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We must put an end to all the crisis mongering, writes Christina Hoff Sommers in a book titled THE WAR AGAINST BOYS I ll pause for a moment to contemplate the irony.I picked up this book after I learned from my then kindergarten daughter that the children at her school were told not to run on the playground during recess and that a male schoolmate was informed he would be sent to the principal s office if he continued to form his finger into a gun and say, Pow, pow, pow I used to think these sorts of school stories were ridiculously rare exceptions, until they started coming home to me Sommers occasionally treats extreme examples as normative and allows some assumptions and logical fallacies to slip into an otherwise convincing argument She clearly has an axe to grind with one particular feminist she dedicates a good chunk of the book to tearing down the woman s work , but many of her basic points are sound Sommers argues that there is a war against boys in the American education system, that is to say, in less polemical terms, that 1 girls receive academic attention and focus, attend college in greater numbers, and earn higher grades than boys, even while feminists claim girls are being shortchanged, 2 stereotypically masculine characteristics and behaviors such as competitiveness, physical courage, and war play are discouraged while boys are encouraged to exhibit stereotypically feminine characteristics the feminization of boys , and 3 the pedagological methods employed and materials used favor girls over boys As a solution to this problem, Sommers proposes that boys be taught in an all male classical school environment, with an emphasis on drilling, high standards, strict discipline, competition, moral character education, and boy centric reading materials I agree with her basic points, and I think her proposed solution has potential, although I am ambivalent about the gender segregation component, because I think gender segregation has many benefits as well as many disadvantages Personally, I m glad my education was co ed Despite my general agreement with her arguments, I was bothered by the way she seemed to make everything into an attack on boys For example, she notes that there is a gender literacy gap between boys and girls girls are typically a year or ahead in reading level, and girls read often for pleasure than boys This, she suggests, is because of the evil feminist attempt to feminize our boys Yet, when it comes to the math science gap between girls and boys, she simply puts that down to gender differences She doesn t understand why feminists get so worked up trying to close this gap, trying to make girls, on average, equal boys in math science performance Even though she admits that research shows women excel than men in verbal areas, she doesn t seem to consider that this, and not a war on boys , may possibly account for much of the literacy gap Boys are shown to improve their literacy greatly in an all male classical school environment with strict standards But I imagine girls would too Schools are short changing our kids, yes, but it isn t just our boys Give them both classical educations, and they d both probably pull ahead in many subjects, but would the gender gaps in literacy and in math science close dramatically Probably not Even assigning Jane Eyre as required reading is part of the war on boys, because wouldn t it be better if they assigned works of interest to boys Well, yes, boys will likely read works of interest to them, but the girls in my school suffered through Mutiny on the Bounty, so why can t the boys suffer through Jane Eyre A liberal education does not consist of being exposed ONLY to what interests you I get the impression that Sommers wants me to be worked up over a boy who is expelled from a private school a private school, no doubt with a strict code of conduct that the student signed for saying sexually crude things and making crude gestures to a girl Sorry I don t see that as part of the war on boys I see it as a rare insistence on the complete unacceptability of crude behavior Unfortunately, many conservatives of today say, Boys will be boys where conservatives of yesteryear probably would have said, Where is his sense of honor Further evidence of the war on boys girls earn higher grades and go to college in greater numbers Now, there are all sorts of reasons boys may be academically underperforming girls that have nothing whatsoever to do with feminist efforts to feminize boys But Sommers does not seriously explore or convincingly refute these alternative explanations Nor does she ask whether boys are, in the long term, truly shortchanged , compared to girls, by this academic underperformance Are women now earning income, on average, over a lifetime, than men Are they making revolutionary innovations in medicine, business, and technology than men Do they hold political offices She does not address such questions, to which, I m pretty sure, the answer is no Indeed, she acts very like the feminists she chastises, decrying a sexist war on boys the same way they decry a sexist war on girls, without adequate consideration of the myriad reasons why people do not always excel As an example of her assumption based