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To summarize, it seems even the best authors can fall victim to Middle Book Syndrome.I still adore N.K Jemisin, I still think she s a goddess The Obelisk Gate just didn t do it for me The first book in this series, The Fifth Season, was just so exciting It was filled with incredible world building and a well paced journey with a complex and likable heroine But whereas The Fifth Season was probably 70% backstory, I should really have known this installment would focus on the present.The first half of the book was comparatively dull as mud Nothing of much interest happens to Essun, she appeared stagnant and incapable We got about Nassun, Essun s daughter, and her life changing journey after the beginning of the latest apocalypse Ultimately, she was interesting, but not for a long while.By the time things really started happening, I had already given into my boredom I really wasn t invested, and all I was really hoping for was of Schaffa s backstory He had quickly become the most intriguing character, as my love for Essun kind of waned.I m still going to read the final installment of this trilogy, but I hope the pacing improves in the next one. 1 The Fifth Season Buddy Read with Petrik I finished this book just after it won its Hugo award for the best novel of 2017 This and The Fifth Season are so deserving of the awards and praise they receive These books leave me wordless, because there is no explaining how much of a meaningful impact these books have on the world, let alone the SFF community All I can truly say is thank you to N.K Jemisin for this world, these characters, and these important messages that continue to render me speechless I also finished this book the same night that white supremacists rallied at Charlottesville and spread their hate in my country The country that says we are past racism The country that is constantly telling us that we are the greatest and most forward thinking country of all time The country that s passing this hatred and violence off as free speechBut if you stay, no part of this comm gets to decide that any part of this comm is expendable No voting on who gets to be peopleLiterature does represent our real life The Broken Earth trilogy makes us feel the things it does because it mimics our world today It shows us the oppression unapologetically, and this oppression doesn t just live in this SFF book, it s in our world right now, even if you re choosing to keep your eyes closed to it This series is a masterpiece and I hope you read it, but I also hope you learn from it The Obelisk Gate picks up where The Fifth Season left off, where earth s civilization is beginning to prepare for a new Season What doesn t kill them quickly, will starve them to death slowly This book mostly follows Essun, one of the most powerful Orogene in existence, where she is trying to live in a new community in a rather strange location She meets up with old friends who are now also a part of this community, but her thoughts never stray from her daughter that has been missing since the start of The Fifth Season Essun is also met with new problems and dilemmas that are so much bigger than the community she is residing in This is one of the most immersive books I ve ever read The narrative of this book just forcefully will pull the reader into this broken world, regardless of if they want to or not You can t help all the connections you will feel and form subconsciously You end up with this experience that just feels so real and so emotionally overwhelming Plus, I read this with so many tears in my eyes constantly, because even though this earth is trying to kill everyone that inhabits it, it is still the humans that are the terrifying villains Also, this is the most beautifully crafted diverse cast I ve ever read in any piece of literature The representation is just on an entirely differently level And I believe with my whole heart that every other author out there should aspire to seamlessly create their cast of characters like N.K Jemisin On top of the amazing diversity and representation, as a woman, I really sympathize with the underlying theme of motherhood throughout this series I do not currently have any children, but I d one day like to, and this book just emphasizes that there is no word to describe the love a mother feels for her child children Like, this book is heartbreakingly beautiful, and this constant reminder of how it feels to lose a child is something I can t put into words I think that is every parents greatest fear and this book doesn t shy away from that topic ever The heart of this novel is oppression, but the soul of this novel is that there is nothing a parent wouldn t do to protect their childYou serve a higher purpose, little one Not any single man s desire not even mine You were not made for such petty thingsBut this all being said, this book does feel like the second book in a series, and it feels like it s leading up to what I m sure will be a perfect ending in The Stone Sky There wasn t any filler so to speak, but the events very slowly unraveling to put the pieces in place so that everything makes sense But please, don t let that stop you from giving this once in a lifetime series a try It truly is a masterpiece that deserves all the praise and hype that is bestowed upon it And speaking of The Stone Sky, I don t think my body, heart, or soul is ready for this