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Holy crap this book RAWKED I m a HUGE fan of mythology books, especially Viking Norse I absolutely loved this story.I was a tad confused on a few spots as I have not yet read the first book that will be remedied very soon Viking warrior that s been to Valhalla and back and now has to help the God s save the heavens from darker God s wanting what appears to be revenge again I need to read the first book , Valkyries have chosen sides and knowing who to trust becomes difficult day by day Odin making several appearances to lead our hero, Audan, where he needs to go makes this story even intriguing Not much in the romance department although there are a few scenes, not very steamy but they definitely make their point knownlol Werewolves, Trolls, feuding clans, hot Norsemen, what could a girl wanteven hubby wants to read this one UGHHH The ending very nearly killed me If it weren t for the fact that it was like 2 a.m and my hubby was sleeping I would ve totally screamed at my kindle Book 3 is also on my list is be read. When I started this book I did not realize that it was part of a series Sometimes even when a book is a part of a series it can stand on its own and make total sense In this book, since I did not know the backstory for the characters, I think perhaps I lost a bit in the reading With that being said I have never ready very many books related to mythology and Vikings Norsemen so it took me a bit to get into the story.I can say that the book was well written and it was easy to connect on some level with the characters I found Audan to be a remarkable man, warrior, son, brother, friend, and even lover He seemed to be the glue that held everyone together He did not believe in leaving his trusted friends or family members behind He believed a cause was worth fighting for now matter how evil the opposition One thing is for certain Audan and his men definitely faced some evil opposition The action in the book moved quickly, something I very much appreciated I found some of the descriptions of the carnage in the book a bit much, however, I understood it was necessary to make a point as to how evil the creatures they were facing truly were I appreciated how Audan was made to appear human because of his connections to his parents, brother, Sada, and new found uncle.Overall, I liked the pace of the book I like the action, and I liked how real characters like Audan, Jareth, Kenna, and Sada came across I think perhaps if I had read the first book I would have understood with relation to the conflicts and issues the other clans had with Audan s family If you like stories about Vikings and mythology, I would definitely say give this book a go. [ KINDLE ] ⚉ Valhalla Unleashed (Marauder Book 2) ♫ As A Veil Of Darkness Descends Upon The Land Of Midgard, The Forces Of Hell Emerge To Extinguish All LifeBut The Warriors Of Bjorgvin Stand Ready For A Fight To The DeathAudan And Jareth Are Ready To Defend Their Home And People Once , But The Pestilence That Infects The Norse World Has Become Stronger Than Ever Through The Mist, Ancient Dangers Of Tooth And Claw Emerge, Leading To A Struggle Of Cataclysmic ProportionsCan The Warriors Of Legend Prevent The Coming Hellfire Of The Ragnarok, Or Is Man Doomed In Front Of The Power Of Demonic Asgardian Gods