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@Read Pdf á Loving Liam (The OConnors, #3) ⛓ Just When Newly Married Jocelyn Thought Life Could Not Get Any Better, Things Began To Crumble Around Her She And Liam Live An Idyllic Life On A Prosperous Ranch In The Corner Of The Bitterroot Mountains Jocelyn Knows Better, But She Has A Secret That She S Keeping From Liam That Threatens Their Happy Existence, And She Knows What Her Traditional Husband Thinks About Secrets Is It Worth The Risk Jocelyn Is The Wife That Liam Has Longed For, Right Down To Allowing Him His Old Fashioned Way Of Dealing With Things When She Steps Too Far Out Of Bounds But She Has Trouble Trusting Him With Everything And Now, Something Is Not Right And When He Discovers How Wrong Things Are, He Is Not Sure How To Handle His Wife S Betrayal Or If He Even Can After Waiting Ten Years To Finally Have The Life They Have Longed For, Will Jocelyn Choose To Throw It All Away To Keep Her Secrets Safe What I learned reading this book1 An HoH can go back on any promise he makes without any repercussions or discussions However, if his wife goes back on a promise she makes him, he gets to beat her butt unmercifully until he works out his anger.2 An HoH can over react to any situation, explode in anger and cross the line from consensual punishment to abuse and his wife will apologize and take the blame obviously she deserved everything she got because her HoH can t do anything wrong.3 An HoH can deny anything to his wife simply by claiming safety issues Of course the safety of the wife might not be in question at all and the HoH can even admit that the wife has the skill and ability to safely do whatever he decides to deny her the right to do It just needs to make HIM uncomfortableso he decides he wants to isolate his wife and force her to stay home then he just tells her she has to quit her job and that she isn t allowed to drive to another town or to go see her family but he will promise to take her later see item 1 for how well that goes.4 An HoH can turn away from his wife if he is angry He can not talk to her or he can curse at her The wife is not allowed to turn away from the HoH at any time and every conversation has to be respectful and without venom or cursing She can not refuse to answer a question.And there are so many other ridiculously pathetic things that Liam does to one up Jocelyn Liam is a horrible husband and a horrible HoH It seemed to me like everything had to be about Liam or he would get pissy with Jocelyn I have no idea what she sees in him. I LOVE YOU YOU ARE MY HEARTThis is book 3 of the relationship and life of Liam and Jocelyn To fully follow this relationship, it is best that these books are read in order They marry, live on his ranch she has her job as a social worker, but not everything is roses These two love each other completely, but they clash when it comes to issues, her job, his rules, etc She is consistently trying to top from the bottom and is manipulative, and he is demanding and dominant, but his rules and reasoning are using health and safety When she hides important information and it comes to light, his anger and disappointment are than ever before Jocelyn is one who pushes until he must push back, but that means over his knee with a spanking Will she push too far and jeopardize their marriage This is a sweet love story between Jocelyn and Liam where true love blooms and grows Well developed characters deal with the struggles in a DD relationship This is story telling at its finest that gripped me from the start and kept the pages turning.