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~Free E-pub ☧ Romiette and Julio ⚕ Romiette And Julio Livres NotRetrouvez Romiette And Julio Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D OccasionRomiette And Julio Draper, Sharon M Livres NotRetrouvez Romiette And Julio Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Romiette And Julio Ebook EPub Sharon M DraperRomiette And Julio, Sharon M Draper, Atheneum Books For Young Readers Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De Rduction Romiette And Julio WikipediaRomiette And Julio By Sharon M Draper Goodreads Julio, An Angryyear Old That Recently Moved From Corpus Cristi, Texas Is Forced To Attend A Local High School Which He Hates A Lot Were Romiette Goes To School Romiette And Julio Meet And Its Love At First Sight There S Only One Problem, Romiette Is African American, And Julio Is Hispanic Which Doesn T Go Good With Their Parents Romiette And Julio Summary ENotes Sharon Draper S Romiette And Julio Opens With Romiette S Recurring Dream Deathly Afraid Of Water, Romiette Is Drowning In Her Dream As She Struggles To Surface, She Feels The Water Pull Her Back READ Romiette And JulioOnline FreeRomiette Is Ayear Old Black Girl, Whose Mother Owns A Very Popular African Culture Shop In Cincinnati Julio Is Ayear Old Hispanic Boy Who Just Moved To Cincinnati From Corpus Christi, Texas Romiette And Julio Sharon M Draper PageJulio And Romiette Rested Comfortably, Watching The News From Their Hospital Beds They Continued To Be Amazed At All The Attention That Their Disappearance Had Generated From Kids At School To Total Strangers, Everyone Wanted To Reach Out And Share The Joy Of Their Rescue Romiette And Julio Romiette And JulioJulio Is Ayear Old Teenager Who Was Born In Texas He Had To Move Away To Cincinatte, Ohio For His Dad S Work He Hates It Their Because He Hates The Cold Romiette And Julio Sharon M Draper PageJulio And Romi Were Alone In The Kitchen, With Max Wagging His Tail Cheerfully Between Them Romi Smiled As They Headed Out The Back Door To The Pen Where The Puppies Were Kept The Four Puppies Started Yipping And Jumping As Soon As They Saw Julio And Romi Head Their Way Julio Grinned As I had to read this story for middle school summer reading and I hated it when I'm actually an avid reader. I mostly read YA fiction so this book felt not only short but empty.

Dialogue is off. I am Hispanic and I never talk like Julio, who seems to be teaching a spanish class using a basic Spanish word every other sentence he says. I know that Destiny and Romiette are African American but the corny way they keep saying 'girl' or 'girlfriend' to refer to each other feels forced. Also, there's too much dialogue and no description in this book. The author keeps telling you things but doesn't elaborate or show.

In my opinion, Draper took the easy way out for everything. She had big Bard shoes to fill and fell short. For instance, she cared about her characters in the wrong way. Instead of making them different and distinctive, she made Julio and Romiette the same person and in Ben and Destiny's weirdness, they were sorta the same eccentric character too. Everyone talked the same, there was not a way to differentiate. So Draper cared about them enough to not kill them off and give them a TOO GOOD HAPPY ENDING but not enough to give them personalities that are unique. Also, Romi is said to be independent but at the end, she is saved by Julio anyway. And no one getsto slowly meet who Romiette is. Right at the beginning, Draper takes the easy way out again and basicsly spells out who she wants Romiette to be in a thinly veiled diary entry that feels like a character profile.

I didn't like this book and I LOVE books. Just imagine a kid who hates reading having to swallow this book down. They might never read again.

Romiette and Julio is far from the story that has survived ages. It's the type of story that if I even remember it by next year, I'll only remember how much OK was written in it.

OK. School was as boring as always, that’s what 16 year old Romiette thought before she met Julio. Julio, an angry 16 year old that recently moved from Corpus Cristi, Texas is forced to attend a local high school (which he hates a lot) were Romiette goes to school. Romiette and Julio meet and its love at first sight. There's only one problem, Romiette is African American, and Julio is Hispanic (which doesn’t go good with their parents). People start to talk about how Romiette and Julio are dating and not everybody has a positive opinion about it, especially when word gets out to the school gang. Then their fate is twisted and they wonder if they will make it or if they will end up like William Shakespeare's star crossed lovers. I loved this book because I also read Romeo and Juliet and this book was totally different.Another reason I liked this book was because it's a modernized version of Romeo and Juliet that has stuff we can relate to. Its even better than the old version! If you liked the Shakespere version you will loveeee this one! Its a story about a smart Africanamerican girl who falls in love with a dumb mexican boy. They met over internet not knowing that they went to the same school.! But the problem is.....there parents dont want them to be together because of their different customs and race. This story has about the same settings and causes as shakesperes. They each think that the other had dies and he kills himself not knowing that she is alive. The only difference in this story is that its modern first of all and in this story they are both thrown into the lake because there friends and family discriminated each other and are stuck in a dangerous storm and he saves her from drowing.! This book is a pretty cute adaptation of the classic Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet. Even though it has MANY cheesy lines (some of which don't make any sense at all...), it was an enjoyable read.

