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Good fun if you have a somewhat unusual name as I do and enjoy finding out others names and their opinions on naming as I do Duana Taha is not an expert on names or naming, but who is, really My favorite name from this book is Jet Li Dotcom Clark He is not named after the movie star his parents liked the name Jet, he has an Aunt Lee, and his parents met at a dotcom company He loves his name, and I say right on. It was so nice to find out I m not the only one who loves names and thinks about them. What s in a name According to the this book a lot Duana Taha writes about names for LaineyGossip.com Opinionated and witty, she has expanded her name expertise into a full length book She covers topics like offbeat names, where she talks about her own unusual moniker and touches on how 1980 s young adult fiction introduced many of us to a few eye catching ear catching names she s looking at you, Anastasia Krupnik, and Harriet M Welsch Of course, she also covers the flip side of the coin by discussing popular names, with emphasis on that most popular of 70 s girls names, Jennifer This section even includes a completely unscientific survey of how Jennifers from all across Canada feel about their names Taha also writes about name associations, celebrity names, and Starbucks names Of course an entire chapter is devoted to the naming of babies as is only proper and the precarious tightrope between choosing a good name without choosing the too popular name additionally, appendix F is titled, How to name a baby in Five Simple Steps An informative and engaging read you won t be able to stop yourself from flipping to the index to find your own name just hope it doesn t appear in appendix B Names I cannot abide.Borrow a copy This is a great book for name nerds and people who like memoirs A really smart analysis of what names mean in society and in shaping personalities I really liked how ethnicity, class, and gender were addressed in discussing names naming. But people always open up when you start asking about names It s almost as though they didn t know they were allowed to have feelings and thoughts about them, but there s always to everyone s story, and they are often surprised to find it I absolutely loved this quote from The Name Therapist I ve never met or heard of anyone else whose name was Milwaukee, and having an unusual name always left me wondering why I was the only one and what that meant for my lifeI think for people with recognizable names, they have to stand out in other ways to be noticed But for people like Duana Taha or myself, we stand out just by existing People can read our names before even meeting us, and they are left with an impression of what they think a Milwaukee would be like or they make assumptions on what they ve heard about me that s a blessing and a curse of living in a city the size of Brantford, my reputation always precedes me I had no idea there was such a community like the one Duana introduced me to in this book, a community of name nerds and name therapists who are as passionate for names, name history, name trends, and the perceptions names have as I have been all my life I feel like I ve found my people So, I have a maybe not so surprising confession to make I am a name nerd As in, I read my mom s copy of a baby name book cover to cover, numerous times, as a child until I finally worked up the courage and bought a baby name book of my own when I was 15 by the legendary Linda Rosencrantz and Pamela Redmond Satran, natch I have made lists of favourite names, of hypothetical children, of girls and women I aspired to be, if I had that name, of characters in books I would write I like to think my taste in names is always ahead of the curve I forced my little brother to answer to August back in 1996 when we d play house, and I loved Evelyn after coming across it in an Emily of New Moon book the second book, to be exact although now it s hopelessly too trendy , and I m fascinated by reading about naming patterns, customs and traditions around the world Ingrid and sometimes Anastasia, pronounced the Russian waya na sta SEE ya is the fake name I give myself when creepy guys at bars ask me, because Ingrid and Anastasia are totally hip, no nonsense, fierce women with clear senses of self, and have no problem telling said creep to leave them alone and I long to name a daughter Agniezka, but will probably end up with the equally delightful but pronunciation friendly Greta or maybe Mairead I m also a long time visitor to LaineyGossip.com, and huge fan of Show Your Work and Duana Names, so I KNEW this book was going to be fantastic And it really is And not just for name nerds trust me, even if you have never even heard the term nameberry , you will enjoy and get something out of this book Part memoir, part advice, part research both anecdotal and statistical , it s a nuanced and thoughtful look at how our names shape us, and how we shape our names Parts of it made me laugh out loud her stories growing up she sounds like a very precocious kid the whole section about stripper names , and other parts made me really consider my own biases I bring to the table the role class and race play in name choice, and name desirability perceptionand the whole section about stripper names I also loved that Duana Taha is her last name, but I totally feel like we are on a first name basis is Canadian, and that many of the references she makes and the people she interviews are Canadian too actually that is one of the reasons why I love Lainey Gossip tooyou don t really realize how pervasive American culture is here in Canada until you read something that is distinctly Canadian and it feels incredibly refreshing Loved this book This book could ve been written about my life My unusual name Tanelle pronounced Ta ne elle has been something that has defined me my whole life Tourist trinkets Key chains, hairbrushes, etc I could never find them as a kid and it bothered me I still look at the racks today to see if I can find my name never I even looked up my name in her index of names to see if I was mentioned nope Starbucks names Always misspelled People attempting to pronounce my name I usually get Ta nelle, although lately I m actually getting correct pronunciations I had one boss who worked for me for 3 years always pronounce it wrong I stopped trying to correct him I highly recommend this book to everyone Even those with common names It s part biography part analysis into names I loved it At times, I found this book a bit repetitive When I started it, I wondered how I was going to deal with the author s voice the entire time, but then I found myself warming to it and to some of her ideas I was interested in what names tell us about class and found her ideas about ethnic names to be rather refreshing There were a few facts about names that were interesting to read This is a rather light book with lots of personal anecdotes Don t expect anything too heavy with this one. As a certified name nerd I loved this book Taha s style is frank, self deprecating and punchy something readers of Lainey Gossip likely already know I felt like I was geeking out with one of my cool, smart friends about the vast and ceaselessly interesting world of names The book is a collection of name related anecdotes from the author and interviewees as well as commentary on trends, naming history, and general social observations Easy to read in one sitting, but also perfect for commutes when you want something engaging to pick up and put down I will read anything Duana Taha writes ^Free Book ✔ The Name Therapist ↳ What S A Stripper Name For That Matter, What S A High Class Name How Do You Tell The Difference Why Does Everyone Call Them Baby Names When They Follow Us Through Our Whole Lives And Can Your Name Determine Your Destiny From A Television Screenwriter And Contributor On The LaineyGossip Blog Comes A Book About What Names Really Mean, How We Use Them, And Why They Matter A Child Of Irish And Egyptian Immigrants To Canada, Duana Taha Became Fascinated By Names, Not Least Because Hers Felt Awkward At Best And Impossible At Worst She Believed That Names Explained Not Only Who You Were, But Where You Came From And Who You Could Be She Became A Name Nerd, And Later A Name Snob, Before Settling Into The Role She Was Born To Play A Name Therapist, Giving Straight Talk Baby And Grown Up Name Advice To Just About Everyone In A Romp Through North American Naming Trends, Traditions, And Pop Culture, Duana Brings Us The Hilarious, Insightful, And Surprising Truths About Hipster Names In Brooklyn And Malibu, And The Most Intelligent Names At Harvard University Digs Into The Stereotypes About Culture And Class Where Names Are Concerned And Heads Backstage To Find Out The Stories Behind Those Supposed Stripper Names And If You Don T Know What A Starbucks Name Is, Duana Points Out Why You Obviously Never Needed OneThe Name Therapist S Explorations Will Help You Understand Your Feelings About Your Own Name, Whether It S One You Share With Millions Hi, Jennifer , Or One You Grew Up Waiting In Vain For The Romper Room Host To Say Would You, By Any Other Name, Still Be You