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Sort of a prequel sequel to Bull God with bits from her earlier Greek Myth books This wasn t as delightful as the others, though, there was something I didn t quite like about it somehow Too episodic perhaps, the surroundings and cast of extras kept changing Though I don t mind that sometimes Maybe just the romance with a dog factor The way she told him flat out she loved him and would marry none but him, and he apparently didn t notice I think there was something about how magery and Gifts worked in this book that bothered me, inconsistent with the others The caves of the dead Too many magics And yet I enjoyed reading it I think I analyse too much, that reading and writing reviewsmakes me look for flaws I guess it s possible to take one s role as a reader too seriously Or role as a reviewer Just reiterations of I enjoyed wouldn t be interesting enough to keep on with And books that really give me something to say, that change a view or perception, books I fall in love with, are too rare Maybe they seemed less rare before because they were the ones I remembered Writing about books can have a sort of flattening effect on experience I mean, like the myth of Theuth, when Solon told him that writing was an aid to recollection only, and no friend to memory.I wonder if that would make sense to anyone Best I can do. ^Free E-pub ⇨ Thrice Bound ✙ Fleeing Her Tyrannical Father, A Powerful Mage, Hekate Seeks Refuge In The Caves Of The Dead, Where Her Father S Magic Is Powerless But Where She Is Threatened By Madness And Despair, But She Is Rescued By Kabeiros, Who Breaks The Terrible Spell But Cannot Leave The Caves Without Being Transformed