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Aidan the Fierce powerful Berserker or Declan Chase hateful human and Regin the Radiant half Valkyrie half Radiant OneCome on, Chase Tell me, if I take you to my room and put you in my bed, what do you think would happen I can draw you a diagram Hint I m slot B, and you re tab A I mean the ultimate outcome Do you think I ll free you if you please me enough You re not the first detrus who s tried to whore for her freedom Whore for my freedom She laughed again What if I just wanted to whore for whoring s shake Maybe I miss sex with you Maybe I crave it Wouldn t be surprised Most immortal females behave like they re in heat Her brows rose You are the one who taught me about pleasure So much love in this bookSo much forgivenessIf Aiden was Aiden from the beginning , things would have been so much easier First of all, he would remember and he wouldn d torture all these poor monsters including his only love Secondly it would be easier for Regin because she was already in love with Aiden.So, the fact that Aiden becomes such a monster himself and hates everything supernatural, makes his and Regin s life miserable and it adds a strong complexity factor to their story Moreover it was so incredible the fact that although Regin is suffering, she still does not help Aidan Declan remember because she knows that then she will lose him So this shows how much she loves him no matter how he looks like and how he behaves.Concluding Aiden and Declan are different facets of the same person Nobody overpowers nobody What is sweet in the end is that Regin chooses Declan because she reallly cannot stand losing the love of her life again. This series I told you, it s like crack MOREEEE 4.5 starsP.S Your middle name s about to be spelled r e g r e tIt was definitely one of the best ones in the series I really liked Chase, though Sebastian, Conrad and Cade still remain my favorite Onto the 12th book, here I come, Lothaire swoon Regin the RadiantEyes like amber cast in the sun, skin and hair of firelit gold Formed to war, courage as none, beauty to behold You are Reginleit the Radiant I ve read this prison break scene in three books from 9 different POVs now I still fucking love it Ohhh Lothaire, i knew you d be the key DLothaire fighting the evil bitch.Nat and Regin saving MacRieve s ass.Thad worshipping Lothaire.Lothaire and Regin teaming up against Chase 12 14 15 I like all different species in this series but Valkyries and Vampires are my favorite Regin is my third favorite after Kaderin and Nix, she is so funny and loyal, i love her I know nothing about Chase, i don t even know WHAT he is but whatever we saw of him in the previous book not impressed He is an asshole Lothaire s book is next which means he ll be around a lot akjwdkaj I don t know how much I can gush about this series, but I ll try Kresley Cole s Immortals After Dark is one of my three favorite paranormal series, the others being J.R Ward s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and Jeaniene Frost s Night Huntress series I guess the reason I love these series sooo much is because of the things they all have in common excellent writing displaying the authors vivid imaginations, fantastic storytelling skills that have you either laughing at the characters witty remarks, cringing at the bloody gore and gruesomeness, holding your breath when all the action and mayhem breaks out, or sighing in pleasure when the H h take time out for some swoon worthy lovin But my favorite part of these series is the characters, and in KC s case okay, in Ward s and Frost s case too , it s the male characters that I adore Can these women write delicious alphas or what In Dreams of a Dark Warrior, I just fell in love with the sexy Viking Aidan the Fierce, and then, slowly but surely, with one of his reincarnations the deeply troubled, sexy and tortured Celt, Declan Chase Oh wow oh wowthe mortal berserker, Declan or Chase, as he s referred to in the story starts out as this evil guy looking to exterminate the creatures of the Lore including the heroine, Regin the Radiant for The Order He runs this lab on a remote south Pacific island and he and his mortal soldiers have managed to capture dozens of Loreans Valkyries, vampires, witches, Lykae, berserkers, etc to study and to ultimately destroy themto rid the world of this detrus This is Declan s whole life to exact revenge on all immortals for what a group of evil Neoptera did in a truly horrifying scene to a teenage Declan and his family But when he captures and imprisons the beautiful blonde Valkyrie Regin, there s just something about her that makes himwant And for Regin, it doesn t take long for her to realize that Declan is the reincarnation of her lost love Aidan, who was murdered before they could wed, and reborn time and again 4 or 5 times But each time Aidan is reborn and Regin reunites with him disaster happens when Aidan regains his memories and he is doomed to die Will Regin take the chance again of reuniting with the only man she is destined to loveif it means she will lose him again There s not much about this one that I didn t love It does start out a bit confusing if you haven t read or remember the previous book Demon from the Dark which has the same basic timeline as this book These books must be read in order preferably close together or you will have no idea what s going on Anyway, it didn t take long for me to lose myself into KC s wonderful world of the Lore When I first started reading this series, I ll admit that the Valkyrie annoyed me a bitbut now I just love them I love their snarky humorand Nix she is one crazy, crafty lady Mike Rowe, again Her comments, her scenesthey just make me laugh When is she going to get her own book And who could possibly be strong enough to compete with her KC gives plenty of backstory of course we know good time prankster girl Regin from previous books, and for the scarred inside and out hero Declan Chase, view spoiler from his days on