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!Download Book ♷ The Mystery of Drury House ♿ A PERILOUS SECRET, A MOUNTING TERROR, AND AN UNEARTHLY EVIL UNLEASHED ON A SMALL ISLAND Every November On The Small Island Of Morton Vale, The Autumn Storms Blow In Bringing Rain, Sleet And A LOT Of Snow For Jack Saxon, A Semi Retired Magician From The Mainland, The Icy Weather Is An Acquired Taste To Say The Least After Saxon Inherits An Enormous Mansion And Vast Fortune From An Eccentric Recluse Named Drury, Disturbing Things Begin Happening On The Island A Young Girl Vanishes Without A Trace A Woman Takes Her Own Life Under Mysterious Circumstances And Finally, A Vicious Murder Is Committed, Shocking The Peaceful Residents Of The Normally Placid Island All Too Soon, Saxon Finds Himself In The Middle Of A Deadly Game Of Madness And Deception Original American Title Mystery Of The Red Alders This book was described as a bite your nails, gothic mystery It was not It is what most readers refsr to an arm chair mystery, or cozy mystery It did have several deaths, and a missing woman, plus a few break ins The story revolves around an amateur magician, who inherits a mansion, and a fortune I was hoping that there was something about the house, or the old man, who died as a recluse That was all put to rest, as the day to day life of this kind man visited with friends, ate out, and looked at his toy eight ball, for answers It gets funnier since once a year the town hunts the biggest grey wolf in the Forrest They don t shoot it, just catch it The prize is fifty dollars gift card, and a leather book of fairy tales One man got frostbite doing this This is all done to honor Little Red Riding Hood The book never explains why The book they give away does not even contain that story The writing style felt a lot like I was reading an article, and the murders, and other happenings in the town just seemed easy to solve This was a free book through kindle, so I finished it It was not in any way a thriller, or even scary, nor did I want to jump to the next page in anxiety, or even excitement It was oknot bad, not great, but there is no sex, or foul language It was a three, because I got to know the characters, and I finished it, because I honestly did not think it could be that easy, to solve, but it was This is a little town murder mystery, that is not frightening, so if that is what you enjoy, then this is for you, plus everyone chats with everyone, so it has a cozy feel GoodThe book went at a great pace But I had already figured out what was going on about a third into the story Love it I would definitely recommend this book to people who love mysteries The ambiance is great It is a very cozy mystery. I learned a lesson about falling for a cover I thought this was a gothic mystery from the 60 s or 70 s about a haunted castle on a rocky shore of England Couldn t have been wrong This was a silly modern day story that had nothing to do with the house The main character doesn t even solve the mystery Ridiculous characters such as a doctor who become a butler, cops who just give out any information to anyone who asks The typos, grammar mistakes and missused words are egregious There is actually a line about someone taking something for granite. Glad I got this from Kindle Unlimited Obviously other people disagree, but I found it dull as dishwater The cover made me think it would be like the Gothic novels I used to read in the 70s, but it wasn t, particularly No one was trying to kill the protagonist While he asked some questions and puzzled over a few things, neither he nor anyone else actually solved the mystery it just kind of solved itself, and at least one crucial detail was withheld from us the readers that made it virtually impossible for us to figure out the whole thing either Finally, while generally people complain because they don t like characters, everyone in the book is just so damned nice especially our hero, who, as a couple of other characters say, is pretty much a saint And what was the whole episode with the guy who was stranded out on the road about, anyway Presumably just a red herring or a stunt to land our hero in the hospital overnight, since it was never referred to again. Good story but awful editing The proofreader and editor should be flogged The woman who committed suicide had 3 different names in 4 pages Shoes went in to be re souled Atrocious Une intrigue int ressante et plut t bien crite On ne s attend pas au d nouement Mais, malgr tout, je suis rest e un peu sur ma faim. I like all the books I ve read by this author I hope are coming soon I would call this story a cozy mystery But one thing was really annoying the character at the beginning of story who commits suicide why does the author keep changing her name 3 names Melinda, Brenda and Belinda How did this make the final draft Good story. Review to come soon.