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A collection of Christian books is incomplete without Summa Theologica St Thomas Aquinas clearly structured this masterpiece with a humble consideration of potential readers With each chapter broken down into specific subjects, and each. I read selections from the summa Aquinas on Nature and Grace, A M Fairweather , and while at times I found it confusing, I thought it was mostly absolutely illuminating By reading this book I was not only able to understand better who God is, but what He did for us. #FREE DOWNLOAD ⛈ Summa Theologica ß Creating A Summary Of All Human Knowledge May Not Be The Sort Of Undertaking We Begin In The Twenty First Century, But There Is Still Room On Our Bookshelves For A Classic Summa Theologica, One Of The World S Oldest And Greatest Masterpieces St Thomas Aquinas Has Much To Teach Us Most Especially How To Confront The Classic Questions That Are Still With Us After Centuries Of Thought 204 days It s done Well, I say it s done I did skip or lightly skim over large swathes of it, and after about a third of the way through I started just ignoring the objections replies as I found them confusing Some parts made me cry Amen, brother aloud some parts were a real challenge to me personally some parts caused serious head desk collisions how could you possibly think that , etc other parts were just boggling Still, I can now say I ve done it, which not many people can. Do I really need to review this Read this continually. St Thomas Aquinas is one of the greatest philosophers I have read His structured writing and rational methodology will do incredible things to your mind. obviously i have not read all the volumes, but everytime i open them i am astoished at the depth and insights that he had he is honestly on of my heros St Thomas Aquinas was a beautiful human being, and his approach to Socratic Philosophy which dominated the minds of his counterparts blended with Unique Spiritual incite is breath taking I recommend it to the world especially if you re looking for a pure if slightly slanted view on Life, Love the Divine Cheers to You and Your Road through this Life I started to read the Summa from the first question yesterday I should finish by the age of 75. One of my favorite books I am reading it for the second time now Aquinas is incredibly important but ill suited to our microwave and fast food culture he must be digested slowly, not scarfed down on one s tailgate in the stadium parking lot Prospective readers should really have at least a minimal grasp of Aristotle They should also possess the minimal intellectual virtue required to focus on something other than their own obsessions with pelvic issues, if they have them I am dismayed by the number of people who disparage Aquinas or his work without even bothering to take the time to read him, to say nothing of understanding him How can you reasonably criticize a book you haven t even fully read or understood