the streets of Belfast as a heroin junkie, to his agonizing torture at the hands of the Neoptera, to his solitary life commanding his own army of mortals intent on ridding the world of all creatures inhuman, hide spoiler Aidan from the past He took her hands in his bloodied, callused ones Accept me His eyes glowed, his lashes spiked from rain.Declan in the present He gripped her nape I fuckin love you, Regin Rain spiked his lashes as he gazed down at her, commanding her, Love me back I don t know I m supposed to love or hate Dreams of a Dark Warrior because of the fact that it is so dramatic and hard to enjoy This book is about two lost souls try to find each other among hostility, and the hero loses all his memory while he hurts his women destined to be together after years passed This might be my least favorite of this series, for I didn t like the plot that someone had to forgive when you were hurt so bad and that was unforgivable, even though you loved him Those swords are mine Touch them and I ll use em to slice off your nut sack For a coin purse Regin is one of interesting female characters She s independent and very virile, and I know that she has tried to find her love reincarnated when two of them were separated many times But Declan is not a hero that I d asked for, he s cold hearted at first I tried so hard to like him To be honest, I hated him Though I read the final chapter and they get their HEA, I still hated him I didn t understand his love for Regin in this life, perhaps I missed something or he s not my cuppa after all.Yet there are some parts of this book that captured my attention wholly I d love to see how the stories turn out after Kresley Cole created one storyline, but divided it for many couples I was intrigued by this, but sometines it bored me too Anyway, I still enjoyed Dreams of a Dark Warrior for some reasons I gave it four stars as the others And speaking of females, if I call you by one s name while my fangs are plunged deep in your neck, just run with it. Dreams of a Dark Warrior is a story about an undying love that a man had for a woman, a long time ago Of course, the man is a berserker, a warrior who harnesses the spirit of the lean winter bear angry, fierce, powerful, and possessive and the woman is an immortal valkyrie This is a book about the danger and sacrifice of love Love causes you to give yourself away, and there is no guarantee that you ll get anything back But that is what love is CS Lewis wisely saidTo love at all is to be vulnerable Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries avoid all entanglements Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness But in that casket, safe, dark, motionless, airless, it will change It will not be broken it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable To love is to be vulnerable Regin had to learn that if she truly wanted to have her love endure and last forever, she had to let it go, and expect no guarantees The man she was always afraid to give herself truly to her heart, not just her body refused to take the little she could give He kept coming back to her, doomed to die, again and again Until he was reincarnated as Declan Chase Declan is the one man who seems least deserving of her love, but he is the one man who is strong enough to demand it, to fight for it with every inch of himself, and to dare her to love him And he is also her enemy.This was a hard love story to write, I imagine I could see that, because, for all its excellence, it was hard to read Kresley Cole had to start at the beginning, and let the pieces come together until the full story was unfolded You see the golden, shining perfection of Aidan and Regin s relationship, and you see how she loses that And then you see her in the modern times and the man who is the reincarnation of her lost love Reading this, I just didn t see how it would work out There s such a gulf between them Such a war to be won I looked hard at Declan, and he was so wretched, so lost My heart wrenched in my chest for him Having this yawning hole within him that made him do something horrible to feel whole, to cope And to have lost his family that way, and to have suffered torture by his inhuman enemies It gave birth to great hatred within him, fostered by an unjust father figure Seeing Declan as Regin s reincarnated, long, lost lover seems like a losing proposition But things always happen for a reason Even really bad things Because of what Declan went through, he was the one man reborn of Aidan s soul who was strong enough to fight against the curse that bore down on these star crossed lovers that always intervened to separate them I love how he always reminded Regin, Nothing keeps you from me It makes my knees week Ah, Declan, for such a cold, scary man who wanted and needed nothing but vengeance, you turned out to be a real romantic.Yes, Dreams of a Dark Lover was a strange, dark love story But it touched me, because although I don t believe in reincarnation, I do believe love never dies I believe that love does conquer all Nothing destroys love It s eternal That was a very strong message of this story, and I got it, loud and clear.As you can see, I loved the romance part of this book, but I also found myself riveted with the story elements The progression of the situation which arises in Pleasure of a Dark Prince, which promises to turn the Lore on its ear I am a die hard fan of this series, and that goes without saying But I feel increasingly invested with this story with each book, because Cole brings it to a new level She doesn t keep me at a comfort zone where I know I ll get a guaranteed good read She escalates all the things that make these books such a ball to read, and keeps me yearning to see what she ll come up with next.PS That Lothaire is such a scoundrel I m in love I can see why people screamed for Lothaire when they were done with the story I would have rather read his story than Chase s You know how I always say I like the boys to be bad in my