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There is no human soul, and I am absolutely for sure seriously not going to fucking cry reading a chuck palahniuk novel is like one of those long booze soaked all night discussions with someone you ve just met by the end of it you re convinced that you ve solved all the world s problems, and how to proceed seems so clear once you wake up in the morning you remember how good it was, but details are hazy and the big plans are gone his books all share similar themes, but i find this to be at the top of the list i think it s tied with haunted as his best work, and i think it s actually aaccomplished book than fight club it s much richer for such a short read, this book manages to pick apart the nature of aging and deaththe perils of being a med studentthe dangers of too much knowledgeinsanity and senilitysex and love or lack thereofgender issueslanguage and semioticsmotherhood and fatherlessness the need to have and to be a saviorthe appeal and drawbacks of sarcasm and anarchytourism photos fetishes and other ways we cling to the pastreligion pornography drugs and other ways we escape the presentidealism ignorance romanticism and other ways we avoid the futureit s all handled and balanced very delicately and well researched, which is a big deal for me he s not an author who s stingy with his ideas he uses lots of gimmicks and touchstones in his books to hold together the narrative and make the reader feel comfortable even in his tangents, which is something i like in my novels some people will complain that all his books share some of the same themes, and they do this one has the same sort of alternating hopelessness and hopefulness that fight club has, and similar fucked up antihero characters i always read his books when i need to be reminded how comparatively normal and pleasant my life really is. I m getting tired of Chuck Palahniuk This the fifth book I ve read by him and I wasn t the least bit thrilled I hate it when authors get formulaic And I hate it evenwhen it s from an author that I really really like I can t read Dean Koontz, Michael Crichton, and others because of this And loved their stories It s just that I figured them out I knew what to expect And what s even worse than that, is that I knew who the characters would be I knew their mannerisms, their quirks, their motivations Because these authors never change them I don t want to say anything negative about the quality of their writing or the quality of the story They re all great they wouldn t be best sellers otherwise I m just bored with the same thing over and over again Choke gave me nothing new from Palahniuk I opened the book and I instantly knew who I was dealing with I understood the ancillary characters First of all, since reading Edgar Allen Poe in high school, I now know to never trust a first person narrative It s just a too too skewed perception Authors use it for misdirection And Palahniuk is no stranger to misdirection His readers expect a twist, so he hints at an obvious one Well, his readers now know not to fall for the obvious one so we look for clues for the real twist And that s when people stop taking Palahniuk seriously Just look what happened to Shyamalan when he wanted to tell a good story, just without a twist People didn t want that He s a good writer and story teller, but people now want only one thing from him a Fight Club esque twist Isn t this the type of thing that his characters actually fight against To turn the s and expectations of society on their ears And here he is, pandering to that Or maybe that s the only thing he can do, and that is somehow evendisappointing Then, each of his characters must have a thing A quirk, something unusual that they do, that actually has nothing to do with the story It s to make these characters seemunique, but in reality, it just makes them seem Palahnuik esque And that s not a real person it s a caricature.I remember knowing someone who once told me about a conversation she was having with a friend The entire time they were having this conversation they were taking out every screw they could see in the girl s restroom they were in Why were they doing this Who knows I thought it was brilliantly strange and unique and Palahnuik esque for them to do that It s great when it happens every once in a whilebut when every Palahniuk character does this, all the timeit just seems silly And redundant I like Palahnuik s writing and story telling style When I first saw Fight Club, it blew me away I knew I would love the book And I did And what surprised me was how muchand differently, I liked the book While the twist is the same and a lot of the same things happen, the book, it turns out, wasintense And funny Next came Invisible Monsters Even though I was expecting a twist, I loved it Each character had weird quirks that, at the time, made them very interesting Plus, this was the only book I ve