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This is the most blazing hot, sensual, delightfully lustful story I remember reading in a long time Jamie and Daisy has all the chemistry, fascination and gravitation people can have for each other Their thoughts are so filled with each other from the moment they meet, while Daisy is nearly naked, that it takes humorous sides.But the story is not only just naked fun and games, there are other feelings in the picture as well, and those feelings take on some kind of roll a coaster ride, as Jamie and Daisy are trying to figure out their lives, their feelings, and their future.While Daisy s bakery is in danger, Jamie puts his career in line, to try to save her.Daisy is not only battling with her ex husband, trying to save the bakery, but also built a relationship with her mother Jamie has his own issues, to deal with, that makes him feel inadequate to Daisy Lots of story fit into the book, story with high emotions, legal battles, boxing matches, baked goods, friends who are willing to go the extra mile for you, dough therapy, and passion that burns hotter than most And if you manage to read the whole story, without stopping to bake some cinnamon buns, you are stronger than I am Four Spoons with a teaspoon on the side Sweet Seduction by Daire St Denis was not your typical Harlequin Blaze story Don t get me wrong, it was HOT But my emotions ran the gamut during this book I laughed, I cried, I cheered It was GOOD Jamie was a great guy, and Daisy a good match for him Amazing chemistry and sweet feelings I ll definitely be reading from this author.ARC provided by NetGalley @Epub ⚡ Sweet Seduction ⚣ All It Takes Is One Sweet Taste Daisy Sinclair Knows How To Make A Guy Moan With Raw Pleasure She Should, As Owner Of The Best Damn Bakery In Chicago Her Cinnamon Buns Are Borderline Orgasmic Of Course, Standing In Front Of The City S Biggest And Sexy As Hell Food Critic In Her Skivvies Isn T The Most Professional First Impression Especially When He Has A Wicked Glint In His Eye Jamie Forsythe Isn T Exactly A Food Critic His Twin Brother Is One Look At Daisy S Mouthwatering Curves, And Jamie Knows Only That He Wants To Have His Cake And Daisy, Too Attraction Mixed With Deception Is A Recipe For Disaster The Naughtiest, Hottest Kind Imaginable And There S No Way Jamie Can Resist Being Sent To Bed With Daisy As Dessert This book sinfully delicious as Daisy s pastries in her bakery You know you are in for a fun, comedic, sexy joyride when the first opening scene involves Daisy stripped down to her Victoria s Secret underwear set and Jaime taking it all in strides Then the next scene involves Daisy kneading dough Jamie says Your really letting that dough have it Daisy replies Some dough needs a gentle touch Others need a good, hard spanking From here the story just gets better and better There were many times when I found a smile on my face reading this book The chemistry and witty banter between Daisy and Jaime was hot I like that it was not all about the sex The author kept the sex scenes to a minimum where they really mattered and felt natural, while keeping the rest of the story and the characters strong I can t wait to read the next book, Big Sky Seduction which features Daisy s friend, Gloria. Disclaimer An arc was given to me on Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewMy rating 5 5What I likedTHIS FREAKING BOOK, GUYS I knew it was going to be freaking cute from the very first page It had a sassy little character called Daisy and a big bad man called Jamie who was really the biggest cinnamon roll ever They re so good together and good to each other Daisy reminded Jamie he was a good man no matter what his past was And Jamie in return loved Daisy with all of his heart It was just like one of those fluffy summer reads you find at a bookstore You know the ones with the covers that have bright happy colours and you just know that it s those types of romances This was why it was kind of weird that it was listed under Harlequin Blaze and not Harlequin Romance because usually Harlequin Romance was always the one promoting fluffy love stories.But it doesn t really matter because this story was great It s the typical troupe where the male doesn t want to be in a relationship because of his dark past and the girl basically putting herself out there, saying, Hey, you big dummy I like you and you like me Let s get on with each other I really enjoyed Jamie s dark story because of his relationship with his brother, Collin There was a lot of miscommunication that led up to why Jamie hated himself and once it was all cleared up, I just cried Like the tears caught me so off guard but what can I do I m just so emotional.I m also so excited because there s going to be a second book and I m 10000000% sure it s going to be based on Collin s story which is 10000000000% fab because he seemed so hot and his problems mentioned in this book sound so interesting I would totally buy that book to continue this story And even though I read this book and have an ebook of it, I want the physical I would totally buy it just to add it on my shelf DHighly recommend to read My review cross posted from Wit and Sin sweet baker with some serious skills in the kitchen meets a sexy lawyer with equally serious skills in the bedroom in Sweet Seduction Daire St Denis will make you crave cinnamon buns from Nana Sin s and perhaps will also leave you wanting a certain handsome lawyer for your own as well Sweet Seduction starts off as a simply case of deception Jamie s twin, Colin, is a renowned food critic who has run into some problems He needs Jamie to do the write up on Nana Sin s and good brother that he is Jamie agrees Jamie doesn t expect the instant attraction he feels for Daisy, and now he s stuck between a rock and a hard place Fortunately, the deception doesn t last long, which enables readers to sit back and enjoy Daisy and Jamie s romance It s easy to like both our