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~Free Epub ⚇ We, the Arcturians ⚔ IN , DR NORMA MILANOVICH, Residing In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Was Living A Quiet, Quite Normal Existence When She Began Experiencing A Series Of Extraordinary Events These Events Began With Strange Paranormal And Psychic Experiences And Have Escalated To Her Receiving Transmissions Via Her Computer From Other Life Forms Who Have Identified Themselves As Beings From The Star Arcturus With The Support And Assistance Of Two Friends, Betty Rice And Cynthia Ploski, A Book, WE, THE ARCTURIANS, Has Been Produced, Which Contains Numerous Messages Transmitted From These BeingsThe Arcturians, Speaking Through Norma, Have Sent Earthlings A Gentle Message Regarding Their Purpose For Being Here They Claim They Are Here To Assist Earth As It Enters A New Age Of Spirituality They Cannot Interfere With The Free Will Or Decision Making Process Of Any Earthling, But Are Here To Educate And Help Raise The Vibrations Of All Who Choose To Journey To The New Dimension The Earth Is Entering They Are Also Commissioned To Help Us Understand The True Nature Of God, Ourselves, And The UniversesWho Are These Beings And Why Are They Here Are They Friends, Foes Or Merely Observers The Answer To These Questions May Come From The Words Of The Arcturians Themselves We Wish Only To Be Accepted On The Earth Plane For The Gifts And Benefits That We Bring We Try To Do Our Jobs With Total Dedication To The Light And To The Sisters And Brothers Of Earth, Whom We ServeWe Would Like For This Document To Be Read As A Comparison Of Two Different WorldsWe Look For Ways To Belong We Do Not Wish To Be Considered Separate In A Universe That Is Only OneWe Are Talking About A Transit Of Time, Over The Next Several Years, That Will Transform The Energy Of The Beloved Earth To A Garden Of Eden In The Galaxy Mind blowing Loved every bit of it Have reread many times Great story and helpful for our travel towards a better world. I can appreciate the overall message here I can even agree with it, but I can t help but be skeptical when we are supposedly ascending but the language describing the new world is full of hierarchy and harkens back to a sort of religious dogma Maybe this language was used because better words don t exist, but it rubs me the wrong way There was talk of being welcomed into the kingdom Well, I m not interested in kings and kingdoms right now, thanks I was also really bored in the middle when they were talking about the spacecraft I found myself rolling my eyes a lot This seems like a really harsh review for a book I mostly enjoyed, but there you have it. This book is filled with spiritual knowledge and if applied in personal life can bring total transformation Excellent read. A great book and the first one I had read where beings from the other side were contacting us to guide us through these times. The meditations in this book were fantastic, and the teachings of positivity really resonated with me Overall a good book that teaches positive thinking and tolerant actions. Wow. InterestingMaybe there were important questions that should have been asked hoping for a sequel to do just that soon Interesting for those that don t mind kind bending ideas conceptaGood read Of you have read Dolores Canon s Convoluted Universe books this would make sense to you I enjoyed it , and was able to connect some dots. Fantastic book I especially loved the details of the ship It reminded me of when I worked in the Electric Power Plant as a welder