ever read to ever make my stomach queasy Believe me, I m jaded and there s nothing new under the sun for me The most disgusting and revolving horror movie will never make me flinch, but Palahniuk did it When I read Diary A Novel, I was interested It was a wholly unique and exciting idea One, that I would never expect to have interested me The book is a Diary of a character reading another diary Exciting, right And then came Lullaby Talk about putting me to sleep Nothing was new under that sun Every quirk, every unexpected twist was dry to me It was an interesting story, but I was no longer interested And that s how I feel about Choke It s an interesting and well written storyjust one that I m no longer interested in. , , ,,, , ,, , , , ,,, , , , , , , ,, ,,,,,, , , , , . As with every Chuck Palahniuk book I ve read so far I really enjoyed Choke.This book had a lot going on for one that was a mere 159 pages on the Nook I just want to say that this book was amazing If you re one of Chuck s fans I am guessing you will love this, since it s got his usual satire, style, humor, and repetition Also, great writing of course There are some great messages in Chuck s books, some are less obvious, some are hidden completely, some are in your face, and some are crammed down your throat This book makes you take a look at your life and in an odd way I felt inspired What I always take from Chuck s work is the feeling of get off your butt and do something Those who pay attention to my reviews know that I have a pretty short attention span, and tend to enjoy the faster paced books This doesn t mean they have to be short, just fast paced Well this book is both, but it still made me feel like I was reading something with substance and meaning We start off meeting our main character, Victor Victor is a guy that is constantly changing to try to be what everyone else wants him to be He lets the world define him, while he takes pressure off everyone he meets by taking the blame for everything that bothers him The word doormat isn t the right term, but it s the first thing that comes to mind.The story jumps back and forth between current day and the flashbacks he has from childhood As an adult he is supplementing his income by choking on food at fancy restaurants to have his saviors feel a bond with him in life that causes them to send him money and help him with his imaginary bills he can t pay He does this to help with the costs of his mothers stay at a hospital, and he is searching for answers from his mother about his identity At the same time he is also sleeping with lots of girls which I would normally find sickening had it not be for the fact that they use him just as much orthan he uses them He meets Dr Marsall who he has tried to sleep with, but can t.I really enjoyed Victor s relationship with Denny Denny is possiblymessed up than Victor, but he is such an amazing friend He always takes the time to ask about Victor s recovery and remind him about seeing his mother.The ending was a complete shocker, and I loved it Finally, this book has some really great humor The part with Victor and Gwen really had me laughing out loud There are lots of wow moments as well as some wtf moments Choke also made me want to inspect everyone in my life and try to find out what their addiction is Some are obvious, some are hidden very well I know what mine is It s not nearly as interesting as Victor s, but this book made me think that everyone has their own little addiction that helps them cope This is a book you can really lose yourself in Better yet you could also find yourself in it too.Definitely recommended, and a new personal favorite by Chuck Palahniuk. Many themes in this book were enjoyable even if many of them were unlikely The main character works at a medieval theme park and spends nights pretending to need the Heimlich maneuver because he claims that someone that saves your life has a need to continue taking care of you I always thought that was the other way around and the save y has to look over and protect the save er I most enjoyed the part where stones are beginning to fill the house and one character mentions that it feels as though they are living in the bottom portion of an hourglass I believe this is an important commentary about hoarding in America and the American perception of possessions. I deleted this review It was old and inflammatory, and I just don t want to talk about Chuck Palahniuk in 2012 Argue somewhere else, guys Happy reading. .Free E-pub ♖ Choke ☮ Victor Mancini, A Medical School Dropout, Is An Antihero For Our Deranged Times Needing To Pay Elder Care For His Mother, Victor Has Devised An Ingenious Scam He Pretends To Choke On Pieces Of Food While Dining In Upscale Restaurants He Then Allows Himself To Be Saved By Fellow Patrons Who, Feeling Responsible For Victor S Life, Go On To Send Checks To Support Him When He S Not Pulling This Stunt, Victor Cruises Sexual