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`DOWNLOAD PDF ⇺ The Prophets of the Old Testament ☝ Excerpt From The Prophets Of The Old TestamentThe First Clear Instance Of Prophetic Inspiration Is Found In Deborah, Who Roused The People Of Jahweh To The Great Battle For Independence By The Waters Of Megiddo In Her Case Prophecy Is Self Forgetful Enthusiasm For Jahweh Expressing Itself In Warlike Passions A Holy Hatred Against His Enemies That Could Not Be Sated Till All Of Them Had Perished Like The Arch Foe Sisera, Celebrated In A Song Of Glowing Exultation, In Which Is Crystallized The Fiery Patriotism Of The Age Judg But The Typical Prophets Of This Early Period Appear In The Bands Of Religious Ecstatics Who Cross The Stage During The Stress Of The Philistine Peril, Lashing Up Their Frenzy By The Help Of Music And Dance, Pouring Forth Excited Sounds, And By The Sheer Force Of Spiritual Contagion Drawing Within The Circle Of Their In Uence A Man So Sane And Prosperous As Saul Sam X And In Later Crises Of History Sweep Through The Land On Jahweh S Errands