Pros: Romiette and Julio are SUPER adorable together. Even though they are people from different backgrounds, it's nice to read a story where they can put aside their differences so quickly and fall madly in love with one another. If only love were that easy! Their best friends are also a nice addition, giving a little extra spice to the story. Even though the ending isn't like the original play, I'm glad it ended they way it did.

Cons: Ugh... it definitely could do without the cheesy lines. A lot of the oneliners that Draper put in there don't really make much sense. I know they were meant to be "cute" and "nonsensical", but they just ended up bothering me. If Draper would to write how kids were to really talk, rather than putting a bunch of flowery language that NO normal person would use, then it would have been all right.... Maybe even deserving another star.

Judgement: Yes, this is a cute book. Yes, it's based off one of my favorite stories of all time. Yes, I would recommend it to someone who likes cheesy books. No, I would not recommend it to the serious reader. If you are looking for a serious romance novel, then don't read this book. If you want some light reading to pass the time between then and your next bookbuying binge, then I totally recommend it. I would suggest buying it at Half Price Books, though. 3/5 stars! "Romiette and Julio" by Sharon M. Draper, is about a teenager named Julio who moves to Cincinatti, and a girl Romiette who is scared of drowning in water, and of fire. Julio doesn't like, and gets into a fight with a boy named Ben, but ends up being friends with him. Then he meets Romiette in a chat room in the internet, and he finds out that she and him go to the same school and they decide to meet in lunch and Julio gives Romiette a flower. Then Julio starts liking Romiette and she starts liking him too. Then they both start hanging out and the gang in their school named the Devildogs, don't like that 2 races are being mixed, and they tell Julio and Romiette to stop it or they'll teach them a lesson. Then their parents meet and don't realy get along with each other. Both of them are worried about what the Devildogs told them, and try to escape. Suddenly, the Devildogs stopped Julio and Romiette and took them inside a car, and drove them where there was a boathouse near a lake and left them there, to teach both of them a lesson.
Since both of them were left there, tied up, they couldn't get out and there was a storm. They tried to get out of the boat, but they couldn't, because they were in the middle of a lake, and Romiette couldn't swim, because she was afraid of drowning. Then they were able to untie themselves, when suddenly a lightning hit their boat and it caught on fire. Julio and Romiette had to get out of the boat or else they would die, so they jumped off the boat and into the cold water. Romiette couldn't swim, so she drowned but Julio pulled her and got her out of the water. While carrying her, he fell on some trees that had fallen down, but he stood up and carried her to where it was safe and they both of them slept together. The next day, Julio and Romiette's parents found them together, and both of their parents were glad that they had found them.
My critique of this book is that, I realy enjoyed reading this book because it's about 2 teenagers who can't be together because of their different races. I would reccommend this book to people who enjoy reading books on things that happen in real life. I also enjoyed reading this book because it talks about how they have problems with gangs in their school. I would give this book four stars because it is a very interesting book about 2 teenagers. This book was probably the most terrible book I have ever read. The theme in it is how race should not matter between people. The author mocks Shakespeare's classic play "Romeo and Juliet" very poorly. She exaggerates what she thinks teenagers think and do. The characters in the story are almost as fake as Ken and Barbie. The writer's style tries to be hip, cool and young. I did not like this book and I suggest for other people to read the actual play rather than this terrible piece others would call a book. Romiette is a 16 year old black girl, whose mother owns a very popular African culture shop in Cincinnati. Julio is a 16 year old Hispanic boy who just moved to Cincinnati from Corpus Christi, Texas. Despite going to the same school, Romiette and Julio meet in an online chat room, where Julio shares the woes of his new life in Ohio, and where Romiette makes him feel more alive than he ever felt in Texas. After meeting in the lunch room at school for the first time, Romiette and Julio begin talking online every night and eating lunch every day. Their relationship sparks the interest of the local gang, The Devildogs. The Devildogs are angry with Romiette that she would even think of socializing with someone of a different race, let alone actually dating one. Romiette and Julio make terrible decisions throughout the entire book to make The Devildogs look stupid, like playing music and dancing like idiots on the table in the lunch room when The Devildogs were trying to intimidate them. A teen would NEVER do that. These stupid scenarios also, lead to horribly thought out revenge taken by The Devildogs. The dialogue used throughout the book between the teenage characters is so completely unrealistic and laughable that it was hard to even finish the book. The slang used is completely outdated and even then, its doubtful that teens even used to talk that way. The gang violence is also laughable. If this was a real gang, Romiette and Julio would have been in a lot more trouble than they were. Its highly unlikely that a real gang would consist only of high school students and that not a single cuss word was used during any of the confrontational scenes in the book. Overall, the book was a horrible depiction of what life is like in an inner city high school and the relationships between teens, and teens and their parents. Pure torture; the book is so cliche. I skimmed the last third of the book (something like the first sentence of each paragraph) and still knew what was going on. Young adult lit. should provide more for its readers. I had to read this over the summer for school and good lord did I just want to rip the book in half! The entire story consists of romiette and Julio flattering each other or their friends being inhumanly annoying. I know that Romeo and Juliet fell in love very fast, but that was in the 1500s. It isn't realistic to contemporary time! The words draper apparently thinks kids use are completely off and they annoyed the hell out of me. If you want to read an incredible annoying, cliché, stupid story, then by all means, read this book. If you don't want to, THEN PLEASE DON'T!