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3.25 stars I m glad I read this prequel to Pretty Girls second, because after reading pretty girls I feel like I got to know Julia and what her state of mind was prior to her gone missing Julia was just normal teenage girl whom, even though was physically beautiful she had insecurities and actually hated the attention she got I found this read hauntingly eerie, and sad knowing what happened to her and even though it was a short read I felt like I knew her and saw how protective she was of her sisters. This was a just a short little story used as a prelude to her upcoming novel, Pretty Girls, due out soon and which many already have read courtesy of Netgalley It is set in the very early 90 s on the University of Georgia campus in Athens and told by a very beautiful blue eyed, blond haired girl We are told often, very often, how incredibly beautiful she is This repetitiveness is partially the reason for my lower rating That, and while I understand that this was always meant to be a short story, I still expect some substance in these types of tales Think John Steinbeck, Flannery O Connor, Truman Capote a lot of writers sink their teeth into short stories This was just a throw away Which is sad because I LOVE Karin Slaughter and her writing, especially when she goes back in time like she did in Cop Town So, in my opinion I wouldn t even bother to download this It s short, wouldn t take you but an hour to read but it s a hour you could spend doing somethingworth with your time. Julia Carroll was a beautiful nineteen year old, with blonde hair and blue eyes Studying at the local college, not far from her family s home, she also worked and wrote articles for the college paper, which she loved Another missing girl led Julia to do some research on missing girls and what she found horrified her As she pitched her idea to her editor, she was stunned at the comments from a colleague and also the results.Julia had a happy family life she was the eldest of the siblings and in part felt responsible for her sisters wellbeing But living at the college dormitory gave her a sense of independence she and her roommate had been best friends for a long time Was Julia about to put herself in danger with her relentless and paranoid pursuit into the unsolved cases Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes is a short story by author Karin Slaughter and is the prequel to Pretty Girls both of which were released in 2015 Not as tension filled as Slaughter s usual work, nonetheless this novella was fast paced, gripping and a quick, easy read I ve already read Pretty Girls and it blew me away I thoroughly enjoy everything written by this author, and definitely recommend Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes to all fans plus lovers of the thriller genre. 3.5 starsThis is a prequel short story to Pretty Girls Of course I read them in reverse order, but in this instance it really didn t seem to matter.Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes introduces us to Julia, oldest sister of 3, who is a big focal point in Pretty Girls It is essentially her backstory going to school, helping at a homeless shelter, working on a story for the school paper about a local missing girlAgain, not much to this 60 some pages and I m not sure why it was needed, but in true Slaughter style it s easy to follow and well written. Blonde Hair Blue Eyes is a short story prelude, which gives you the back story for Karin Slaughter s new novel Pretty Girls Now I am enjoying Pretty Girls a lotthan this short, I really didn t like it that much at all The prime reason was the main character Julia I hated her and by the end of the read I just wanted to punch her lights out She is self absorbed, selfish, mean, spiteful and nasty and I couldn t find a single nice thing to say about her In addition she is described as being beautiful but finding her beauty a burden Really Come on, that is probably one of the most stupid things I have ever read How many beautiful women do you really think would say Oh I hate being beautiful, it is such a burden.Absolute Rubbish Although this gives you the back story, I would skip it and go straight to Pretty Girls, as you won t really miss anything.Many thanks to the publisher for the review copy. While it s listed as a short story, Karin Slaughter s Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes isof a prologue to her latest novel, Pretty Girls It s just sold separately for some reason coughmoneycough Set in 1991, Julia s a pretty 19 year old college student studying journalism There s been a spate of attractive young women being abducted in the area and it s worrying everyone Guess what happens to Julia at the end of this story It s not just the predictability of the narrative, it s how absolutely nothing happens that annoyed the crap out of me Sure Slaughter can write a convincing portrayal of a young woman s life but give us a reason to care about what we re reading She goes to classes where her teacher s a birruva perv Her roommate s a bitch She feels marginalised as a woman when pitching stories to her editor in a male dominated newsroom She goes dancing The cute boy she likes asks her out and they do it She has irritating sisters That s it After