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@Read Pdf ⚞ A Dirty Little Milkmaid For Bimbo Hucow Farm ì Mmm, Creamy Generously Busty Young Amanda Has Always Dreamt Of Modelling, And She S Up For Any Opportunity That Comes Her Way And The Casting Director Thinks She S Got The Perfect Look For An Ad For Bimbo Hucow Farm But The Clueless College Girl Doesn T Know That Contracts Can Be Binding, And For Her To Become The Perfect Face For This Campaign, She Ll Have To Submit To All Sorts Of Their Needs And Undergo A Moo Ving Transformation A quick read involving a young woman tricked intonot actually sure what Since the story ended before confirmation came Everything seems to point to the young woman being tricked into being a dairycow hucow whatever term of the year is in use.A guy says that a particular girl is pretty Gives her a card Suggests he ll put in a good word if she slept with him Woman consents Later learned either 1 man lied 2 man didn t lie, but the modeling film etc is a lot sketchier than he implied Story as old as dirt Wellas old as cameras digtial video analog etc , films, photo magazines, advertisements, paintings, clay tablets, etc Well, this specific story isn t exactly like that Similar but not that This one involves a guy convincing woman she s great for a part She happily agrees to go to a meeting Finds a woman Who orders her to strip, becausestuff So the screwing around occurs after she s signed the contract I suppose the tricked part, as I mentioned at top, hasn t actually occurred yet Or, apparently, ever As the story just kind of cuts off before she s shipped off to the farm to have a look see And have pictures of her taken And have her be converted or whatever Heck, the tricked part is in the description on GoodReads, though that part of the story appears to be missing in my copy.