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I wanted to read this book because I really liked Kris Bryant s Jolt I was unsure about the subject about storm chasing, not something that interested me I was pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed the story line I knew nothing about storm chasing and really enjoyed learning about it.In saying all this the part I enjoyed the most was the characters Tristan is a great lead that I found endearing, funny and down to earth Kate was the perfect mysterious love interest who you couldn t help but love Hunter was great secondary character and best friend, I loved what she added to story As a dog lover I loved that we had Maddox as a major part of the book One thing I did struggle with was that about half way I was eager for the story to move a bit quicker, the relationship is very sex driven and I felt there was maybe one too many sex scenes which started to become repetitive for me Also the reason for their fight was a bit weak I would have liked the secret to be a bit juicy At the end of the day I really enjoy Kris Bryant s writing and characters I look forward to any future books written by her.I was given this book by NetGalley for an honest review. Tristan Stark is a meteorologist researcher and teacher at the University of Oklahoma Spending the spring each year chasing storms all over the Midwest to collect data for her research, she also gets to spend the time with her best friend Hunter, also a meteorologist, and her loveable dog Maddox On the storm chasing trail they come across a team from a rival university When the team leader has to bolt for a family emergency it leaves the masters student accompanying him in the lurch, so Tristan offers her a choice to ride with them It doesn t hurt that Kate Brighten is gorgeous and Tristan has trouble keeping her libido in check.Passionate about meteorology, and research, Tristan seems older than her 28 years Settled into a life of academia, research and storm chasing, it s going to be hard for her to find someone to fit in with her life, no matter how much she wants it And Kate is young, smart, and cagey about her life, barely revealing the damage that must lie below Tristan and Kate are clearly enamoured with one another, and there is a lovely development of the relationship as friends, and with the possibility of something else It s all going swimmingly until Tristan finds out a secret held by Kate, which feels like a massive breach of trust Bryan has created interesting characters, and given them enough challenges to create tension, but not so many difficulties that they can t be overcome The characters sit well within the story, with Tristan particularly well developed Kate could have used detail in her back story, but enough was given to make her behaviour make sense I liked that Bryan used the storm chasing thrills to create the physical tension rather than using the thug bent on revenge theme that is so common The storm chasing scenes are evocative, and the science limited so that the book is easy to read The plot works well, and Bryan has created an interesting romance in a different field I highly recommend it. #READ E-PUB î Whirlwind Romance ⛏ For The Past Six Seasons, Tristan Stark Has Been Chasing Storms Throughout The Midwest For The University Of Oklahoma Teaching During The Winters And Hitting The Road During The Spring, Tristan Has Little Time For Herself, Let Alone Time To Have A Solid Relationship Rival Storm Chaser Kate Brighten Is Just Starting Out And Winds Up Riding Along With Tristan For Two Weeks It Doesn T Take Long For The Two To Begin A Tumultuous Love Affair On The Road But The Road Can T Last Forever And Kate Isn T Everything She Seems Once Trust Is Broken, It S Difficult To Rebuild Can Tristan Accept Kate S Secrets Or Will Their Love Be Washed Away In The Spring Storms Tristan and Kate meet while chasing tornadoes through the Midwest Tristan is a seasoned veteran and meteorology professor while Kate is storm chasing for the first time with her university team When Kate is forced to join Tristan and Hunters team for a couple of weeks during the season than the Doppler radar screen heats up in their chase vehicle First person POV is my least favourite form of writing If I had known this story was narrated by one character I would not have chosen to read this book The romance is sweet and the sex scenes are well done but I was left feeling like Tristan was the only character we get to know and understand Kate is a mystery to Tristan and to the readers thanks to Tristan s constant inner monologue and inability to voice what she is thinking It made for a repetitive and frustrating read I also found Kate s back story, or what we are allowed to learn in 1st person POV contradictory Her family disowns her at 18 and she is forced to make her own way until she gets injured at 24 and suddenly all is forgiven and here comes this loving family to surround her with their love and support It just didn t work for me ARC received from Bold Strokes Books via Net Galley. I liked Jolt better, but I did still like this one Sweet romance, great characters, and one of the best dog characters going I didn t love the conflict that split them up, but it was still worth a read Also, tornado chasers How cool is that First up is the disclaimer that I received