hero and heroine they re likeable, hardworking characters and they have great chemistry in and out of the bedroom.Where Sweet Seduction falters for me isn t the romance, but the obstacles in Jamie and Daisy s path There are a lot of them in a relatively short book Daisy s divorce and the ethical grey areas Jamie jumps into as a lawyer in this plotline , the threat of losing Nana Sin s, Daisy s issues with her mother, Jamie s concerns about his brother, and Jamie s past wounds that haven t healed all vie for page space Fortunately, the multiple issues Jamie and Daisy must face don t overtake the romance Unfortunately, there is so much going on that none of it is ever truly fleshed out This does the story a disservice and left me wanting If the book was longer or there were fewer backstories subplots relevant to it, the story would have been a far satisfying read Still, Daisy and Jamie were likeable characters, their romance was steamy, and I enjoyed the supporting characters in Sweet Seduction so much that I will definitely be reading the sequel, Big Sky Seduction FTC Disclosure I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. This is my first book I ve read by Daire St Denis and all I can say is wildly hot, romantic, and a real pager turner If you looking for a book that is good, with endearing characters you can t help but love, Sweet Seduction is the book for you A sexy must read I received a courtesy copy of this book for an honest review. Daisy Sinclair inherited Nana Sin s bakery from her grandmother, and she lives in the tiny unit above the bakery Her baked goods are well known amongst the locals and regular patrons of the store, but she has a chance to boost her profile when Colin Forsyth, a well known food critic, drops by unexpectedly to try her goods.Except it s not Colin, it s his twin brother, Jamie Jamie s doing the review as a favour to his brother, and the two men couldn t be different When the review comes out and it s full of praise, Daisy s bakery is suddenly Chicago s hot spot When she encounters the real Colin at a restaurant, she s floored at the difference in the man and also notices subtle differences in his appearance Attending a charity dinner, she finally sees both brothers and realises she s been duped Jamie explains he s actually a lawyer who was helping Colin out, and Daisy forgives him enough to invite him up when he drops her home.Daisy has other things on her mind she s divorcing her cheating ex, and he wants 750,000 as his share of the bakery Daisy doesn t have that kind of money and she s buried her head in the sand about it She turns up to the lawyer s office to have another meeting about the divorce and is stunned to find that her ex s lawyer s partner, who is temporarily handling things, is none other than Jamie.When her best friend finds out how dire the situation is Daisy will have to sell the bakery and the building it s in to pay the ex she organises a fundraiser It s a success, but Daisy doesn t raise enough money and she loses the bakery What she doesn t know is that Jamie helped make the fundraiser the success it was She s ended the relationship before it ever really got anywhere, and losing everything devastates her.But she refuses to give up, and after an unexpected boost from her distant mother and the mother s fianc , Daisy is back on her feet But what she really misses is Jamie, and in the end, she decides to go get him There s the usual angst and turmoil about whether they can make a relationship work long term, but you know they can And they do I also adore the cover It s so cute. 3.75I actually really enjoyed this story It was funny but yet it had a feel of reality thrown into it Daisy took over her grandmothers bakery 3 years ago after she passed now that s it s doing well she has a chance to have a food critic Colin write up the story except it s not Colin who sees her half naked but his twin Jamie Jamie works as an attorney but when his brother asks for him to be him one day for a review he doesn t expect to meet Daisy Daisy takes for him for a loop and before he knows it he is putting his career on the on line with his heart as well This story had a fun twist to the whole what happens when you get divorced Daisy is in a tough spot since she inherited the business that her grandmother left her Her soon to be ex wants half and she is doing anything to make it not happen I could imagine finding out my new lover is representing my ex but Jamie takes being a hero to a whole new level I actually felt for Daisy and was rooting for her to make it work with Jamie and keep her business I have to say by the end of the story I was a little shocked with the outcome But in the end did Daisy get the best deal Yes I think she did Starting over isn t easy and wow she was a strong woman who took it in stride and did what she could I did like the characters and how they all interacted with one another You also get to meet the two main characters for the next book and oh boy are they interesting I do plan to read there story and find out how they actually come together. This was a yummy novel that made me hungry for than just food St Denis delightfully vivid descriptions had me smelling the scents of the bakery and drooling over everything coming out of it I also enjoyed the range of emotions that went through this novel Sad and heartbreaking moments are contrasted by hot and or happy ones to give readers a satisfying read.I enjoyed how St Denis developed her main characters both physically and intellectually Jaime s bitterness and Daisy s optimism were the perfect case of opposites attract I would have liked to know about the relationship between Daisy and her mother It keeps coming up as being important to making Daisy who she is, but St Denis only hints at the crux of the relationship This novel was my introduction into St Denis work and it was a good one at that It was short sweet an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.