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It is perhaps not 100% fair to say I read this, but I read all of it that I m going to..Tiptree was actually a woman, and a very talented woman, but my goodness, a woman with an extraordinarily grim turn of sci fi writing. [Read] ☤ Out of the Everywhere, and Other Extraordinary Visions ⚔ Ballantine Del Rey, Paperback Original, First PrintingCollection Of Science Fiction Stories, Two Of Which Are Original STORIES Angel FixBeaver TearsYour Faces, O My Sisters Your Faces Filled Of LightThe Screwfly SolutionTime Sharing AngelWe Who Stole The DreamSlow MusicA Source Of Innocent MerrimentOut Of The Everywhere With Delicate Mad Hands I hadn t read any Tiptree before this her stories are strong, and this anthology makes me want to readThis is a good collection, reflecting a strong, wry wit and a healthy discomfort with a bellicose and sexist society Only one story here dragged for me I found Slow Music both drawn out and trite, a long doggerel a bit too precious and without much final pay off The last two stories are pretty brilliant, the first Angel Fix is flat out funny, and We Who Stole the Dream is ruefully memorable This merits a bitthan a 4 and not quite a 5, but definitely worth recommending. Slow music makes this worth looking for An enigmatic young girl plans to stay behind when all the other humans have left on the river a beam of unknown energy brought down to earth by an alien intelligence Eternal life is promised to those who enter, but at what cost Tiptree writes beautifully, and Slow Music is one of her best poetic and poignant, and a very novel story as well. Ended up reading this by accident The story quality is rather erratic, and some parts are definitely dated as would be expected with older sci fi short stories Still, there are definitely some way cool ideas in it, even if I didn t entirely like where Tiptree went with em So still interesting, all in all.Also, is it just me, or does Tiptree have some severe hang ups over the place of women in society I suppose sexism was a much worse problem in the 60s and 70s, but still, there s lots of messed up things going on in these stories and rapes and the like.Roger Zelazny, my other main exposure to 60s 70s sci fi short stories, is definitely better, but that s probably an unfair comparison. The Screwfly Solution 1977 3 Actually, the only story I didn t finish was the last, the novellette With Delicate Mad Hands, because by that time I d had enough Tiptree this collection confirms that I m not a fan and I found a review online that described it well enough to me that I felt comfortable abandoning And that s all I can say.Oh, and I can add that the title of the collection is from a poem called Baby by the wonderful George MacDonald. James Tiptree was the nom de plume of Alice Sheldon, who adopted a male pseudonym as at the time she wrote, sci fi fantasy was thoroughly male territory This is a collection of some of her best short stories and one novella If you like Ursula LeGuin, you ll probably also enjoy Tiptree Her characters are multi dimensional and she deals with complex social issues, sometimes with a hint of satire and keen wit This is not your typical rocket blaster ray gun sci fi.