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~Free E-pub ☣ Wild Shores (First Responders, #5) ♍ Gillian Gem Martin Is The Lead Biologist At A Wildlife Sanctuary On The Northeast Coast And Head Of The Wildlife Emergency Response Team Called In When Catastrophes, Man Made Or Natural, Threaten The Endangered Species She Studies Austin Germaine Is A Troubleshooter, The Hired Gun For A Big Oil Company, Whose Job Is To Help Contain Leaks And Prevent Media Coverage Of A Pending Disaster Until The Danger Can Be Eliminated If It Can BeWhen Gem And Austin Meet By Chance In The Midst Of An Approaching Hurricane, Neither Expects Their Immediate Connection To Lead Them Into Uncharted Territory As Wild As The Looming Storm When Word Of The Spill Gets Out, Gem And Austin Find Themselves Reluctant Allies In A Race Against Time To Divert The Spill And Save The Wildlife Refuge And Its Endangered Inhabitants All While Battling An Attraction As Unlikely As It Is PowerfulA High Stakes Race Against Time, The Forces Of Nature, And The Strongest Power Of All The Desire Of The Human Heart A First Responders Novel This book is all about the chemistry Yes there s an oil spill, a hurricane and a bit of a conflict of interest But, when Gem and Austin are together it was all about the chemistry between them I thought this book was going to be a bit preachy about the environmental impact drilling for oil has, but it wasn t I loved the beginning of the book and seeing how the two women meet and that develops I did actually learn quite a bit about birds but I didn t feel it was pushed on me as a reader I really liked the secondary characters, I wonder if we ll see of Gems sister Alex and the sexy meteorologist Claudia I haven t actually read that many books by Radclyffe and I m not sure why She obviously has managed to nailed down the correct combination for an interesting page turner I ll be checking out of her stuff soon ARC received from publisher via NetGalley. As usual with Radclyffe s work, this is all Rad formula in action Rad formula has had its ups and downs over time, but you can always expect a well written story You know what you would probably get when picking any of her books It is another matter entirely whether that well written story has a soul as some of her earlier works Passion s Bright Fury, Turn Back Time, Fated Love, Love s Melody Lost, Tomorrow s Promise.Wild Shores is on the same track than some of her previous books from the recent and not so recent past that I ve read Homestead, Against Doctor s Orders, Prescription for Love, Desire by Starlight.Two strong likable leads in some sort of environmental drama is a good combination for a solid plot, and Radclyffe delivers a good story that reads easily and quickly And what is most important, there is some real chemistry between Austin and Gem.I keep reading Radclyffe s romance novels and waiting when they will strike a chord with me like they once used to This book did not strike a chord with me, but it is still a fine novel.3.5 stars ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley Detailed score 3.5The thing that you can always rely on with a Radclyffe book is that it will be well researched and the leads professions interests will be presented with informed detail I noticed, with interest, that another review commented on how much she appreciates this in Radclyffe s work me not so much I mean, don t get me wrong, it irritates me no end when information is blatantly wrong, particularly in areas such as counselling and the therapeutic process with which I am familiar But For me, I find too much detail a preachy and b takes me out of the book Suffice to say, there is a lot of detail about the oil extraction process and the personalities, pressures and legal and moral considerations that go along with that Likewise we learn about wildlife preservation and the considerations of how these two opposing needs operate in harmony or lack thereof In terms of the romance itself I found it a refreshing change that our leads come together relatively early in the book Often Radclyffe makes us wait for it and I was finding that style a bit frustrating and same y So I enjoyed that It is insta attraction though, so those of you who don t like that should look away I would have liked the book to be a bit longer, though It felt very short and the characters journey from attraction lust to love too fast even for lesrom land where I m usually to bend reality to fair lengths.Overall, this book is no and no less than yet another solid entry in Radclyffe s impressively vast, professional standard, lesfic library. I have really enjoyed all of Radclyffe s First Responders series books I was a little unsure if I would find the subject of this book as enjoyable as the previous books I shouldn t have worried as Radclyffe really knows how to draw you into a book no matter what the subject is I liked how you could feel from the start the beginnings of chemistry between Gem and Austin And then the gradual build up as the book continued until it was so powerful you could feel it off the pages.As I mentioned above I wasn t sure the story line was going to pull me in however I was wrong I found it very interesting and that the story line was something that had me turning the pages not just the chemistry between the characters.The reason for me this book is rated 4 starts and not 5 is because of the ending I did find it very rushed and thought when Gem and Austin reunite towards the end that could have evoked emotion and dramatics I felt a