books Well, I do I loved Slain because he was just bad, bad, bad But Declan He was just evil I didn t like that He hurt the good beings and the bad beings He tortured them Sorry, but I do not feel sorry for you You missed out on my sympathy after the first torture Never mind that you d been torturing beings for 20 years And people are just supposed to forget I don t think so Everybody is like, hey, you cracked open my chest and played with my innards while I was awake but no hard feelings What Excuse me, but what happened to the immortals that loved a good fight Apparently, abuse is fine if said person is your mate Are you kidding me This was not a healthy way to start a relationship In a place where grudges can last for years, why were people so quick to embrace their relationship If ever there was a nasty case of abusive Stockholm s Syndrome, this was it What Why in the world would she pick the worst Aiden of them all, with all his Mine, Mine, Mine psycho caveman baggage I ll admit that KC did a good job writing I almost forgave him myself But then I thought back to how he poisoned Regin on purpose For torture So much that her eyes bled and her skin bled We re just supposed to forget that Because wittle messed up Chasey poo had a bwad childhood Yeah right And he was a drug addict You need at least a few months before you can even begin to believe anything that he had to say How unattractive Go back and read the rest of the books, everybody had a bad childhood Sheesh I wasn t buying it I m stopping now, because just thinking about the absurdness is getting to me.I am not a fan of military dramas and this one just reminded me a how a military romance would be I mean, he did wear a lot of camo I liked Regin I felt like she got the short end of the stick in this book We get a glimpse of the Valkyrie in her but for the most part I just wanted to hug her and tell her it would be OK Drop that dude girl Personally, I voted for her to off him and just wait for a better Aiden to come around in about 250 years What s 250 years when you ve lived for a millennium She is weak and practically mortal the entire time We get to witness none of her Valkyrie coolness Well, once she hopped over her cuffed hands, I thought that was pretty cool, but it didn t really get her anywhere Seriously, I am beginning to doubt the awesomeness of the Immortals Some of the toughest beings in the Lore were taken and kept by humans And no one, not one of them was able to beat them Whaaatttt So, why the two stars Because of Lothaire, that s why Seriously, the only time I laughed when I was reading it was during his scenes He s hilarious Like when he is about to drink from a guy Lothaire is a vampire , and he tells the guy that if, while drinking, he calls him a females name to just run with it Hahaha I laughed out loud, then a few pages later, when I was yet again annoyed, I went back to that part just so I could read and laugh again I still don t get him or his Endgame And could it possibly be that Nixie is his I don t know, but I will find out .Free Ebook ♎ Dreams of a Dark Warrior ⚇ From New York Times Bestseller Kresley Cole Comes This Gripping Tale Of A Battle Maddenend Warrior Driven By Revenge And The Valkyrie Temptress Who Haunts His DreamsHe Vowed He D Come For Her Murdered Before He Could Wed Regin The Radiant, Warlord Aidan The Fierce Seeks His Beloved Through Eternity, Reborn Again And Again Into New Identities, Yet With No Memory Of His Past LivesShe Awaits His ReturnWhen Regin Encounters Declan Chase, A Brutal Celtic Soldier, She Recognizes Her Proud Warlord Reincarnated But Declan Takes Her Captive, Intending Retribution Against All Immortals Unaware That He Belongs To Their WorldTo Sate A Desire More Powerful Than DeathYet Every Reincarnation Comes With A Price, For Aidan Is Doomed To Die When He Remembers His Past To Save Herself From Declan S Torments, Will Regin Rekindle Memories Of The Passion They Once Shared Even If It Means Once Again Losing The Only Man She Could Ever Love Ok folks, seriously, this is book 11 You are either already reading the series and you have plans to read book 11 regardless of what I say or you already read part of the series, thought it stunk, and will never get to book 11 or you ve never touched this series and the status of book 11 is irrelevant.Following my logic Good since I have no clue what I just wrote.Anyhow, this series is absolutely, without a doubt, one of my favorites IN ADDITION, here is the biggie, and a rarity, the series gets better after each book I m usually so bored with a series after, oh lets say, book 3 and move on to greener pastures what a horrible saying However, with the IAD series, I can t stop reading So, here is my advice that you never asked for If you ve never, ever, read this series, go and grab book 1 It s pretty good Not the best but pretty good After you finish that book and find that you enjoyed it, hurry up and read book 2 You ll say to yourself wow, that was better than book 1 and then remember my words, the series gets better after each book So, if you are liking the first few books, imagine how you ll love the later books Oh and count yourself lucky that you can grab book 1 through 11 all at once and you don t have to wait forever and a day What are you waiting for, go, go and grab the first book, go now I seriously disliked the main guy here Even though he did get better in the second half, since I didn t warm up to him from the start, I really didn t give a sh t about his turnabout.The two stars go to the last 30%, and the narrator for the audiobook, that guy is simply brilliant Edit rating lowered to 1 star after reread I seriously hate the main guy. This is the first time I honestly don t know how to rate a book Part of me wants to give this story ONE star, while another part of me wants to give it FIVE stars because of the emotions it evoked in me I will say the hero did redeem himself mostly but he will NEVER be a favorite of mine Full review and rating to come