logic, she mentions that A girls are called on in class much often than boys, and that B boys are much less educationally interested and focused than girls She assumes that A causes B , but isn t it just as likely that B causes A While I am not in favor of feminizing boys, I am in favor of civilizing children, boys among them Feminization seeks to suppresses male nature civilization, much less ambitiously, merely seeks to channel it But civilizing boys requires lauding and grooming stereotypically masculine virtues, such as honor, chivalry, and courage It also requires girls to exert pressures on boys by practicing stereotypically feminine virtues such as chastity and modesty And gender stereotypes are never popular with feminists Thus we insist that gender differences are social constructs and try to remake masculinity The result of this experiment, Sommers argues, has not been beneficial for boys I d argue that it hasn t been beneficial for girls either. Mrs Sommers did extensive research and documented it on how boys are treated in schools Their needs are being methodically neglected by feminazi educational theorists who plan to eliminate the distinction between boys and girls One of her arguments is that England is getting off this path and even segregating boys from girls their differences are such, that separate education seems just obvious to the Brits I always laugh when I hear the classical misconception that the world would be a better place if ruled by women Yup, I d love to have a woman with PMS in a position of power OK, maybe it is because, coming from another country, I can see the irreversible damage being done to boys in the US maybe Americans especially women should take a step back and try to watch the big picture to understand the damage they are doing At least before it is too late By the way, I m a woman Read also Biology at Work, by Kignsley Browne. This teacher comments One of the best non fiction books I ve read all year I graduated from Indiana University in 1990 just as the girls are fragile movement was gaining momentum I was taught the facts that Sommers refers to in numerous in services for all of you non teachers, many teacher in services are attempts at teacher training in which a speaker comes and entertains or horrifies us with a speech that usually has little or no practical value when I taught in the inner city it was usually the horrifying type these kids are all failing and blah blah percent of them will end up dead or in jail and it s all because you didn t teach them how to multiply fractions or diagram a sentence correctly Anyway, I did buy into some of the stuff about girls being fragile and being overrun in the classroom I have heard the statistics Sommers skewers so completely and thoroughly and I swallowed many of them hook, line and sinker because it was early in my career and as a young person I foolishly believed that if a Harvard PhD researched the facts they must be right As a jaded professional, I appreciate Sommers meticulously endnoted work In The War Against Boys she embarrasses the fragile girl theorists by burying their under researched and sometimes un researched theories in a blizzard of relavent studies and facts from responsible and trusted sources for example, I ve had the 4 million women die from physical abuse from a man stat thrown at me in a diversity seminar Yes, verbally thrown at me as if I were the man who personally beat them all to death Well, if it happens again, I m armed with the REAL facts from the Centers for Disease Control, thanks to Sommers Sommers overwhelmingly makes the point that our touchy feely self esteem oriented schools are a great big turn off to most of the boys in my experience as a high school teacher, the girls don t buy into it much either Schools are not designed for most boys, especially as we take away physical activities and recesses Male boisterousness is seen as wrong a mental disorder and or a sign of ADHD Boys have to be medicated specifically for their built in attributes that they possess as boysRead at Dr Sommers has some valid and important points in this book, but she falls prey to some of the same weaknesses she accuses those terrible awful horrible feminists of As another reviewer pointed out, she calls for an end to crisis mongering in a book called The War against Boys Hmmmcrisis monger much And she frequently lambastes feminists for painting with a broad brush and assuming all boys or girls are fill in the blank while doing some fairly thorough stereotyping and broad brushing of her own of boys, girls, feminists, and others Now, being the mother of three boys ages 9, almost 6, and almost 3 , I am enormously concerned about their education In fact, just this morning, with than a little trepidation, I sent two of them off on the school bus to start 4th grade and kindergarten But I think the problem is a wholesale failure of the public education system to see children as individuals, rather than a targeted war against either sex Yes, the average male child has better spatial relations, is aggressive and less in touch with his feelings than the average female child, but the average child is a composite that simply doesn t exist For example, Ms Sommers states that boys do better in a competitive classroom