edna s grandparents had just acquired a 100 year old technology It was not likely that they also had Internet Or a computer Continuation 90% I recently found out that Maddy is currently working on a sequel I cannot wait to read it hopefully she ll send me a copy and dive deeper into Edna I really want to learn who she is, and how she thinks Point of View change hint hint I want to see how her time in the desert has affected her in the outside world, and if she will revert back to who she used to be I will definitely be reading this sequel as soon as I m able, even if I have to go all the way to Texas for it.Conclusion Edna in the Desert was one of the funniest, heartwarming coming of age novels I have read in a long time that s wonderfully crafted characters are bound to stick with you. Edna in the Desert written by Maddy Lederman is a real gem when it comes to YA literature, delivering a great believable story about a young woman placed in different environment who is going to learn a lot about herself and the world that surrounds her during one special summer.The main character, a 13 years old girl called Edna, is regular rebel teen, smart but arrogant in sense that most of kids of her age these days are She knows how to deal with people and get things her way but this summer everything is going to change Edna s parents will decide to send her at simple home in the Mojave Desert for the summer, to Edna s grandparents.Though desert may sound as something intriguing, actually this is a really boring place, a basic house without any trace of technology something that would be very hard to deal with for teen of Edna s age And this is not at all the worst part her Grandma doesn t talk too much and Grandpa suffers from PTSD that makes them both a bad company The twist that will push story into the different direction will be situation in which Edna will find herself, lost in desert There she will meet Johnny, a boy 4 years older, and the interaction between two main characters and the consequences for the whole summer experience while the story unfolds will make this book a pleasant and unique experience Edna in the Desert is a book that with its universal topic will be understandable to teens and young people all around the globe but the book forte are its characters, most of all Edna that is so believable, enabling reader to be transferred inside the head of a teenager The result is story full of teen strong emotions such as rage, love and desire to become better person that overall made reading of this book a powerful and unforgettable experience.Therefore, though in the first place I asked myself am I the right person for reading it, actually Maddy Lederman s with her book managed to hook me completely and I cannot recommend it enough for YA lovers the author wrote a book that can be read multiple times and recommended for all your friends.I was given a copy of this book by the author for the purpose of unbiased review, while all the presented information is based on my impressions. Picture a place in the middle of the desert A place in which there are no other buildings around No restaurants No stores near by No wireless service No Internet No life, at least according to Edna This where she will spend her entire summer Her grandmother, an unfriendly old woman with her hands on her hips like a five star general Her creased, emotionless face emerged in the sun would be her only human contact besides her grandfather who sat perpetually on the porch in his rocking chair until it was time for bed When Edna s parents are finally at wits end on what to do with her combativeness in both high school as well as trying to raise her in their household, they agree that spending the summer with her grandparents in Desert Palms might be the only thing that will work The they punish her the disrespectful she becomes But Edna doesn t consider Desert Palms a town, like coordinates on a map After her latest incident at school involving socks, her father finally had had enough Both of her parents had undertaken a military like approach to this maneuver, and they were not turning back despite what she promises to do This would be the final straw Her parents refused to consider medication and there was increasing pressure from the therapist to send her to a psychiatrist It was time to do something radical It seems she was always looking to prove herself to people and she simply didn t have respect for anyone Edna, you have no respect for others It can t go on, and it s not going to be tolerated, Jill said If it can t go on, it won t need to be tolerated You re getting illogical And you re getting a lot of time to think Edna pictured herself trapped in her grandparents dreary world She was no longer sure if she was breathing Hopefully she would pass out quickly and die Until then she couldn t reveal any further weakness Perhaps if she seemed happy about this idea it wouldn t seem like enough of a punishment, and her parents might change their minds She could only hope that there was no way they were serious and that this was merely a sadistic joke, but the main challenge at the moment was to keep from crying I received Edna in the Desert by Maddy Lederman compliments of the author herself and eLectio Publishing for my honest review I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own I think every parent can relate to this novel partly because at times our children have had that stubborn rebellious streak in them That no matter what we try to take away or how many times we might punish them, the behavior remains I love the approach that Edna s parents take to send her to a place where there is no technology, no internet, nothing remotely similar to a life she left behind IN fact, they just got a telephone so they aren t that far behind in the times She has to learn to contend with things for the entire summer and her grandmother is definitely NOT someone you d want to upset The desert will offer than Edna could bargain for and in many ways she will not return as the young girl she was when she arrived There is some age appropriate material in this novel that I would strongly suggest isn t ideal for young teens when Edna encounters Johnny, a seventeen year old boy she finds she is attracted to I rate this novel a 4 out of 5 stars for that reason and is a true coming of age story in many ways This is Maddy Lederman s debut novel and I know that this will be the first of many in her future *Ebook ⇝ Edna in the Desert ⇥ Can A Beverly Hills Teen Survive Without A Smart Phone, Internet, And TV Edna Will Find OutEdna Is Thirteen, A Precocious Troublemaker Wreaking Havoc At Her Beverly Hills School Her Therapist Advocates Medication, But Her Parents Come Up With An Alternative Cure Edna Will Spend The Summer In The Desert With Her Grandparents Their Remote Cabin Is Cut Off From Cell Phone Service, Internet And Television Edna S Determined To Rebel Until She Meets An Older Local Boy And Falls In Love For The First Time How Can She Get To Know Him From The Edge Of Nowhere Praise For Edna In The Desert I Loved This Realistic, Funny And Yet Equally Serious, Pitch Perfect Novel About A Young Teen With No Distractions Other Than Herself What Edna Learns Over Her Summer In The Desert Makes For One Of My Favorite Books Of The Year Melissa SenateAuthor Of See Jane Date And The Mosts Edna is quirky, snarky, selfish, melodramatic, and kind She s like an anti Holden Caulfield, a young girl who accidentally does the right thing and DOES learn something by the end And I think she s my new hero.While there s an awful lot of dry explanation what writing critiquers call telling in the first chapter, Lederman expertly weaves Edna s thoughts and makes use feel sense of time passing on the fateful summer in the desert.No matter your age, Edna in the Desert is worth reading. I think I would have loved this book even when I was a young teenager As an adult it s a little too neatly tied up, but still a great story about not making assumptions about other people Edna is sent to stay with her grandparents out in the desert for the summer and has to deal with withdrawals from her normal life Even cell phones don t work out there But she is distracted by a local boy and learns some lessons about life and love along the way.