reading Three Twisted Stories which were fast paced, imaginative short stories, reading Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes was like reading a totally different writer This Karin Slaughter was ponderous and dreary, content to subject the reader with page after page of uninteresting rubbish If this had been my first exposure to the writer, I wouldn t have bothered with any of her other works and would ve missed out on the brilliant fiction of Three Twisted Stories After reading just Slaughter s short stories, I ma gonna give her novel, Pretty Girls, a shot If it s anywhere near as brutally boring as Blonde Hair was though, I m giving up on this novelist Also, given that Pretty Girls is being marketed as a standalone book, you could probably skip Blonde Hair entirely without missing anything important definitely do that and read Three Twisted Stories instead for much better short fiction |READ E-PUB ♔ Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes ♨ A Missing Girl In The News Reminds Julia Carroll Of Herself Nineteen, Beautiful, Blonde Hair, Blue EyesJulia Begins To Dig Deeper And Plans An Article For Her College Paper She Becomes Gradually Obsessed With The Case, Never Imagining How Close She Herself Is To Danger Includes An Extract From Karin Slaughter S Gripping New Novel, Pretty Girls Julia is a 19 year old finding her way in the world, making that journey away from her parents and family, trying to be independent, sometimes being an adult She thinks she is in love for the first time She is a journalism student writing for the campus newspaper and is given the opportunity to write a front page story She is increasingly becoming aware of the terrible things men can do to women and has an idea to write about rape.Karin Slaughter packs a lot into this short story, and I found it interesting Every woman should think, That could be me. I have always loved Karin Slaughter s writing It is heart pounding, nerve wracking suspense usually In Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Slaughter s novella prequel to her newest novel, Pretty Girls, a nineteen year old college girl becomes fascinated obsessed, really with the disappearance of a young woman much like herself She was blond, beautiful, and had her whole life ahead of her Or so it seemed She was last seen when she left her parents home to go buy ice cream for her dad She never returned.Now Julia Carroll, a feature writer on the college newspaper, hears footsteps behind her at every turn, yet she hopes to write a front page story about young women who have disappeared Julia is an interesting character She s the oldest girl in the family, and although she lives in the dormitory, she lives minutes away from her childhood home At the start of the story, she is a virgin, but she is falling in love with a twenty two year old guy and hoping for her first sexual experience.Perhaps I have been spoiled by Slaughter s electrifying thrillers where a shocking crime occurs on the opening pages, and then the tension continues to fill the pages until the very end This was a very different kind of story The introduction to Julia is slow, filled with details of everyday relationships and the thoughts of a college age girl and numerous parenthetical phrases that s different for Slaughter I do have to admit that while the pace bothered me, I feel that the constant references to Julia s inexperience with males, dating, and her obsession with what may have happened to the missing women was very important However, nothing happens I suspected something would happen, but there wasn t the usual spooky music feeling I get when I know the author is building toward the moment Until just before it happens Suddenly, something happens, and the book ends.As a fan of Karin Slaughter s thriller novels, I was disappointed in this novella, but that doesn t deter me at all from wanting to read Pretty Girls I am glad that I read Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes so that I have the back story going in One positive that I always find in Ms Slaughter s writing is that she always finds a social issue to champion, be it racism, sexual discrimination, homophobia, or child abuse In this book, the spotlight is on sexual harassment and rape, the subject that Julia planned to feature in her article So I am still glad that I gave this book a chance Not all books are 5 stars, and that s okay.3 stars. Julia Carroll can t stop thinking about Beatrice Oliver, a young girl that recently went missing Was Beatrice Oliver kidnapped and could other young girls be a risk to be kidnapped I haven t read anything by Karin Slaughter before I read Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes and even though I found this short story well written and interesting is it just a teaser for her latest book Pretty Girls She could just as easily just have used it as a prologue for her new book instead of making a short story of it.I also made the mistake of reading the real prologue and the first chapter ofthat s included Now I really want to read the book I usually don t read first chapters included in books like this because I just find it annoying to not being able to readI received this copy from Witness Impulse through Edelweiss in return for an honest review Thank you