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Very well written, takes off just where Bain left off Just wish there was story. ..Reviewed for Red s Midnight Readers I was given an ARC of this in return for an honest review.This is only the second book i have read by A.L Wood and it was another brilliant, well written story I have now resolved to read by this author Rumer is the continuation of Bain and picks up right where Bain left off Both Rumer and Bain have commitment issues that stem from heartache in their past and neither are ready for a relationship One nights is what they do an itch that needs scratching and that s just what happens.However Bain now can t get Rumer out of his head and Rumer wants a future with Bain Can they overcome their pasts and forge a future together Rumer is one of those books that you know isn t going to take you a long time to finish, in fact it will only take an hour or so read it and i feel that every now and again we need to read something like this, something that isn t going to be a huge commitment This was one of the draws to the book for me A perfect bedtime read I like Rumer She has had a tough past that she is still running from and finds it hard to settle anywhere for too long and then Bain comes into her life and makes her consider staying in one place long enough to try for Bain is one of those alpha males you just can t help but love He is one of my favourite alphas He has a tough exterior but is soft on the inside In fact he is pretty much your average male, his head knows what he should be saying but his heart won t allow him to say the words out loud, except he s also a hot, kick ass fighter to match.This story had a few laugh out loud moments that had me re reading those bits again and again Again i found i knew i would love this story within the first few sentences and i wasn t wrong It was bloody amazing My only issue is that there just wasn t enough and it was over far too quickly It left me with a few questions and i really, really hope A.L Wood visits them again in the future I would love to know what happens to them.If you are looking for a quick, hot read, that is sure to get your pulses racing this story is for you I have given it 5 well deserved stars. Rumer picks up right where Bain left off Again, very short story The chemistry between Bain and Rumer was there, but it just all felt so rushed Enjoyable quick story but the characters are not well developed with such a fast paced storyline. Chances It takes strength to put your heart on the line But sometimes you have to have faith that it will work Rumer and Bain both need that strength and they both deserve a happy ever after So this picks up where Bain left off and actually recapped a little, which was good for me The chemistry between these two was great but I felt like there was very little story We had this big set up in Bain and got some info about his child and his past and then in this book they get together one night and then are all awkward around each other and then they just decide they love each other and it s the end What Not what I expected at all. Disclaimer This book is for readers over the age of 18 There is mature language and sexual themes though out.After a night of passion Bain and Rumer decide neither is ready for a relationship Bain still grieving the death of his wife, Sara Rumer running from her past They try to move on but both find it difficult to hide their growing feelings, in and out of the ring Will Bain be able to see maybe there is then just one soul mate for someone Will Rumer be able to build up the courage to stop running and fight for what she loves Find out now Rumer the sequel to the book Bain, is another must read Once again A.L Wood has been able to spin a gripping story is a short amount of pages While there was no twist ending this two book set was given a beautiful ending I would definitely recommend this to anyone who doesn t mind graphic sex scenes and some naughty language, both in the bedroom and out of it The only negative thing I could say is I didn t want it to end I hope one day these characters get revisited Another 4 out 5 stars Reviewed by Word Girl Link |Free Book ♷ RUMER (Undefeated Streak #2) ☩ RUMER Is The Continuation Of BAIN This Book Is Intended For An Audience Over The Age Of Due To Strong Sexual Material Polluted With Fears Of Her Past Rumer Wasn T Ready For A Relationship, Certainly Not With Bain Bain Didn T Want One Either, Only One Night Stands One Night A Scratch To An Itch Was All It Was Supposed To Be, Except For Now Bain Can T Get Rumer Out Of His Head Rumer Doesn T Want Than That One Night, Or So She Tells Herself Can Two People With Heavy Pasts Create A Future Can Rumer Convince Bain To Take A Chance On Her Fighting for loveRumer and Bain still workout and try to figure each other out Rumer puts herself out there for Bain and he shoots her down and for someone who never puts herself out there for anyone she feels awful that maybe she isn t worth it for anyone Great fast read Truly enjoyed it. I really enjoyed this book and all the characters I can t wait to read by this author in the future I really enjoyed both Bain and Rumer s books I just wish they were longer I feel like it was a bit rushed and I want to know about them as a couple and as fighters.