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FREE PDF ô Romeo and Juliet in Palestine ⚥ For Five Months At The Start Of , Tom Sperlinger Taught English Literature At The Abu Dis Campus Of Al Quds University In The Occupied West Bank In This Account Of The Semester, Sperlinger Explores His Students Encounters With Works From Hamlet And The Yellow Wallpaper To Kafka And Malcolm X By Placing Stories From The Classroom Alongside Anecdotes About Life In The West Bank, Sperlinger Shows How His Own Ideas About Literature And Teaching Changed During His Time In Palestine, And Asks What Such Encounters Might Reveal About The Nature Of Pedagogy And The Role Of A University Under Occupation This is a beautifully written account of a Western English Professor teaching at an underfunded university in the West Bank It s an enlightening view of the long standing conflict not least because the author has family and friends in Israel , but it s than a travel story The characters of the students are well detailed and their determination to learn is heartbreaking Sperlinger s love for his subject of English Literature shines through, as well, so in the end, the book is a justification for what art is and why we need it Wry, honest and open, it s an excellent read and would be especially appreciated by anyone who has ever taught. Incredibly meaningful, Tom Sperlinger offers a glimpse into life in Palestine. This is a extremely personal book about one man s experiences as a teacher in a West Bank university.Sperlinger focus a lot on his students, highlighting the difference between them and Western ones But also their similarities The political situation of the region serves mostly as a backdrop, appearing as justifications from the students as why they couldn t deliver an assignment on time, or when they students and teacher travel from different places in the region.Tom is enticed by the West Bank, and seriously considers staying there for good, a sentiment not shared by one of his students, who says he wouldn t feel that way if he was born there.This book offers some insight in today s Palestinian youth, and the relation between them and the situation in Palestine in general Great read if you re interested in a personal, up close look at Palestine and its youth.