environment and decries the shift away from competition to make classrooms girl friendly Well, competition is actually the worst possible educational technique to use with my nine year old son It s a crushing de motivator for him But when I was in school, I thrived on competition and loved coming out on top of the heap Please, oh please, oh please, look at children as individuals, not as a perfect average specimen of their sex.I appreciate the neat holes Dr Sommers punches in the studies that have been used to bolster the false idea that girls are uniquely susceptible to the trials of adolescence I have absolutely no patience for intellectual dishonesty or politics masquerading as science, but that s certainly not limited to this area of politics or science.Some of Dr Sommers s proposals are spot on I d love a move back to classical education, for example And of course, all children need to be held accountable for following clear, unequivocal, moral rules I just wish that she could have toned down the inflammatory language, the snippy digs at feminists, and the overgeneralizing by gender so that the essential information in her book could have shown through better Still, an important read, especially for parents and educators of boys.For book reviews, come visit my blog, Build Enough Bookshelves. This book was written in 2000 by someone who works at the American Enterprise Institute AEI , a conservative think tank in Washington, D.C.As far as I can tell, this was part of a successful campaign by AEI to kill funding for the Women s Educational Equity Act WEEA, 20 USC 7283 7283g , which among other things authorizes grants to promote gender equity in schools WEEA received funding in the federal budget from 1976 to 2010, with a high of 10 million in 1980 The funding dwindled steadily every year and leveled off to about 2 million per year in the 1990s In 2003, the Bush Administration stopped funding the WEEA Equity Resource Center, and since 2010 the Department of Education has not funded any WEEA program grants The President s budgets no longer request funds for WEEA Thus, the campaign to kill funding for WEEA has been a success After reading this book, I agree that the way this program was implemented was a waste of taxpayer money This book contains some good reporting exposing the way that some of the grant funded programs were not evidence based.This book doesn t agree that the educational system needs to do for girls In 1992, How Schools Shortchange Girls was published This was A Study of Major Findings on Girls and Education commissioned by the American Association of University Women AAUW and researched by what is now called The Wellesley Centers for Women at Wellesley College This study concluded that our educational system was shortchanging girls, and action was needed to correct the inequity The author of this book takes issue with the findings of this study as well as its authors.The book takes aim at The WEEA Equity Resource Center in Newton, Massachusetts, run by Katherine Hanson, which was funded through a contract from the WEEA Program Office at the United States Department of Education s Office of Elementary and Secondary Education Its 5 year federal contract ended in February 2003.The author also didn t like Take Our Daughters To Work Day, so I would say this book was part of the impetus to change it in 2003 to Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.According to this book the materials produced by the WEEA Equity Resource Center with federal grant funds were heavily influenced by the work of Carol Gilligan while she was at the Harvard Graduate School of Education Gilligan wrote the book In a Different Voice, published by Harvard University Press She got a Heinz Award in the category human condition I was convinced by this book that Gilligan s hypothesis that girl s lose their voice after Middle School really hasn t been validated by any data.This book also doesn t agree that boys and girls should be treated the same She takes issue with the Ms Foundation and Gloria Steinem who is known for saying We badly need to raise our boys like our girls Creating Sex Fair Family Day Care, by Bonnie Raines, was another WEEA Equity Resource Center equity in education resource It encourages boys to play with dolls The book Real Boys Rescuing Our Sons From the Myths of Boyhood, by William Pollack 1998 also saw it as problematic to encourage boys to be masculine The author thinks it s stupid and contrary to biology to try to raise boys as if they were girls It certainly should not be the basis for educational policy.The arguments that boys and girls should be treated the same also play out in the courts The Supreme Court case United States v Virginia struck down the male only admission policy of the Virginia Military Institute in 1996 Gloria Allred represented the plaintiff in Yeaw v Boy Scouts of America, in which the plaintiff claimed it was illegal for the Boy Scouts not to allow girls In 1998, the California Supreme Court said girls had no right to be in the Boy Scouts.The author of this book is in favor of allowing boys to be educated in boys only environments, and she believes traditional teacher centered education with firm rules and strict discipline and high academic and code of conduct