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For some reason I m reading quite a few novels about painters lately This one is about Klimt and it s oknothing spectacular though. Recently watched a program on Ovation highlighting the controversy surrounding the rightful possession of Gustav Klimt s portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer and some of his other works Wanting to keep the art theme current, I decided to read this book, which chronicles the life of Emilie Fl ge, the sister in law and long time companion of Gustav Klimt Historically, no one really knows how deep their relationship went, but during his final illness, he wanted her by his side It s also speculated that she was the model for the woman in The Kiss Basically, this novel offers an interpretation of these facts of Emilie s life with Klimt.The best part of the book is the beginning, chronicling Emilie s childhood The author paints a rather good impression of a precocious twelve year old I rather enjoyed Emilie s observations of Klimt s character, silently taking pleasure at his disheveled appearance and his slovenly habits at the dinner table talking while eating, choking on his wine, watching as bits of food drop off his fork and onto his lap her way of exacting revenge against the unflattering portrait he s made of her However, I didn t at all like how Emilie s portrayed as an adult this woman pining for Klimt s affections, helplessly in love with him I found it creepy especially considering how roughly he treats her It s one of those situations of He loves her as he can love It seems that Klimt s affection for her is mostly silent Emilie tries to look into his art his portraits of her as a means to gauge the extent of his feelings towards her, but finds it difficult She sees him building her up into something she s not Yet she loves him anyway I don t know While it s an interesting interpretation, I was hoping for than I got Personally, I feel that Klimt s own photos of Emilie show depth of feeling than the sentiments expressed in the novel. @Free Kindle È The Painted Kiss  In This Passionate And Atmospheric Debut Novel, Elizabeth Hickey Reimagines The Tumultous Relationahip Between The Viennese Painter Gustav Klimt And Emilie Floge, The Woman Who Posed For Klimt S Masterpiece The Kiss And Whose Name He Uttered With Is Dying BreathVienna In Was A City Of Elegant Caf S, Grand Opera Houses, And A Thriving And Adventurous Artistic Community It Is Here Where The Twelve Year Old Emilie Meets The Controversial Libertine And Painter Hired By Her Bourgeois Father For Basic Drawing Lessons, Klimt Introduces Emilie To A Subculture Of Dissolute Artists, Wanton Models, And Decadent Patrons That Both Terrifies And Inspires Her The Painted Kiss Follows Emilie As She Blossoms From A Na Ve Young Girl To One Of Europe S Most Exclusive Couturiers And Klimt S Most Beloved Model And Mistress A Provocative Love Story That Brings To Life Vienna S Cultural Milieu, The Painted Kiss Is As Compelling As A Work By Klimt Himself From The Back Cover I really loved this story Besides being a writer, I am an artist and dearly love books about artists Although the author herself admits in her notes that much of the interactions and events or feelings were made up I am fine with that I like what if and imagining relationships and how people really felt about each other, especially when history gives so little about some of the people in a famous person s life.Emilie was a real person but we don t know much factual information on her The author did a fantastic job of creating a believable woman who deeply loved Klimpt At times I wanted to shake her and beg her to move on with her life, find someone who would love her, but yet I understood why she couldn t And, to her credit, she did build a successful career for herself and become quite a force in her own right.I also liked the the author didn t try to paint Klimt in a simpathetic light He may or may not have been a kind man, but he did have several mistresses and children At times his lack of empathy toward Emilie was borerline cruel and usually, at best, thoughtless Still, I could feel the struggle in him that he did love her, but yet he knew the type of man he was He would never be faithful, so why pretend he could be In a bizarre way, it was honorable of him NOT to become lovers with Emilie or marry her since he knew he would only hurt her worse if he did.He had major warts and I like when warts aren t sugarcoated MUch about him I disliked He was a coward in some ways Also, his extreme lack of caring and selfishness when it came to his children was awful He had the money to give their mothers to make sure they ate well, but chose to only buy them cheap toys every once in awhile The women in his life were also interesting and well written I would have liked to slap Alma across the face Emilie s sisters were also great characters I cried a little toward the end, and would read this book sometime again This is a great read for anyone who enjoys books about artists and their private lives than about the actual details of