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Ok, I didn t actually finish this book This book was chosen for one of the book clubs I am in I read about 3 4 of the book I would ve probably finished it, if I had time, but the book was due back It is not a book I would ve chosen myself to read I felt there were a lot of life lessons in this book and I could relate to certain things the main character was thinking However, this was kind of a sad book, and perhaps it was just the mood I was in that it was difficult for me to read I thought the book was too long, it didn t need to be as descriptive as it was and it could ve been half the length that it was If you enjoy golf, fishing and cowboys, you may really like the book, I know a lot of people who do It just wasn t the book for me I rated it 2 stars because although it was a book I had to force myself to read, the life lessons were relatable, and I think that says something about the book at least. This is a great book I thoroughly enjoyed it As I was reading, the author didn t always take me where I thought he would but he did take me through normal life and that was much better Yes, this book took me awhile to read, but it isn t the kind of book that should be rushed You should read this book #Read E-pub ⚡ The Mulligan ⚧ A Gentle Rain Began To Tap At The Aluminium Roof Of The Truck Topper As Joe S Day Drifted Into Darkness So Was This Any Improvement Over A Motel Room It Made Him Think About What He D Left Behind That Warm Bed, The Couch In His Library He Hoped For Sleep To Come The Rich Man Ain T The One Who Has The Most He S The One Who Needs The Least I didn t like this book nearly as much as the other book I read by this author Waiting for White Horses. Depressing and slow start, but gets better when he leaves town Great for some one who loves the outdoors and fishing and golf. I like the characters that Mr Jorgensen develops You love them in spite of their flaws Joe Mix takes the risk and walks away from his life in search of himself And the adventure begins Very good as a Minnesota author Loved the references to Rochester and other Minnesota areas Looking forward to other books by this author. It moves along nicely Compelling characters, good story and surprises Master story teller may be a bit of a stretch hence the 4 but the author is worthy of the read, certainly. Depressing start but storytelling improves when he gets out of town Some quotable lines and quirky characters. Great book Minnesota writer