expectations are better for boys The movement towards child centered classrooms where students are taught to express their feelings and opinions and work together hurts boys In general, the author opposes the educational effort to boost student self esteem Rather, she thinks schools should teach character.The author also takes issue with the sexual harassment education in schools The publication Quit It is still available on the Wellesley Centers for Women website, so presumably some schools still use it The author thinks it and other similar educational materials go overboard in the zero tolerance policy for boys touching girls or hitting on them In the case Davis v Monroe County Board of Education, the Supreme Court held that a student can sue under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 under which students must not be denied access to educational benefits and opportunities on the basis of gender for severe and pervasive student on student sexual harassment, where the school is deliberately indifferent and has actual knowledge The author thinks this case was decided wrong.Finally, the author thinks schools have become too permissive and don t foster moral education In the case Tinker v Des Moines Independent Community School District, the Supreme Court held that a student had a First Amendment right to wear an armband indicating opposition to the Vietnam War The author thinks this was the beginning of the end for discipline and morality in public schools.I think this book starts out being about how certain feminists have been influential in creating educational policies in certain schools that at best are just politically correct hooey, and at worse actually have a negative impact on boys But then the book lapses into a kind of general attack on the influence of progressive liberalism in the schools I agree that boys have a lot of issues in schools these days, but I was not at all convinced that this is the fault of feminists The feminists in this book are not necessarily representative of feminists in general and are really not all that influential in the big scheme of things And a lot of the stuff the author opposes I would perhaps characterize as politically correct bullshit, but I wouldn t characterize it as feminism Clearly, the Supreme Court is not feminist One thing I agree with in the book is that people who believe that boys need to be empathetic in many cases themselves lack empathy for boys There is nothing wrong with non emotional, philosophically based ideas of justice that guide the way men act Boys should not be told that it is not good enough to do the right thing, because they are feeling the wrong emotions Education should focus on what kids do, not how they feel.Overall, I thought this was a thought provoking book, although I doubt I share the author s political views. It was clear to me from several years of volunteering in my son s elementary school that girls and boys are simply and clearly different Yet the director of the literacy program at the Redwood City Library insisted to me expressing a belief that too many people have that boys are girls are identical in every way, and any perceived differences are strictly the result of biased socialization by adults WRONG Boys are not defective girls and treating them as if they were will only harm them I was impressed by the research Sommers did and by her bravery in rebutting things that everyone knows, especially ideas promoted by organizations with an agenda like NOW and a shallow media that just wants a quick, provocative headline.I recommend this book to anyone with children It will make you reconsider assumptions you might have about boys, girls, education, society, fairness, and appreciating differences. This well researched and enlightening book is an important book for debunking the myths and bad science surrounding the notion that we need to raise boys like girls The author clearly points out the importance of the reality of gender differences and respect to biological fundamental truths vs a need to merely presume that in order to be progressive, we must alter the way we raise boys I love the evidence based writing that this book adheres to *DOWNLOAD EPUB ↵ The WAR AGAINST BOYS: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men ↴ Amazing E Book, The WAR AGAINST BOYS How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men By Christina Hoff Sommers This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The WAR AGAINST BOYS How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men, Essay By Christina Hoff Sommers Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Is it really a 5 star book, maybe not but I found it refreshing to read a book that didn t feel so extreme, from either a conservative or liberal point of view on feminism Though I imagine there would be some disagreement about that This book reminds me that maybe we are failing boys when I m surprised at finding a polite one or when a young man holds the door for me, or when a little boy is well behaved at a restaurant Why should these things be out of the ordinary When did it become a bad thing to instill these values I personally think it s pretty obvious that girls are outdoing boys in the academic world, yes, yes, maybe not in the STEM