their work This does not go into that too much, and since I already paint I don t want to read endless detail about how a painting is done and I would recommend it This is the story of Emilie Flogel, the inspiration for the famous painting called The Kiss by Gustav Klimt There has always been a lot of speculation of their relationship view spoiler and in this speculation, they were two people who greatly admired and loved one another, but didn t ever have a full love affair hide spoiler Emilie Floge 1874 1952 was an Austrian fashion designer, whose designs were ahead of her time They were meant to be comfortable and they were seen as avant garde She was also associated with the painter Gustav Klimt as his life companion 1886 Vienna, Emilie Floge is twelve years old, when she meets Gustav Klimt She becomes fascinated with the world of artists and dreams of Klimt painting her To her surprise her father requests Klimt to draw three sisters.After three drawings are done, Klimt stays for dinner Emilie is so unhappy with a drawing of her I was the only one who looked like I could turn people to stone And the whole family seems to be agreeing that he captured her personality the best.She takes her revenge at dinner, when she notices his clumsiness with a knife and fork It was bad manners to draw attention to other people s bad manners, but I made sure that he could tell what I thought from the way I was looking at him Since one of her sisters is taking singing lessons and the other is about to begin a special language course, it was decided that Emilie would take drawing lessons with Klimt.She is disappointed to be taking her first drawing lessons at Mrs Klimt s house instead of Gustav s studio But then posing for Klimt takes her to his studio where she feels most alive He painted a world without hypocrisy, where people were free to love whomever they chose regardless of age or social class or propriety With the support of her father and Klimt, she opens a fashion salon.While she designs the first dresses for herself, Klimt realizes that he has never painted her So he begins to make the sketches for the portrait The portrait, which ends up being stunning.The studio becomes an immediate success.When WWI breaks out, it changes everything Some from the artistic circle die before the war ends.With this richly imagined story of two avant garde artists, the author brings a vivid portrait of them how they re met, how their lives progressed I just wished the story brought of her fashion designs They were so distinctive that it begs to be integrated into the story.The story involves many famous names, among them Alma Schindler Mahler If you d like to read about her and the Vienna Secession movement Ecstasy by Mary SharrattAs well as Adele Bloch Bauer her portrait also called The Lady in Gold or The Woman in Gold is on a permanent display at Neue Galerie in NYC It is a small gallery, but there is a free entrance on the first Friday of each month from 6pm to 9pm Also, it was a subject of a 2015 biographical drama film titled Woman in Gold FB BestHistoricalFiction During the past decade Gustave Klimt s paintings made headlines as families and European museums attempted to reclaim the art lost during the Nazi regime Several of the paintings featured in prominent lawsuits were discussed in this book not from the perspective of who has the legitimate claim to them now, but as a glimpse into the life of the artist and his models as the works were created It was both fun and enlightening to have that perspective, even in a fictional setting.The story of Klimt and the Vienna Secession movement was interesting, but whether fact or historical fiction, the artist emerged as an insensitive, egoistic womanizer Maybe he was, but as with recent historical novels on creative genius Hemingway and Frank Lloyd Wright I came away with significantly less regard for the man after getting to know him The Painted Kiss was primarily a coming of age tale and tortured love story set amidst Klimt s artistic world and pre WW2 Vienna The young woman at the center of the story devoted her life to her love of the artist, but was also strong enough to build an independent career in fashion That storyline kept the novel alive for me as I rooted for the success of our protagonist.I finished this book mildly dissatisfied, but unable to say why Perhaps it wasn t wise to look behind the magic of those iconic Klimt paintings I am afraid they have lost some of their beauty for me. On the cover of Elizabeth Hickey s The Painted Kiss is Gustav Klimt s portrait of Emilie Floge, the woman whose name was on his lips when he died This novel is narrated by Emilie as she remembers in 1944 and 1945 the Vienna of the late 19th and early 20th century She introduces the reader to not just Klimt and Josef Hoffman but to Adele Bloch Bauer, Alma Mahler Gropius Werfel and other leaders of bohemia in the Vienna of Secession days.Lots of interesting gossip and opinion about people and events in the art world and about the paintings Gustav Klimt produced before his death in 1918 The author is an art history