eventual reunion Yet, I don t think anything is going to stop me from devouring this book while I m 35,000 feet in the air come this Tuesday Blog Twitter Tumblr Instagram Youtube Twitch FREE PDF ⚐ The Obelisk Gate ☸ This Is The Way The World Ends For The Last TimeThe Season Of Endings Grows Darker As Civilization Fades Into The Long Cold Night Alabaster Tenring Madman, World Crusher, Savior Has Returned With A Mission To Train His Successor, Essun, And Thus Seal The Fate Of The Stillness ForeverIt Continues With A Lost Daughter, Found By The EnemyIt Continues With The Obelisks, And An Ancient Mystery Converging On Answers At LastThe Stillness Is The Wall Which Stands Against The Flow Of Tradition, The Spark Of Hope Long Buried Under The Thickening Ashfall And It Will Not Be Broken Edit 8 11 17HUGO WINNER for 2017 That s the second one in a row for the SAME series And since I ve already read the third one and squealed all over it, I m going on a limb and calling it three Hugos in a row.Don t hate me if I m right Original review My mind cannot stop dancing with joy after reading this You might say that I m dancing with Father Earth, enjoying the reveals as one would enjoy the unearthing of so many gems of storytelling awesomeness.The world building is still sharp as ever, and so many questions have answers in this second book We re given an amazing shape for amazing things to come I m not merely or only shaken to my core by the amazing scenes of earth alteration, depth of histories, or revealed enormity of what is really going on, here actually, I m left in awe by the scope and the careful planning and execution of the Author s Mad Skillz.Essun and Nassun are wonderful characters, of course, and there are times when Nassun almost steals the spotlight for me, but here s the real surprise I can t believe how awesome Hoa s story is turning out to be, or that of all the Stone Eaters This is what SF designed for Awe Shocking audacity Scope and Vision Rocking Ideas So we re descending further than geological processes, headed straight into the quantum loam I m laughing my head off with Alabaster s thrown bone when he describes the spaces between atoms, the networking forces, as Magic Of course, any sufficiently advanced technology that allows men and women to become effectively immortal and not constrained by matter is Magic, right, Stone Eaters lolEssun continues to transform even than her previous love, Alabaster, and it s a deep process that s nearly continental in it s impact, but that s where most of my love is going Nassun s transformation into one hell of an anti hero nearly matches how much appreciation I have for Schaffa s changes I sympathize for everyone, and no one is disappointing The final action in this book is dark, that s for certain, but even now I can t stop grinning and being so damn awed by what happened.This is why I read This is why I m a fanboy This BLOWS ME AWAY Hell, this stuff is the stuff of LIFE Totally Awesome Book 2 It may not be as mind altering as the first, but together, they re something much greater than their parts Now how in hell will I be able to wait for book 3 to find out what happens to the moon This is breathtaking in conception. There s something so special about this series.I m not going to lie, it s a bit complicated It takes its sweet time revealing bits and pieces of itself to the reader The magic isn t always intuitive, the characters motivations aren t always laid out nicely and neatly But it s always fascinating and keeps me asking questions It s not a series I would recommend for those of us without patience. It s unique second person point of view is, again, one of the best uses of this perspective I have ever seen It gives you a profound sense of revelation to experience the journey this way.This narrative choice is only complimented by Jemisin s writing style While reading this series I felt completely rapt, transported directly into this cruel and dying world It s a startling and enchanting experience Can I also just say how much I love the diversity in this series. There is so much here that it s difficult to even list it all Diversity is severely lacking in High Fantasy and Science Fiction, and it s just so refreshing to see so much representation If I ever hear someone sayBut it s hard for me to include diversity in my novelthen I will absolutely point them in the direction of this series because the inclusivity is flawless.I really only had two noteworthy issues with this installment 1 I feel as though the The Fifth Season is compelling for a specific reason There was a very distinctive aspect of the storytelling that, because of events from the first novel, could not be present in The Obelisk Gate.This aspect is one of the reasons I adore The Fifth Season so much, and while Jemisin works incredibly well with where she took her story, it s difficult not to make comparisons.2 This book feels like a middle book It s great, but not as great as its predecessor It s packed with information and less action than the first, but I get the feeling it needed to be that way in order to set up events that will take place in The Stone Sky Despite these minor issues, I was still incredibly engaged in this story I m honestly devastated thinking about waiting until August to see it through This series is unlike other fantasy series that I have read in the past, and I m so thrilled to see how it concludes This review and