this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review I enjoyed Ms Bryant s Jolt and was happy to see she had a new book out Unfortunately I didn t like this one as much It s written in first person, which isn t my favourite because it gives a lopsided view of the leads , and the lack of some contractions and oddly edited phrasing in some areas also brought me out of the story now and then view spoiler The storm chasing angle was interesting and I liked Tris, Kate and Hunter Maddox was also a highlight , but I was still ready to give up by the time I got to the 30% mark view spoiler Their first time together was ridiculous Do grown adults really have sex in public with their friends nearby hide spoiler Really liked the main characters Loved the friendship between Tristan and Hunter The dog Maddox steals the show The romance between Tristan and Kate is fast and hot, until it s not I really liked how the relationship comes back together How cool is a storm chaser, that s gives the book lots of excitement. Tornadoes scare me to death The city where I live literally had nine touch down in one day last month Terrifying So when Whirlwind Romance by Kris Bryant became available I was super intrigued I want to read about tornadoes and romance, heck yes I do So I did, all in one day The story is told through the first person perspective, through our main storm chaser Oklahoma University college professor Tristan Tris Stark Tris spends the majority of the spring and summer months chasing tornadoes across the plains with her BFF, Hunter and her dog, Maddox So, basically Tris is a bad ass, super smart, adventure junkie I mean storm chasing is pretty darn cool, and if you live in tornado alley, you are very thankful for what these gals and guys do The other protagonist and romantic lead is Kate Brighten Kate is a masters student at Oklahoma State ugh oh rival schools and is having her turn at storm chasing while on break from her studies Kate is extremely quiet and very reserved It takes chapters for Tris to pull even the most basic information from Miss Brighten Tris on the other hand is an open book, overly talkative and guess what, she is instantly smitten with the beautiful, mysterious Kate Literally, Kate is described as beautiful time and time again So tornadoes are chased, sexy time is made, accidents happen, information gets crossed, makeup sex and voil we have a love connection that will last the span of time I loved the premise of this book I thought it was interesting and fun, and totally different from what is out there in this genre right now Tornadoes, as scary as they can be, are also wildly fascinating Incorporate that with romance and you have an interesting story The problem that I had was Kate needed to be than beautiful, it took forever to find out her story, and even then it was still pretty thin Tris and Kate needed to have dialogue between them in the first half of the book I needed than Kate is hot, to know why Tris would be interested and stay interested Why was Kate interested in Tris Less sex, dialogue please Overall, this is a short book that is perfect if you need a few hours to escape You probably will never re read it but the time you spend with it will be exciting. This is the second book I ve read by Kris Bryant, the first being her debut novel Jolt I must admit I liked this one.I was really excited when I first read the book description for Whirlwind Romance I don t know what fascinates me about the whole idea of being a storm chaser, however, it s intrigued me ever since I first watched the Helen Hunt Bill Paxton movie, Twister Every time a tornado storm chasing book is released I seem to be drawn to it like a moth to a flame Anyway, I digress, back to the book review Whirlwind Romance follows the life of Tristan Stark, a Midwest storm chaser, and her storm chasing partner, Hunter Along the way Tris meets Kate Brighten who is chasing with a rival team Circumstances happen and Kate finds herself chasing with Tris, Hunter and Maddox Tristan s dog.I really enjoyed this book Ms Bryant provided in depth descriptions I could really visualize the storms tornadoes and scenery landscape this may have been enhanced due to my love of the movie Twister which I have seen numerous times.The main characters, Tristan and Kate, were likable and the love scenes between them were plentiful and the secondary characters, Hunter and Maddox, were integral to the storyline This novel is written in first person from Tristan s POV Whilst this doesn t bother me too much, it does only give one character s view.All in all, I really enjoyed this action packed romance and I look forward to Ms Bryant s next novel ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley Read this together with book club buddy D and it was a most enjoyable sweet love story We have become Kris Bryant fans ever since we read Taste together Be it cooking or tornadoes, Kris can handle the subject The book was entertaining and not too techical so you don t have to be a weather nerd to enjoy the story The relationship between both main characters progressed nicely and the love scenes were sweet and hot leave it to Kris to come up with well written and imaginative sexy times but sometimes I wanted to smack Tristan upside the head for being so stubborn thank you Kate for not giving up.We give it a 5 stars