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I actually finished this book The Sleep of the Blood a few days ago but as I have a Rom lang edition that combines it with the 3 novellas of Aussi Lourd que le Vent As Heavy as the Wind mostly unrelated to this though like with a lot of the author s work there are allusions, subtle connections here and there and characters that may be the same I did not realize it until I started on the first novella there Trajets et itin raires de l oubli Trajectories and Itineraries of Forgetting and asked myself what connection is between this and Sommeil de Sang and then going to the Brussolo online reference French lang site and figuring out they are two different books Anyway back to Sommeil de Sang and I have to say that even by Brussolo standards and this is an ultra brutal, all who enter here leave your hopes at the door kind of book, but it is so full of descriptive imagery that stays with you, memorable characters even if we only see snippets and the main conceit of the story is well presented and originalPlanet with killing sand, deadly mountain like animals that mostly sleep, humanity divided into butchers or carnivores that live on meat including clothing, ritual cannibalism and home objects of course meat spoils so they need to have huge refrigerators and hunt those mountain animals all the time just as an example there are a few throwaway lines about how after a fresh kill described in great detail through An s pov, see below, the high society ladies go and splurge on fresh meat dresses which is so vivid and remained with me for a while , autonomous people that live on their hair so balding is a death sentence as is scalping and mostly work for the butchers, killing the animals and tribes of nomads that travel the killing desert on special plate camels, live only on vegetables and use the mountain animals for shelter and their skin as a sort of traveling carpet to protect them from the sand.The three kinds of humanity have a tortuous relationship as expected, but there is a wild card, a rud tribe that by their blood can control the sleeping mountainsAs main characters, Natanesh a big shot in the butchers organization, An, an autonomous girl working for Natanesh city who wants to escape and a strange boy who appears with a nomad tribe in the butchers cityA haunting novel, vivid and among the best I ve read from the author . I first read this book when I was about 12 or 13, I am now 25 I ve been looking for it ever since I accidentally lost and luckily regained it yesterday It evokes pretty interesting memories and only now I can fully realize what some psychoanalysts were talking about when emphasizing the importance of the books we get our hands on in our childhood on our later development.Anyhow, to get to the point, Brussolo uses complex, nightmarish images to render a story on human greed and intolerance It s surprisingly well written The only stylistic problem I had is that I read it in Romanian and the French syntax was obvious in some places, but one gets used to it.Oh, and if this is not your first Brussolo book, you will notice most of his recurrent images and obsessions.You ll also be surprised on how Brussolo imagined the differences human beings are going to hate each other for in the distant future Perhaps he was right It s always gonna be something anyway. Incredible and scary story about a world where people are divided not by the money they own, but by the way they eat Great imagination, inspiring plot, the author explains that humans are not the main characters in the book but the extraordinary animals And that s right, the human society will die, greedy for power, domination, etc {READ DOWNLOAD} Í Sommeil de sang Ê Une Dynastie De Bouchers R Gnant Sur Un Empire De Viande Crue Une Forteresse Abattoir Perdue Au Coeur Des Sables O L On Th Saurise La Chair Et Le Sang Des Montagnes Vivantes , Ces Animaux Fabuleux Endormis Pour Mille Ans Et Qui Ne S Veillent Que Pour Mourir Une Soci T D Cadente O Les Ethnies, Les Castes, Ont T Remplac Es Par Les Syst Mes D Alimentation, Confrontant En Luttes Sourdes Les Carnivores, Les V G Tariens, Et Les Autonomes Qui Se Nourrissent De Leur Propre Corps Mais Quel Complot Se Trame Donc Au Sein Des Sables Acides Opposant En Un Duel Sanglant Les Ma Tres Des Abattoirs, Leurs Esclaves D Peceurs Et Les Nomades Des Oasis Pliables Quel Secret Brusquement Red Couvert Risque Donc De Faire Trembler La Plan Te Sous Le Formidable Pi Tinement N Du Balancement Cadenc Des Montagnes En Marche