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I m okay I really am.The ending of The Burning Maze, tho.Let the gif say Ha Ha Ha 2019 Ha ha ha slow clap 5 mins later drinks too much sleeping pills to induce forced hibernation while listening to Wake me up when September ends Just gonna wait it out Ha ha ha EDIT I jut read the synopsis WE RE GOING BACK TO CAMP JUPITER AHHHHHHHHHOk, now that I ve read The Burning Maze I WANT THIS EVEN MORE Excuse me, but did you just say Fall 2019 FALL 2019 WHAT THE HADES AM I SUPPOSED TO DO UNTIL THEN Real time footage of me rn [ READ PDF ] ♄ The Tyrants Tomb (The Trials of Apollo, #4) ⚐ In His Penultimate Adventure, A Devastated But Determined Apollo Travels To Camp Jupiter, Where He Must Learn What It Is To Be A Hero, Or Die TryingIt S Not Easy Being Apollo, Especially When You Ve Been Turned Into A Human And Banished From Olympus On His Path To Restoring Five Ancient Oracles And Reclaiming His Godly Powers, Apollo Aka Lester Papadopoulos Has Faced Both Triumphs And Tragedies Now His Journey Takes Him To Camp Jupiter In The San Francisco Bay Area, Where The Roman Demigods Are Preparing For A Desperate Last Stand Against The Evil Triumvirate Of Roman Emperors Hazel, Reyna, Frank, Tyson, Ella, And Many Other Old Friends Will Need Apollo S Aid To Survive The Onslaught Unfortunately, The Answer To Their Salvation Lies In The Forgotten Tomb Of A Roman Ruler Someone Even Worse Than The Emperors Apollo Has Already Faced ARE YOU KIDDING ME.FALL.FALL OF FREAKING 2019.how will I live that long pre realesed expectations Pretty sure it will be one of my 5 stars in 2019 it s penultimate in the series it s gonna be awesome How did I spend My time before the book released I checked the tyrant s tomb twice a day, I was going to add it on the day the cover revealed, because I would know remember the date not like a week later by a random search fangirling I also fantasized my cover I would be so happy excited if it would be similar Cover revealed 3 7 2019, beautiful 3 not like my imagination tho Release date 9 24 2019 like my Birthday date 24 9 but in Iranian calendar how can I spend 6 months so excited2019 most anticipated I WANT NICO DI ANGELO IN THIS BOOK I WANT ALSO PERCY AND ANNABETH BECAUSE I NEED THEM I m still speechless so I m just gonna say that please Rick make sure Apollo remembers, he needs to I want to read so bad this but at the same time I m so scared I don t wanna touch it. you know maybe we can get some cute parent child interaction between Apollo and his children