major so the facts are reliable and the opinions are enlightening As with all novels set in Vienna, there are lots of cafes and there s lots of food eaten therein But that s about it No serious character development, no plot except the passing of time not that that isn t enough, really , no crisp and entertaining writing I didn t put a single Post It Note in the book as I read it Suitable for Klimt obsessives.2011 No 9 2 stars No spoilers I absolutely adored this book My modem computer was down this afternoon and so rather than looking at GR, it was just me and the book, and Oscar of course I love the book b c although much is conjecture about the relationship between Gustav Klimt and Emilie Fl ge, I totally believe the author s interpretation There is a clear author s note Emilie Fl ge was the model for Klimt s painting The Kiss, and it was her name that he spoke when he died Their relationship feels authentic I enjoy the sexual energy and the capacity for violence so inherent to these two people The book is full of emotional turmoil Not only do you come to understand their personalities but you also understand the historical events they lived through You learn about how Klimt went about painting, about Emilie s famous fashion salon, about Vienna and its beautiful streets and buildings such as the Secession, about Egon Schiele and Joseph Hoffmann and Berta Zuckerkandl and Carl Moll After reading this you really must read Arrogance, about Schiele I loved that book too Through page 130 This is a love story I like how love is depicted, boht emotionally and sexually It is a sensual novel I like the book very, very much The author has drawn real live people You get this on top of learning about Klimt as an artist Through page 65 This book is about Gustav Klimt and Emilie Fl ge, the model who posed for Klimt s famous painting The Kiss She is telling her story as an older woman, looking back on her life At 12 she was a sassy girl who knew what she liked and didn t like Her upbringing was very constricted and ruled by propriety She lived in Vienna Vienna comes alive with all its past glory The medieval cobbled streets and marzipan colored buildings were magical, and the dimly lit shops selling sheet music or crystal goblets were enchanted, but I didn t know it yet It was just the palce I lived I believed that all other cities, all other towns must be similar page 19 The writing is very descriptive, not only of Vienna but also of people and the rules of society She and her two other sisters must wear stiff lace collars that make it impossible to move their heads Emilie manages to steal a dinner napkin so the lace wouldn t scratch her Anyhow she and her 3 year older sister, Helene, have decided that they wil sneak to Klimt s studio to be painted, after first swiping money for the street cars from their oldest sister, Pauline First the area in which the studio is located is described using smells, sights and sounds It was a street where goods were unloaded from ships and put into wagons, where nets of fish were hauled into warehouses to be gutted and salted You could have a horse s shoe repaired, or your own, a sail mended, or a cow butchered and divided into pieces The air was oppressive with the smell of things that had been rotting in bins and had finally been exposed to the air In the tenement next to Gustav s building an immigrant from Silesia and his wife had a bakery, and as we climbed the stairs the aroma of dough and hot oil mingled with the sharp, sweet smell of turpentine and the bitter one of iron The stairs slanted toward the street and a few of them gave way when you stepped on them The studio was cold, since the artists were consistently short of coal for the furnace, and bare, since all the chaors were piled in the center of the room to be used in a tableau The floor was made of cement and had cracked in places It was filthy with charcoal dust Some of the pains in the tall windows were broken and cardboard had been taped over them The glass looked thin and weak, too thin to keep the cold out Gustav was different here For one thing, he was wearing a robe instead of a suit Do you ever clean up asked Helene wonderingly Why should we said Gustav This place is empty When it gets to dirty to work in we ll move upstairs The idea couldn t have been radical to us So much of our lives were consumed with keeping things neat I felt like throwing my coat onto the floor from pages 65 67 Not only can the reader picture the place but also one comes to understand what moves the different characters I cannot show this to you withour quoting and suoting and quoting, so trust me instead I prefer this writing styyle to that I just encountered in Claude Camille A Novel of Monet And I enjoy the Emilie s spunk. This is historical fiction at its best The author does a superb job of recreating a time and place and creating a story around two historical figures that ring true with every word The relationship between Gustav and Emilie is captivating, but where the author shines is in describing the creative processes of the artists in this mesmerizing story.