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There was nothing wrong with this book, I just wasn t into this particular take on the story of Hades and Persephone I was often bored I know the original myth, so I don t feel a pressing desire to finish it to find out what happen. In this series, historical romance author Roberta Gellis takes on the Greek myths, this book being the story of Hades and Persephone.Yes, he kidnaps her, with the conniving of Zeus no, he doesn t rape her In the Underworld, Persephone, who has long been restless under her domineering mother s thumb, finds purpose, love, and even a name Demeter has only called her Kore, or girl, meaning to pass on the name Demeter on her own deathbed.Gellis s Greek gods aren t, really They are another race of humans taller, stronger, much longer lived AND they are mages, each with unique inborn Gifts Hades can pass himself and anyone he is carrying through solid rock, as well as melt rock and move it The people in his Underworld aren t actually dead they are the outcasts who have been driven away from their villages and homes, for various reasons.Hades underground realm is both dazzling and dangerous, full of jewels and crystal, but also wild beasts, a foul fungus , and the threat of cave ins There is also the danger of starvation Hades people till the ground in some secret valleys, but without a priestess of the Mother to bless the fields, they will not bear the amount of grain required to feed the population.Demeter has long been blessing the fields of Olympus to similar purpose, but deprived of her daughter, she rebels Now Olympus is in danger of collapse, and despite his strength and powers, Hades cannot withstand all of the other mages, combined He has to let Persephone go back to her mother.This Persephone rules as Queen and equal partner to Hades Additionally, though her mother Demeter always told her she had no Gift, she finds that she does have a very strong one Hades teaches her how to use it, and how to shield it from any mage who would try to use it even himself.Demeter comes off controlling and overbearing, but in the end, she somewhat reluctantly agrees to loosen her demands on her daughter realizing that the headstrong, grown Persephone is not her little Kore any longer, and cannot be compelled or blackmailed into working as her helper, blessing the fields, but only as a willing partner, on her own terms.The relationship between Hades and Persephone is such a different take on the old story, and Persephone here is smart and resourceful as well as kind and beautiful One of my favorites. FREE PDF ⚇ Dazzling Brightness ⚑ Emerging From The World Of Ancient Greece, Hades, Lord Of The Underworld, And The Mystical Persephone Defy The Gods Of Olympus To Defend An Eternal Love That They Share Between The Sun And The Shadows OriginalFrom The Mists Of Timeless Legend An Enchanting, Unforgettable Tale Of Passion, Intrigue And Adventure That Brings Two Mythical Lovers Magnificently To Life HE Was Lord Of The Underworld, Cast Down By The Gods Into A Kingdom Of Everlasting Darkness SHE Was Born With Mystical Powers In A Place Of Eternal Light And Somewhere Between The Shadows And The Sun Was A World Of Treachery, Danger, And Unending Desire Against The Savage Splendor Of Ancient Greece From The Exalted Mountaintops Of Olympus To A Glittering Midnight Realm They Would Defy The Gods Themselves To Make Their Heaven Right Here On Earth With A Love That Would Blaze Forever In DAZZLING BRIGHTNESS I love this take on Greek mythology It is so refreshing and different I especially love the spin that she put on the relationship between Hades and Persephone It is nice to think of Hades in a different light. Greek myth redone as a fantasy romance, with the Olympians really just very long lived mages Same set up as Bull God, but that seems to have been marketed as fantasy and this as romance I d like to know what the mages really are the reference to common people as natives suggests they re aliens, and I think there was something in Bull God about their arrival But the common people can have mage gifts, too, and Ariadne was made long lived Maybe one of Gellis s other books explains it better.I really liked the touch of making Demeter a suffocatingly overprotective mother, calling her daughter Kore girl instead of naming her, refusing to allow her any independent life That was implicit in the myth all along, and it s nicely developed here. Wow It takes serious skills to make THE UNDERWORLD boring I tried, I really did I am a sucker for anything involving Greek myths , but this book was so dull that I finally gave up halfway through DNF. The myth of H and P was well presented in this story The characters and their motivations were entirely believable I was disappointed that they weren t actual gods, but the premise of mages and Gifts and mortals worshipping Gifted ones as gods made perfect sense.Persephone and Hades are thoroughly likeable characters in this novel, and if you re a fan of romance and or mythology, definitely get this book Much as I adore the Persephone Hades myth indeed, it s one of my favorite stories I did not enjoy this this book at all Twice now I ve sat down to read it, twice now I gave up in profound annoyance Something about Gellis s writing style the thick, overly romanticized quality bothered me so much that it persistently distracted me from the story I tried to like this, I really did Until I accepted that I shouldn t have to try. Could Not Finish.I have no words to describe how bland and lame this was, but my Buddy Reader Sarah this is the first book that showed me a revisiting of myths or legends A retelling of Hades and Persephone s story as told from their POV and a love story Gellis has always been a wonderful story teller and I have made sure to hold onto this title in particular and it is one of the few I have reread a number of times.