disciplines but far surpassing boys in most of the others Absolutely, I think it s important to educate girls in the choices they have, that a career in science or getting into a trade would be a great idea, that they pay , that they offer opportunity and variation and interest Though from a personal perspective, I can t say as I d be thrilled to go find a job working out in the rain and the mud or one where I had to work 80 hours a week that being said, I do work in a very male dominated field, because this was where my interests lay, and I m thrilled that I m able to do that in this day and age But I think it s also imperative that we train young men for the future as well, we need them to be as interested in higher education as girls because we re going to need that for even basic jobs Even working as McDonald s isn t as simple as it used to be the menu is large, the speed has increased and you have to know how to use a computer I think it s important that we focus on the entire population and not leave anyone out If that means we have to come up with a better solution, then we better do that, because technology is only getting pervasive and all of us need to keep up. My husband would talk about hearing Christina Hoff Sommers on podcasts, and based on what he said, I always thought of her as the mouthpiece of the right I m oriented pretty left So I expected to hate this book Actually, I liked it Sure, it has a provocative title revised from its first publication in 2000 to be fair, so do lots of books, including Hanna Rosin s The End of Men.Sommers s thesis is that special interest groups like the National Women s Law Center and the AAUW, what she calls the women s lobby, have used skewed and unreliable research to bring about polices that are hostile to boys development My first response was Boo, hoo but listen up.Sommers asserts that there are innate gender differences an unpopular opinion, but one which I have firmly believed since reading Steven Pinker, an intellectual whom I admire and who certainly is aligned left The most compelling evidence for innate gender differences is probably the effect of prenatal hormone exposure on the fetus She cites research out of Vancouver in which hormonal manipulation in fetal rhesus monkeys was shown to reverse sex typed behavior I think hormones are the key to variation in sexuality, too Anyway, her complaint is that normal boy behavior is being seen as undesirable, and boys are being forcibly resocialized for example, teachers intervene and redirect their natural rough and tumble play, even if all are participating happily and no one is getting hurt Different, she argues, doesn t necessarily mean inferior, and healthy masculinity is not the same as pathological masculinity or hypermasculinity, which involves antisocial behavior, violent aggression, and exploitation of women Sommers spends much of the book debunking the research that has guided our policy over the last two decades She criticizes that of Carol Gilligan, whose claims caused panic over teenage girls plummeting self esteem, and later, over the emotionally repressed boy Most boys are perfectly normal emotionally, if a bit reticent, Sommers argues Her argument didn t seem altogether convincing to me, but then I wondered if that myth of the emotionally repressed boy is something I ve taken for granted for so long that now I m placing the burden of proof on the other side Prove to me that boys AREN T emotionally repressed She profiles some deviants school shooters and such and points out that these sociopaths don t represent all boys The worst case sociopathic males become instant metaphors for everyone s sons, she contends, and the false and corrosive doctrine that equates masculinity with violence lives on But wait aren t most violent crimes committed by males Sommers acknowledges that boys need discipline, structure, and authority in their lives than girls, to tame their asocial, egoistic impulses, but she argues that rather than attempting to resocialize them to be feminine, which clearly isn t working, we simply provide all students, male and female, with a moral education The research is mixed on these programs, and as a teacher, my experience with them is limited, but her argument is strong nonetheless the evidence indicates that it s not necessarily toxic masculinity that causes violence, but a lack of morals As a reader, I d really like from her on what differentiates normal masculinity from toxic masculinity.Further, Sommers presents strong evidence in favor of single sex education for boys, but says that single sex programs are under assault from the ACLU even though parents place their kids in these programs by choice Hybrid academic vocational high schools, like Aviation High School in New York, have had demonstrated success with boys, but are under fire even though girls can, and do, attend there The recommendations she cites for effective education for boys include a highly structured environment with teacher led activities, high expectations, consistently applied consequences, reading material that boys find engaging, and male role models, among others.I highly recommend this book, although I can t speak for Sommers s other work I also like Diane Ravitch and Charles Sykes on education.