other reviews of mine can be found on Book Nest WINNER OF THE HUGO AWARDS 2017 for best novel 4.5 stars I see youI can t stand Fantasy novels They re all the same There are too many characters It s predictable Unrealistic Not diverseTrust me, I hear you The Obelisk Gate is different, though, and here s why you should give it a chance You re very tired of reading the same uninspired writing over and over again Fear no N.K Jemisin s writing is nothing short of fantastic, with perhaps the best second Person POV I ve ever read Indeed she manages to master it so well that we almost forget how rare that is Sure, I ve been a little worried after the ending of The Fifth Season, given that the narrator s identity was spoiled at this time Yet it made the experience even better for me in the sequel, especially because we got snippets of what this character was feeling, and well view spoiler I love his stone ass, okay hide spoiler The way of the world isn t the strong devouring the weak, but the weak deceiving and poisoning and whispering in the ears of the strong until they become weak, tooSo that was good That was really, really good.I think I talked about what makes this series special thematically a lot in my review for The Fifth Season But I genuinely think the core of this series, the thing that makes it so impactful, is how it talks about oppression I was really looking at orogeny in book one as a metaphor for racism, which it is, but I think it also functions as a metaphor for homophobia There are several scenes here with Nassun Gija that are basically word for word homophobiaIt s not hate that you re seeing Hate requires emotion What this woman has simply done is realize that you are a rogga, and decide that you aren t a person, just like thatIn this book, we get povs from three characters Essun, Nassun, and Schaffa Essun Listen, Essun is my wife I love how mentally strong she is, I love her drily sarcastic inner monologue I love that she s written in second person and it somehow works for me Oh, and I love that we know who the first person narrator of this part of her story is Nassun Essun s daughter, who we didn t get much of in book one, but who I absolutely love Her character development is so great I love how she s forced to learn to be manipulative, to play the emotions of her father and so many others Schaffa a villain from the first book who is weirdly sympathetic here I actually think there s a lot of talent in creating a villain here who is still the villain, decidedly not an antihero, but gains some of your sympathy God, I like despised this character in book one and now I m out here being kind of emo, but still hating him, and it s really great One thing that really shocked me here is how invested I got in like, every side character I sort of jokingly described this book on my twitter as Essun And Her Gay Friends Try To Survive The Apocalypse They Caused and I was kidding but also, am I wrong There s Tonkee, a trans lesbian icon and one of the funniest and most endearing characters in this book There s Hoa, who is probably not even human and I kind of love him He s so sweet There s Alabaster, who I ve talked about a lot and I love to cry Ykka, a literal icon Antimony, who I can t decide how to feel about So many.Something I really like about this is that the worldbuilding is super well thought out like, it holds up to really intricate analysis but still not boring or convoluted I think sometimes authors can be too fascinated by their own magic systems and not fascinated enough by the characters and plot, but guys, I don t care about magic systems and I was still not bored by a single moment of this book N.K Jemisin is talented at building a compelling world the only flaw is perhaps the cringeworthily bare map but focuses on the compelling parts of the narrative The problem I really had with this book was that it really feels like a middle book And this is really concerning, because as the 1 middle book defender It is my belief that a meh middle book will usually lead to a terrible final book This is true for every goddamn example of a bad middle book that you will come up with Divergent The Fifth Wave The Maze Runner If it doesn t follow this pattern it s probably because the middle book didn t suck So basically Fear.gif.But, you know, I m 75% through The Stone Sky, and I figured I might as well post this Wish me luck Blog Goodreads Twitter Youtube 4.44 I did not wait for a buddy read, because after finishing the first book I HAD TO KNOW I engulfed this one in a day and have to say, despite loving the heck out of it, my thirst to KNOW is not quenched I need the third book right now, but alas, I will have to wait like a good and patient reader and preorder it, so I can have it as soon as it comes out, if not possible to get it earlierLife cannot exist without the Earth.Yet there is a not unsubstantiated chance that life will win its war, and destroy the Earth We ve come close a few times.That can t happen We cannot be permitted to winLets get the most obvious things out of the way The strength of this book, and the first one for that matter, is the world and character building Not only solid, not only meticulous, not only imaginative, but also so well chiseled within the reality of the World, that as weird and foreign as it should seem to us, we feel like a part of the creatures who are trying to survive within this dying Earth You feel the hopes, and