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Very quick read, but informativeVery concise, almost checklists of foods, health, play, etc Great as a quickguide I did not know that a would play chase, and it didnt occur to me to make tubes from rolled cardboard Good ideas. Good simple book.A bit basic Doesn t go into too much detail, but a very good book non the less Would be a good book to give a first time bunny owner. Picked this up from because I am getting a rabbit soon.It was quite informative but could of done with a bit well quite a lot practical information.It s very general and felt a bit like a friend telling me about their experiences with rabbits The frequent referrals to the costs of things felt a bit strange, although I guess its better not to be ignorant of the fact that pets cost money The ending was a bit upsetting I didn t expect to be suddenly thinking about the death of my pet before I had her, but that is a reality so I suppose it s best not to overlook that as well Overall a quick read that did enlighten me some what. Basic and informativeGreat book for starters, lots of good info for anyone looking to add a rabbit to their family Great for kids to learn how to care for their pets. ( READ DOWNLOAD ) ♷ Rabbits ♥ Learn All About Rabbits And Rabbit Care Today Only, Get This Handbook For Just Regularly Priced At Read On Your PC, Mac, Smart Phone, Tablet Or Kindle DeviceLearn How To Take Proper Care Of Your New Pet Chinchilla For A Healthy And Happy Furball Here Is A Preview Of What You Ll Learn In This Book A Short Overview Of Rabbits Things To Know Before Getting A Rabbit How To Select Your Pet Rabbit Preparing A Home For Your New Rabbit What Accessories And Supplies To Get Cost Estimation Of Keeping A Rabbit Important Rabbit Food And Nutrition Information Cleaning And Grooming A Rabbit And Much Download Your Copy Today Take Action Today And Download This Book For A Limited Time Discount Of Only