Addiction Recovery Workshops For Action, Visits His Addled Mom, And Spends His Days Working At A Colonial Theme Park His Creator, Chuck Palahniuk, Is The Visionary We Need And The Satirist We Deserve Wow A book about a suburban white boy with low self esteem and mommy issues How novel I ve been told time and again by friends I otherwise respect to read Chuck Palahniuk Well, I finally did, and it made me realize I ve got too many friends Choke is deeply funny in places, but at times it very much does not feel like it has any kind of natural rhythm, and it often seems contrived purely for the sake of the sick laugh I haven t lost faith in Palahniuk and will probably read something else by him, but this was not the book to convince me of his genius The main character Victor Mancini is fascinating and complex The stories he s a part of, however, aren t very complex at all, and even seem a little too orchestrated As a result, the entire book comes off as a mouthpiece for Palahniuk s eccentricities Givenof a playground to rough it up in, Mancini s exploits could have carried an entirely hilarious novel But Palahniuk lets the ball drop and the novel itself comes off as one prolonged attempt at a joke Sex addiction is funny for a page For a significant topic of entire work of fiction, it comes off as a rather juvenile placation of angsty, adolescent dickery If that s what you look for in fiction, this book is probably right up your alley Otherwise, do what I probably should have done, and let your first Palahniuk book come with a different title.NC I have choked in public on two different occasions.The first was at an Olive Garden with my mother, where an extremely lanky busboy had to give me the Heimlich to dislodge a chunk of poorly chewed steak consumed during a meal of Alfredo.The second involved another steak related dinner at QDoba shared with about a dozen friends An ambulance was called much to my irritation.Choking, at least in my experience involved vomiting up ropes of phlegm as the body attempts to dislodge the offending article There s nothing comical about it, and nothing pops out like a cork, splashing comically in someones drink It is disgusting, it is frightening, and generally feels unpleasant for everyone involved.That s why I can t really view the plot of Choke as being all that credible these days No one who saves you is going to feel like they need to take care of you their whole life.I didn t buy into the strictness of his period correct theme park I wasn t convinced by his notion that there was loose sex waiting around every corner of society The notion of any one mother having as many quirky ticks as his did wasn t a sell There was no plot thread that didn t break my suspension of disbelief While the flashbacks seem deliberately unrealistic and exaggerrated, the present tense fares only slightly better.And that s the flaw with about half of Palahniuk s novels they just flat out don t seem plausible to me It s just ridiculous in a way that he s trying to sell to the audience as secret facts Invisible Monsters , Haunted , and Snuff also fall into this category He goes into waters he doesn t know how to navigate, but never loses the swaggering authority that brought him so much attention with Fight Club There was a certain point in each novel where I cried foul and couldn t get back into the setting.So much of Choke is like that, which is why I don t understand how it s the favorite of so many Palahniuk fans The story is ludicrous without being genuinely surreal, and the eye rolling threatens to damage my vision after a while.The only real saving grace is that good or bad, a book by him won t take a regular readerthan an afternoon to clear, especially since the style is exceptionally breezy, and that s all the recommendation I can really give it. If I could give it negative stars, I would So many things I didn t like about the bookhere s a few in list format 1 No paragraphsonly phrases It s hard to feel like youre reading a complete thought, when.you re not.2 I know using the word Dude is addictive, but oddly enough, it s evenannoying to read it over and over than to hear say it.3 The way he always and when I say always, I mean every time, every other page referred to his penis as his dog was nausiating Really Disgusting.4 I never gave a shit about one single person in this book Not a single one 5 There s a chapter at the very end about having sex on planes It s the most descriptive and comprehensive chapter in the book, and I can t figure out how it has anything at all to do w the plot I wouldn t be surprised if he wrote this chapter 5 years before even thinking about the plot of this book, and didn t know what else to do with it, so he just stuck it in there Or, on the other hand, maybe he revolved the entire book AROUND this chapterlike it was the egg and the book is the chicken.And the so called clencher your hear about in reviewsnot so clenching.