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Won this one Jessica loves her job as a draftswoman, but in an office of nothing but men is not the best situation Company manager comes up with idea of her a pretend beau This can bring other problems.Can she work out the situation and keep her job Recommend to others Looking forward to reading other books by Keli Gwyn. Jessica Sinclair has worked hard to become a top notch draftswoman Unfortunately very few women are in that profession so Jessie is constantly having to prove herself When she has an opportunity to prove herself at a new job Jessie knows that there will be hurdles to jump in order to gain the respect of her fellow draftsmen.Flynt Kavanaugh is the man that has gotten Jessie her job He s seen her work and knows that she is the perfect match for their team Since having a woman on the team is such a novelty Flynt s boss comes up with a plan to keep everyone working and Jessie from becoming a distraction If Jessie and Flynt pretend they are courting then everything will run smoothly in the office and Jessie will be able to keep her job.Jessie and Flynt both have secrets they prefer nobody ever knows about Those secrets might prove the undoing of their ruse and their growing attraction towards each other.I really enjoyed Make Believe Beau Jessie is a strong female character who is independent yet doesn t feel diminished by the comfort or protection of Flynt Flynt knows how to frustrate a girl Actually both Flynt and Jessie manage to frustrate each other Their story is the perfect example of what happens when a person assumes they know what another person is thinking or feeling There were sweet moments between Flynt and Jessie the kisssigh I love the spiritual lesson taught in the story Jessie s desire to help women caught in unfortunate circumstances showed her heart for obedience to the Lord Make Believe Beau is a sweet romance that left me smiling and satisfied. @Download Book ó Make-Believe Beau ò The Courtship Charade As A Draftswoman In A Man S World, Jessica Sinclair Causes A Stir As Her New Male Colleagues Vie For Her Attention And The Company Manager Has An Ultimatum Fake A Courtship With Her Boss, Flynt Kavanaugh Or Lose Her Job But Pretending To Be Smitten With The Handsome Engineer Unleashes A Real, Complicated Attraction And Could Reveal The Past She Hoped To Keep Hidden Jessica Is Certainly The Best Person For The Job But As Their Make Believe Romance Escalates, Flynt Knows That S Not The Only Reason He Wants Her On His Team However, With His Past Shrouded By A Shameful Secret, Flynt Has Always Focused His Ambitions On Building A Career, Not A Family Now He Has Designs On Jessica S Heart, But Can They Trust Each Other With The Truth What a delightful and warm hearted story Author Keli Gwyn sets up a unique situation in Make Believe Beau, with a draftsman hiring a draftswoman in 1874 and their ensuing attraction as they work together Heroine Jessica is an independent young woman determined to use her talents in a male dominated world She s the perfect mix of sassy and kind, and I loved how the author twined her hidden past with hero Flynt s past Flynt s an honorable hero focused on his draftsman position and future, until the lovely young draftswoman and he are forced into a courtship charade that just might not be make believe after all The story unfolds with exciting, surprising, and tender scenes between Jessie and Flynt, and the spiritual message resonates beautifully without being overdone I ve enjoyed all of this author s books, and look forward to her next historical romance Highly recommend Make Believe Beau Make Believe Beau by Keli Gwyn It takes place in 1874 Jessica Sinclair had a rough life At age 16 she worked as a singer in a saloon Her boss told her she would not have to do anything but sing She did that for two years until she saved enough to better herself She took classes and became a draftswoman in a man s world She leave town and finds a job as a draftswoman for a company The owner didn t like the idea of hiring a woman but she was the best for the job Her boss, Flynt Kavanaugh liked her work Flynt and Jessica became involved A lot goes on in this book A good read about a woman working in a man s world. What a fascinating time and place for a historical setting And how exciting to have the heroine work at an unusual job Jessica faces all kinds of prejudice as a draftswoman in the male dominated profession Honestly, I was fuming over the concept that the draftsmen s inattention to work was her fault Gah However I guess I shouldn t complain too loudly since that s the reason the make believe romance comes into play And, oh what fun that is Jessica trying not to be attracted to Flynt Flynt trying not to take his role as besotted beau too seriously Both of them failing miserably but not trusting one another enough to turn make believe into reality A beautiful inspirational thread about the power of grace fleshed out Flynt and Jessica s love story to perfection Captivating from beginning to end. Make Believe Beau is another great book by author Keli Gwyn You first meet Jessica Sinclair in A Home of her Own, but you don t have to read it before reading this book Jessica is a draftswoman in a man s world At her new workplace Jessica and engineer Flynt find themselves the victims of a matchmaker in the form of their cigar smoking boss Jessica and Flynt both learn that God brings complete forgiveness for past wrongs They also learn about trust This is a great book and I would highly recommend reading it. I really enjoyed this one Jessie is used to making her way in a man s world She is a draftswoman and is significantly good at what she does She lands her dream job with a company and in large part thanks to Flynt Flynt and Jessie are thrown together when their employer demands they pose as a couple to keep the office productive Each have issues from their past that could affect their relationship.I really liked Jessie Her past was an issue, but not as horrible as she thought it was She still has trouble grasping that God does forgive all sins Flynt s own past casts a large shadow across his outlook He is a good man, hard worker, and all around stand up guy I like that while they are forced into the roles, they both enjoy it There is instant attraction but not instant love Their friendship grows and blossoms into Their issues were a big problem but only if they allow it to be bigger than they believe God can handle.It was a 5 5 for me A good, quick read with a good message. Oh goodness, I loved this book I really loved the uniqueness of Jessica and her being a drafts woman This is something I never knew would have existed back then but thanks to the readers note in the back, I know this is historical How strong they had to be and what a perfect strong heroine Jessica was Flynt was a DREAM He was caring and supportive Just the best Hero Can we talk the first kiss OH.MY I ve decided amazing first kisses is where this author excels at Whew I loved their relationship and how suited they were together There was conflict but not the kind where the characters are overly stubborn and get on the readers nerves No, it was well done And not overly done The ending was so sweet It brought to mind my grandmother who made my grandfather agree to certain things before she agreed to marry him I don t want to give anyway away Just read this delightful tale I m going to go seek out any books by this author I may have missed now Highly recommend I won this book at a FaceBook party, and I am really thankful to be introduced to this author This historical fiction book becomes endearing when the reader realizes that Placerville, California, was her hometown the El Dorado Water Deep Gravel Mining Company was real and her mother was a draftswoman 100 years after this 1874 story about a draftswoman struggling for a place in and respect for her trade But this book deals with than just history The deeper story is about forgiveness and the struggle of overcoming their pasts and the shame from them, becoming as white as snow clinging to the stops of the Sierras One of my favorite lines in the book is the stains of her disreputable pastwere as impossible to remove as the India ink she usedwhich left indelible marks on whatever it TOUCHED As Keli wrote Our pasts don t define us But perhaps my favorite line in her book is She d learned long ago that if you listened to a person s story, that person often became likeable than before Such truth so simply stated If you like historical fiction, you have to read this