little deflated at the end thinking it would be emotional.Very enjoyable read with good chemistry, likable characters and an exciting story line I was given this book by NetGalley for an honest review. Radclyffe, is one of the few authors that I ve read all her full length books, and a chunk of her short stories, and always have enjoy them Her First Responders series has been great and this book is no exception I love how the series follow people from all sorts of exciting jobs from wildfire fighters to Coast Guard Commanders, there s always something thrilling and new Wild Shores specifically deals with what happens during an oil leak I liked how Radclyffe gave us both sides, from the environmentalists to the oil company.The two main characters where quite likeable, as well as secondary characters like the Coast Guard Commander, and the meteorologist The romance between the two mains, may have moved a little fast, but it was still sweet and believable enough for me.If Radclyffe keeps writing, I ll keep reading For NetgalleyRadcylffe does it again, quite literally As soon as I m introduced to one of her characters I get a vague sense of deja vu But this is an old complaint, I ve noticed this a million books ago and yet here I am still reading My real issue with this book is that Gem and Austin s feelings and their relationship seemed superficial There was very little development happening in all aspects of this book Everything just happened, feelings were just there with no build up or reason I m almost sure that the events of this book happened during the period of a week Radclyffe somehow managed to make 240 pages of plot seem like a summary This isn t a horrible unreadable book, its just blegh. This book is one astoundingly engaging nail biter that plunged me into the middle of a devastating hurricane However, the chance to be right on the heels of the first responders, be they folks battling to save the wildlife and their breeding grounds or the frontline employees battening down the hatches at a floating oil drill site, is also absorbingly riveting I found myself on site with the oil rig employees, FEMA, the Coast Guard, and professional environmentalists all pretty much working side by side as the hurricane relentlessly barrels down, possibly threatening everything and everyone in its path Phew Gem, Gillian Martin, is a PhD microbiologist and an ornithologist Impressive Her personal life has not faired so well and though generally wary, she is not impervious to being totally wowed and or swept off her feet Additionally, her remarkable sister, Commander Alexis Martin commissioned Coast Guard officer and medic, makes some poignantly perceptive, sometimes amusing observations about her younger sister s reaction to a new friend when the two sisters interact while preparing to minimize the on coming hurricane s potential devastation including an island sanctuary along the Atlantic flyway I rather adored Gem and along with her sister wished them the best on their relationship scenes Captivating Austin Germaine is multitalented, articulate, and has a way of managing discreet low keyness Her first appearance has her in graphic novel artist mode However, her diplomatic and hands on skills along with her doctorate in engineering make her rather indispensable for General Oil and Petroleum s periodic glitches at off shore drilling sites like the current above sea platform breach on Rig 86 When GOP is calling Austin, the situation is likely to be serious In perhaps one of the most endearingly creative encounters between two strangers, Gem and Austin end up sharing one of the few rental cars available Early on while driving through the prehurricane weather, Gem has a flash of recognition So in addition to a rather rapidly growing rapport between Austin and Gem on a physical level, now Gem is delighted as she realizes she is in the presence of one of her favorite artists If that were their only link, life would proceed flawlessly However, the growing interconnection that appears to seamlessly flow into sensuously delightful bed partners may present itself as anything but faultless Austin knows she has deliberately omitted several angles that may split her and Gem apart forever Plus there is the constant tension and excitement surrounding everyone as the hurricane tenaciously gets closer Oh what a tangled web one weaves I couldn t move from my seat until I finished the last page I definitely recommend this wonderfully rich story with incredibly fascinating characters Magnificent NOTE This book was provided by Bold Strokes Books for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews. Radclyffe is the author who introduced me to the wonderful world of lesfic with her First Responders novels and here I find myself reviewing the next instalment in the series Yet again, Radclyffe has delivered another great novel in Wild Shores The topics and characters are well researched and developed I really enjoyed the chemistry surrounding Gem and Austin s relationship and the build up of the pending hurricane I was able to immerse myself into the storyline with the characters and wanted to roll up my sleeves and help with the sandbagging too I did find some of the story a little predictable view spoiler I saw the helicopter scene with Linda coming a mile away hide spoiler This is the first book in the first responders series that I have read while reading this I felt I was right there with the character as the storm and rescue was happening.Arc was given my NetGalley for honest review