dreams, and despair, even at times understand the prejudices, because you wonder if you wouldn t be one of those who in the face of extermination, might put their life and their fears above those of others, just as desperate as you I could feel the dying of green nature around, the sand and ash under my feet and in the air, the heat, scolding and burning away my fat I was aware of my own age and disabilities, sharpening my understanding that unless my brain does not compensate for them, I would be one of the first left outside of the comms I could feel the stifling humidity and smell the purification and copper of bodily fluids And I saw the petrified chunks of humans, or not, here and there among the boiling bugs This is how real it all felt This is how brilliant the writing isBut if you stay, no part of this comm gets to decide that any part of this comm is expendable No voting on who gets to be people Being useful to others is not the same thing as being equalWe have our exquisitely developed main characters of Essun and her daughter Nassun, and Alabaster, all of them powerful Orogenes, as well as the Guardian Schaffa, who is turning out to be a catalyst for both mother and child There are also the ever hanging around Stone Eaters, and my favorite Hoa, the one I wish we get page time with, because he is written in a manner to steal and break your heart We get a story about the apocalyptic event which lead to the Seasons in first place, and I have to gloat a bit and say that I had that one figured out in the last book We also started noticing the distinctions between erogeny and magic, and their role in this book was awesomely powerful The battle of survival kicks up a notch, since the resources are getting depleted as time goes and hope for future sustainable renewal is none existentLove is no inoculation against murderAmid the epic battle of a world and its inhabitants to survive, we also witness a very heart wrenching conflict of a family torn by secrets and murder Jija has taken his daughter, his one child left, his daddy s girl Nassun, up North in order to find a cure for her Orogeny Nassun loves her dad and has grown to hate her mother, since she is the one who had told her to hide her talent and gave her lessons in control with the same brutality she herself was raised with In Nassun s eyes this was abuse, this was something she believed her mother did just to hurt her, with no particular justification or sense of love She is happy to be away from the strict and demanding matriarch Meanwhile, Essun is frantically searching for her beloved daughter, the one that is so much like her, the one she has been very hard on, because the fear of loosing her had made her weigh the positives of cruelty against the negatives being gentle and her girl hurting someone by mistake, not understanding her own power, and getting lynched because of it Which one of those lose lose situations makes her a monster deserving her child s hatred I personally thing that although harsh and cruel, Essun did the right thing, refusing to make a victim out of her daughter Hopefully, in the process of making her strong, she did not create a monsterGiven a choice between death and the barest possibility of acceptance, they were desperate, and we used that We made them desperateI will not delve into the plot itself, because that is the joy of reading the book discovering it for yourself I do have to say that it was a non stop, exciting and riveting, at times devastating, at times adrenaline inducing, but always poignant and ethically challenging I loved it It is a set up book for what I hope will be a bang of a finish, and I only have to wait one month for it My impatience will have to read something else in order not to drive me insane in the meantimeAll that stuff about Father Earth, it s just stories to explain what s wrong with the world Like those weird cults that crop up from time to time I heard of one that asks an old man in the sky to keep them alive every time they go to sleep People need to believe there s to the world than there isNow I wish you all Happy reading and many wonderful books to come So I listened to this the first time on audio instead of reading my paperback As most of you know I only like doing re reads on audio because I miss too much on first time reads but it s all good Once again, even though I didn t understand all that was going on same thing happened when I read the first book by paperback some of the time I still loved it I m so weird that way Nassun is off with her horrible father and some peeps and her mother, Essun is off doing her thing These books are so bizarre to me but still so good So and so wants to set the Earth straight by getting the moon back It was flung out yonder somewhere when something happened There is some kind of rift and other cray stuff I thought they wanted Essun to grab the moon on the way back around but then Nassun was talking about doing it at the end They really shouldn t have named them so close because I kept getting confused at who was who for a minute Anyway, they have to snag the moon and you know what Just read the books I love them so far The last one is out in August and we shall see what will become of this world and the people I hope it something good I thought I wasn t going to like this one as much as the first book The pace was a bit slow but the ending was great and I m looking forward to the third one