#Download Book ½ Kingpin Wifeys Season II, Part 4 (Kingpin Wifeys Season 2) ⚩ eBook or E-pub free

OK this series gets better and better as it goes along So happy there s another part cause I need to see what s up with jada and the creep, Tete and the missing captive and black who just can t get it right if he tried Lol on to part 5. Well damnThings seem to be getting messy for the crew as Jada and Starr give the fellas a run for their money Starr and her new relationship with Q takes a drastic turn while Jada tries to move on from Shamari in the arms of Fresh who doesn t want a commitment These ladies refuse to be played In the meantime Q Fresh and Black are all chasing a dollar and a dream but not knowing when the enemy lurks leaves every one on edge Love the surprise ending. #Download Book À Kingpin Wifeys Season II, Part 4 (Kingpin Wifeys Season 2) ⛄ K Elliott S Hot New Drama Is Far From Over In Kingpin Wifeys Season , EpisodeThe Black Widow, The Wifeys, Jada, Starr And TeTe Show The World And Their Men That They Are Definitely In Charge Starr And Q S Relationship, Already Fragile To Begin With, Is Further Tested And Starr Will Not Let History Repeat Itself Jada Has Moved On From Shamari But He Is Still In Love With Her How Far Will He Go To Make Sure She Stays Loyal To Him TeTe Has Black Wrapped Around Her Fingers But Will A Big Misunderstand Lead To His Final Downfall Kingpin Wifeys Season , EpisodeHas All The Twist And Turns That Will Keep You Guessing And The Return Of A Past Character You Never Saw Coming Wow this series keeps getting crazier lol.I love the relationship Star and Jada have.You can t ask for better friends that have your back like that.Then for Black to always be in some type of trouble is cray.A damn Shanari had me scared for a minute I thought he was actually gonna do the unthinkable.I can t believe Fresh and Q are being that way.I love how the series pulls you in and then leaves you wanting .I am shocked at that ending.Black smdh Interesting Read Lol way to much but a very good read I enjoyed reading about these Characters in this book Now curious to learn where did Avant go, would Black throw the blame on Larry now he s dead and what has Craig has been up to now More drama to come keep these books coming fast KWS2 P4Okay it s starting to heat up now I can t wait to find out what s going to happen to Black, even though he can be a snake I still like him And I hope Q and Starr figure out their issues as well as Fresh and Jada That s all I will say about that, just read the book you won t be disappointed. The Black WidowI rated this series this way for the simple fact that I couldn t put the book down and each character I liked, some were a littlesick minded than the others And the men liked slinging their manhood around I like that the women were strong minded, independent had their own didn t depend on a man for anything And over all just straight gangster. WowEach book gets better and better,in this book there is still drug dealers and killers and now add in transgender and Madame and escaped hostage that was getting raped everyday I can not wait to read the next book What happens next Once I got started reading this book I couldn t downI even made dinner reading this I m wondering what happened to the guy that was in Blacks basement What is Jada going to do to Dr Craig Matthews Is TeTe gonna be able to get Black out of jail I guess I ll have to read the next book to find out. Love this series Great read one of my favorite authors Great series definitely will have you on the edge of your seat waiting for .